Happy New Year From PUTC


All of us at PickupTrucks.com wish all of our regular and occasional readers a healthy and happy new year. We think 2015 will be an amazing year for automakers that are producing or want to produce pickup trucks. Our guess is we'll see a few big surprises pretty quickly, and a few good efforts will fall well short of their intended targets. We'll have to wait and see, though. For now, if you are driving in bad weather or attending any celebratory bowl game parties, please be safe. 



Lets all try to get along better this year. I've owned all of the big 3 trucks and my friend has a Tundra. They're all great trucks. We have so many choices it's hard to buy a bad truck. Can we be more respectful to each other this year? I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year and I hope you get your truck of choice.

Agree, we need to be nice and more considerate. All brands are good. Happy New Year!

May this year be a good one for pickup trucks!


If you are going to report on vans why not include full size suvs as well.


They did, until people complained about it.

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