2015 Detroit Auto Show Video: 2016 Toyota Tacoma


The all-new 2016 Toyota Tacoma is one of the must-see vehicles of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this year. Toyota certainly is not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but there's more to see than just a new front grille.

Cars.com photo by Evan Sears


Well...I guess I like the looks of it a little better in this video than the previous static shots. Looking forward to seeing the numbers on the V6...(payload, towing, MPG, HP, etc.)

Hi Mark Williams,

I'm very curious, Toyota claims more hp for the 3.5 V6 versus the 4.0 how about torque? Will the 3.5 have as much or less torque than the 4.0? Typically Atkinson engines do not deliver the torque that a Otto cycle engine would.

Is this 3.5 L V6 truly "all new" or is it the 2GR-FXE engine found in the Lexus 450h?

Why a 6sp auto when the market is already at 8+ speed autos? We knew GM and Ford were co-developing a 10 speed auto for their 1/2 tons and it was announced for the upcoming Ford Raptor. Is the 6sp from another vehicle within the Toyota/Lexus group?

Lastly and not as important as the powertrain questions: Any other fuel savings changes such as electric power steering, variable displacement oil pump etc.?

If you have a chance to ask some of these questions to Toyota today that would be great!!

Thank you


He says in the video the 3.5 would have more torque...he didn't say where though, and my guess is that it will peak at a much higher (and less useful) level than the 4.0 did.

Hope I am wrong. :)

Good short video. Thank you

Mark, a follow up to your video. You state more torque out of the 3.5 Liter V6, however that is not in the official press release from Toyota. In fact I watched an interview with Mike Sweers from Toyota regarding the 2016 Tacoma and he specifically states more horsepower but no mention of torque.

Are you sure this new engine will have more torque than the 4.0? I certainly hope so however as I stated in my above post. Atkinson engines typically do not have as good of torque numbers as Otto cycle engines.

The 3.5 Liter V6 in the Lexus 450h puts out 286 hp and 254 lb-ft of torque (lower torque than the current 4.0 Liter V6).

Does anyone know if the Taco has rear disc brakes?

The new pig snout edition coming to a dealer near you .[sorry about that] Toyota.

F 150 had a similar grill shape in the '80's. It is a bit Piggy.
Not as bad as the Audi Predator (movie) inspired snout that plunges through the bumper though.

ok lets start from the top, this engine is NEW. even if derived from the GS 450H block its different. In a hybrid the engine ALWAYS runs in Atkinson cycle, power supplemented by the Motor Generators. In this form this engine can SWITCH from Otto cycle to Atkinson based on conditions and load of the engine as well as switch between direct and port injection. This engine is definitely different and I'm excited to see what it will bring power and economy wise. im sure it will be higher than that of the GM twins.

@ Frank

as I stated above this engine isn't stuck in Atkinson cycle which means the power is different from the 450H.
As far as the 8 speed i'll bet they didn't do it because the extra gears give you negligible gains. only so far you can go before you have too many gears, OR maybe they aren't releasing one because most 8 speeds if you drive one seemed confused as to which gear they want to stay in. only time will tell, I'll bet being able to switch from Atkinson to Otto and direct to port will give just as much or MORE gains in performance and mpg than just adding gears. again only time will tell.

finally @ lazengaim

the brake system has been redone with new ABS system, hydraulic changes for stopping distance and pedal feel while KEEPING rear drums....

Great truck. The GM twins has finally built a mid size truck that I think can compete with the Tacoma but they will always be behind the Tacoma in many ways.


Where does it state that the engine will switch between Atkinson and Otto cycle? Mike Sweers and the release from Toyota specifically state Atkinson cycle. If this engine was able to switch between Otto and Atkinson cycle (which Toyota calls VVT-iW) I believe they would have specifically called that out.

I certainly hope the engine does have VVT-iW because I'm not sure how they would get enough torque out of the engine to even match the current 4.0 liter performance. I'm not holding my breath though based on the interview from Mike Sweers and the information Toyota released.

Regarding 8 speed autos, Lexus was the first to employ and 8 speed autos in a production vehicle. However they have only VERY slowly moved to more 8 speed autos and I believe only within Lexus to date. I don't believe the Lexus 8 speed auto provides a bad driving experience (gear hunting).

