Recall Alert: 83,572 GM Trucks, SUVs

2011 Silverado recall

Vehicles Affected: About 84,000 GM trucks from the 2011-12 model year, including certain Chevrolet Silverado and Avalanche pickup trucks and Tahoe and Suburban SUVs; GMC Sierra pickup trucks and Yukon and Yukon XL SUVs; and Cadillac Escalade and Escalade ESV SUVs and Escalade EXT pickup trucks. Certain 2007-14 models from that group with previous repairs may also need this recall because of defective replacement parts.

The Problem: If the cabin is warm, a faulty ignition lock actuator could cause the key to stick in the Start position when you turn the car on. (That's past the Off, Accessory and Run positions.) If you drive with the key stuck in Start and the cabin temperature falls or you hit a bump, the key could release from the Start position and rotate all the way past Run into the Accessory position. That would turn off the car, disabling important systems like power steering and airbags.

The Fix: The actuator is too large, spokesman Alan Adler told us, and a warm cabin may cause the piece to expand even more. GM dealers (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet or GMC) will inspect and replace the ignition lock housing if needed, according to The Detroit News. Adler told us GM expects fewer than 500 cars to need the repairs.

What Owners Should Do: Owners can call GM at 800-458-8006 for more info.

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Starting the year off right I see.

Why do only 500 need repairs ? wouldn't they all use the same oversized actuator? hence all have the possibility of the thermal expansion problem ?

And the hits just keep on coming

glad i dont own a GM anything these days, darn thing would be back and forth from the stealership every 2 days to get recall work done on it, very sad they are in such bad shape these days, better smarten up GM or you will be flying the company jet to washington again for another hand out :(

Do you guys honestly think GM is the only one with recalls??

Does a recall on every F-150 ecoboost engine ring a bell?

Or how about 19 separate recalls on the new Escape?

Just to name a few...

Oh but everytime its not a GM recall its a good recall and its a good thing the company is fixing something that is a known issue.

Stop being stupid!!

Breaking News:

Another of the announced recalls concerns a faulty hose clamp in 56 Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD pickup trucks from the 2015 model year.

The third covers 152 of the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC 1500 pickup trucks over concerns the rear axle shaft could fracture while the vehicles were being driven.


Another of the announced recalls concerns a faulty hose clamp in 56 Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD pickup trucks from the 2015 model year.

The third covers 152 of the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC 1500 pickup trucks over concerns the rear axle shaft could fracture while the vehicles were being driven.


I was just thinking yesterday, as I started my 2011 Silverado, that this ignition switch is built like a brick outhouse. Then today I read about a recall on it! And in the summer here in Tucson the cabin gets really hot, as I don't usually use my AC. Wife is worried; I'm not.

They all have recalls but GM is the recall leader.

@anything but an ecobust
I see you have no history of GM from the 80's, 90's, and recent 2000's. For 30 years GM lagged badly behind in technology (drivetrain) and build quality, mostly because they were to conservative (greedy) and didnt "Give a Damn" about there customers. I bought 1995 chevy cavalier Z24, horrible build quality, and cheap interior, peace of junk. After that for me it was Japanese (Nissan and Toyota, 2005 Nissan Altima 235,000 miles no problems and 2 Toyota's 2007 Tacoma Prerunner 170,000 miles no problems and a 2011 4Runner solid as hell no problem 100,000 miles) or Ford (2 Ford's 1994 Ranger 250,000 miles SOHC 2.3L 4 cyl in destructible no push rods and a 2002 Ranger Edge 230,000 miles no problems lost in a car accident) In the 2000's this attitude finally caught up with GM's upper management, remember 2008's, dangerously close to being liquidated??? With any company if you don't change and adapt to newer technologies, your existence and future is very very doubtful. That's how the Japanese came to dominate the American automotive industries (Technology SOHC and DOHC engines with excellent durability) SO FORD IS ON THE RIGHT TRACK, THERE ECOBOOST TECHNOLOGY WILL ONLY GET BETTER PERIOD AND THEY ARE NOT A CORPORATION THAT SITS AND WAIT ON THE COMPETITION. THERE GAS POWERED (ECOBOOST ENGINES ) DRIVETRAINS IN PICKUPS TRUCKS ARE LIGHTYEARS AHEAD OF GM AND RAM'S.


