Spied: 2017 Ford Super Duty Chassis Cab

Fordsduty.grille01.kgp.ed II

There is still no official word about when Ford's new Super Dutys will go on sale or debut, but given that we're seeing more spy photos of these trucks, we're guessing these are 2017 models. Our spy shooters have been tracking these vehicles while Ford does hot-weather and high-altitude testing, but here's their latest report capturing a short-wheelbase chassis cab in Michigan as well.

"As Ford's next-generation Super Duty pickups continue toward production, we have gotten our best look at the new truck's grille design.The latest prototype was caught with less camouflage covering the grille than ever before. As before, the Ford oval remains a large focal point.

"Recent iterations of Ford's Super Duty trucks have traditionally had a different dashboard design from their F-150 little brother, but there appears to be a much greater design confluence between the next-gen Super Duty models and redesigned 2015 half-tons. In fact, the instrument pod and center stack appear to be completely carryover bits. This strategy could be a cost-cutting measure to help balance the Super Duty's move to an all-aluminum body (Ford execs claim that price bumps on the 2015 F-150 are due to increased content and options, not its use of a more exotic body material). Regardless, it appears that the dashboards of the Super Duty trucks are going to be closer to the F-150 than previous versions.

"Additionally, we see that this Super Duty dualie prototype will be offered with a manual floor-mounted transfer-case shifter as well as a traditional column shifter. This truck is lacking a center console, but it has bucket seats instead of a bench seat. This could be a temporary provision, unique to this test truck, to allow easier access to the testing computer system."

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and man is this sucker overdue

Looks like a current gen 250 with the new 150s dash

To me that looks like what a work truck shoudl look like....vocational.

Actually it looks like something I would buy. I like the fact that there are enviromental controls and that everything isn't run through a touchscreen.

Is it going to be another refresh(new according to ford fans)?

Not crazy about that interior.

"e latest prototype was caught with less camouflage covering the grille than ever before."

I don't believe that's the new grille. Still has the old front end/c clamp grille. Mule.

Probably a test mule with a mix/mash of components.

That is the ugliest interior I have ever seen. I don't want a feel of a smaller truck (F150) I want to feel like I'm in a big-rig!

Too bad it does't have a manual transmission available, but then the only HD truck to offer a manual is the Ram. I do realize the new automatics are much better than those in the past but for those of us who prefer a manual it is getting harder and harder to find one--eventually manuals will not be available in any vehicle.

I do like the traditional truck dash without the touch screen. A truck like this needs to have appropriate options and features for its intended purpose which is as a commercial and work truck. Getting harder to find just a work truck that is not overloaded with expensive features and options that are not practical for commercial and work purposes. Will be interesting to see the final model but it appears that Ford has the commercial user in mind.

Being an owner of a 2014 F350. The main thing Ford needs to fix is the door seals. Please tell me someone can tell if they have updated the door design on the Super Duty to be more like the F150?? I cant tell from the pics. The bottom of doors fill up with mud. Its a terrible design. Other then that I love the truck.

@Blake--I can guess that would not be good in snow and ice especially if salt and melting compounds get stuck to the doors causing them to rust out sooner. Hopefully Ford has taken that into account.

Hmmm, is this thing sporting IFS? Either that, or Ford removed the manual locking hubs. Bring on IFS Ford!

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