"In this form this engine can SWITCH from Otto cycle to Atkinson based on conditions and load of the engine as well as switch between direct and port injection."

True Statement

"As far as the 8 speed i'll bet they didn't do it because the extra gears give you negligible gains. only so far you can go before you have too many gears, OR maybe they aren't releasing one because most 8 speeds if you drive one seemed confused as to which gear they want to stay in."

Nope, False. The higher the power to weight ratio the less impact the additional gears will provide. Highest cost to efficiency ratio on automatic transmissions number of gears occurs between 8-10 ratios. Or at least that's what Borgwarner, ZF and Alison believe. A transmissions with more gear ratios does cost more money to produce.

My money is on the tacoma not being intended to tow or carry heavier loads. So I expect less payload and towing than the GM twins. The Tacoma might have better fuel economy and better off-road performance though. It might even weigh less than the previous model....maybe.

The engine will have the capacity to cycle between Otto cycle and Atkinson cycle.

There is a link I posted several days ago regarding the 2 litre turbo engine that will do the same.

Mark said maybe no bigger truck news from the Auto show than the 2016 Tacoma. Wow, what does that say about the Titan with the Cummins?

Another reason the Taco didn't get 8 gears is because it will now use the US built A760 transmission instead of the A750. the 8speed is currently only in use in Japanese built vehicles- It is far cheaper to use the 6speed. And to what Hemi LOL said- there's a limit to useful ratio spread, and in this truck/engine combination, the A760 gets you there.

In the video, the bed sides wobble and sway at 1:15 to 1:20.


Very minimal. All truck beds wobble a little.

I'm starting to really like this truck.

GM will not dethrone Toyota with the Colorado/Canyon.

lets see Toyota drop a full 55 gallon drum on that PLASTIC bed

Let's see what Nissan does with the new Frontier.
I have a 07 Tacoma and I'm not impressed with this truck.

I don't like e-hand brake.
Just another way to cut costs.

@ EC

I love the center handbrake. Much more useful location, IMHO.

If you wanna see bed wobble or jiggle. Despite Fords well executed brainwashing bed bounce videos. Follow any '04-current F150 and watch the bed shake. I'd love to get a video when following one but do to laws, I can be taping and driving.

Anyone know if the Taco has a 4WD mode you can safely use on mostly dry pavement up to 70 mph, without any bind-up or steering issues on turns?

@uh huh - I do tend to agree that the bed bounce video by Ford was set up to make the competition look bad but then again that is no different than GM's video of the Ford HD binding its tailgate.

There is a reason why the cab is not joined to the box. Flex in that area is a good thing. Any empty pickup (at least the ones with over 1,300 lb cargo capacity) are going to ride rougher empty.

Does anybody know if the 2016 tacoma 4x4 auto will be dingy tow friendly behind a motorhome? Will it have a "n" on the 2h, 4 h, 4L switch? ( previous tacoma 4x4 autos were not). Thanks.

Answering my own question ('cause nobody else did), I haven't found any evidence that Toyota added a center differential, or similar functional component, to the 2016 Taco. That means 4WD should be avoided on dry pavement because front & rear axles will be locked together and F/R wheels need to be able to rotate at different speeds by tire slippage when the truck is negotiating a turn. So there's no "Auto 4WD" mode for driving on mostly-dry pavement when you might encounter black ice or a sudden patch of snow. Not a big deal, I suspect, for most Taco fans but it's an issue for me on Montana highways in winter.

I had a 2003 4L 4WD Tacoma. Nice smaller truck but between the brakes and the lack of torque and no sway control, wanted better to pull my 3200 pound boat-trailer. Got a Tundra that pulls great but will not fit in my garage!

In my opinion, if only as an option, Toyota should offer the V-8 drive train with sway control and Thorsen rear end same as a Lexus GX640 and also boost the brakes on the Tacoma. Seems all they can do is imitate the competition. Bad decision IMO. Offer a diesel in the Tundra if fuel consumption across the board is a big deal. Also, drove a 5.7 Hemi Ram and the 8 speed does work better and the RAM uses less gas than the Tundra. But will it last?

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