Hell I wouldn't buy any truck built by GM using similar technologies (ecoboost), why because they have a long history of cutting corners where it matters


So a 2012 Escalade doesn't have standard push-button start? What are you paying $$$ for, square headlights?

When the Chevy Colorado won the 2015 Truck of the Year, there was absolutely no mention of it on here, but when catches wind of another GM recall, they're fast on the draw to post about it.

Because it was by MT who is a competitor and at the time PUTC was busy doing their own test. Why would they be fast to post about a competitor with a flawed test when they were doing their own? smh.


Are you blind or just plain stupid??

If you think Ford hasn't had problems you have your head in the sand. Does 6.0 Powerstroke ring a bell?? Ford didn't much care for those customers or any customers for that matter. Ford declines warranty more than any other manufacturer.

Also, GM out sells Ford by atleast 20% each month in total vehicle volume. (About 40,000 more cars per month in the US alone) Hmm more cars on the road equals more recalls etc. Have you ever taken a stats class? Obviously not.

Ecoboost is light years ahead of the competition?? Bahahaha

In what way? Better fuel mileage? nope. Better reliability? nope. Oh what about warranty?? Big nope

There is no logical explaination as to why someone would go to an ecoboost over a NA v-8, except if you drink the Ford kool aide daily.

Go drive your Egoboost and keep pretending its the greatest thing in the world.

Nothing like GM letting the general public do their R&D. Nothing like rebuilding the vehicle after its already built. That enduring GM quality just keeps shining thru!

Man these GM vehicles are lousy these days. No wait, lousy for a lot of years now. If it hadn't been for that so-called leader we have, no I won't call him president cause he ain't, GM would be a piece of history now. Still owing us taxpayers money we won't ever see back. Just a sorry outfit to do what they have done to the American people and they expect us to put up with the crap they been building all these years. I will not own one and never will again. OBUMMER MOTORS.

We are starting the New Year's off with a Big Bash. Let's bash everything while we are at it. I guess if you have nothing better to do you can bash everything. I would rather have a recall than not regardless of brand. I guess it is better to hide faulty ignition switches and exploding gas tanks like most of the manufacturers have done in the past than to have a recall. None of the manufacturers have a perfect track record. Each fan boy makes an excuse for a recall. Let's face it there are a lot of recalls and many of the recalls are due to outsourced parts for suppliers that supply to more than more manufacturer. All the manufacturers cut corner--maybe some cut more than others but if they can save a nickle per unit by using a part that is not as good but possibly acceptable they will. This is not just true for cars and trucks but any consumer product you buy. I would rather have PUTC post all recalls regardless of brand.

I had this exact problem with my ram with the plastic ignition switch and plastic key. Turn the key and it got stuck in the start position and then driving down the road it flung back to off and the key fell out of the ignition. Key falls out of the ignition all the time but if its still in the on position when it falls out the truck keeps running. Had to take all the other keys off so the key fob was by itself and now usually it doesn't fall out, but every time I start it now I have to make sure to twist it back manually to the run position after starting.

Another day.... another GM recall.

@Jeff S

Well said!

My 2008 Silverado is trouble free still after all these years,,
Go figure

Tremendous amounts of recalls for such simplistic and dated trucks (for their day). And for trucks not known for pushing the envelope of technology or advancements.

Those trucks have corrosion issues as well. As did the previous model. It too should be addressed.

LOL! With GM the fun just never stops!

Like GM CEO Marry Barra just mentioned earlier today, "She is cautiously optimistic about the future of GM from 2015 on out" but that's due to issues like this, in which it overall boils down to the employers on the Assembly Lines based on what they should be don't and what they are not doing when it comes to catching these type of issues before these trucks arrive at dealerships!

See I base my knowledge on research and experience (engineering), you are truly blind, ignorant, and stupid (in capable of learning) I see you make a lot of comments, but where in the hell is the proof???????? Hell I know this is hard to believe, but the biggest reason why GM has 100,000 mile warranties, is because in the public's eye they have built junk for years. This reputation finally caught up with GM and in 2008 the corporation was almost the liquidated (OUT OF BUSINESS) and saved by the Federal Government.



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