2014-2016 Nissan Titan: Then and Now


Given the fact the Nissan Titan is going through several significant changes between now and 2016, evolving from the existing heart-of-the-market personal-use configuration into a more traditionally capability built pickup, we thought you might want to see both sides of the Nissan Titan: the 2014 model in print, the 2016 model on video.

"The 2014 Nissan Titan is a very nice full-size pickup that deserves to be seriously considered by any truck shopper interested in an extended-cab or crew-cab configuration," says Cars.com reviewer Bob Carpenter.

2014 Nissan Titan Expert Review

Cars.com photo by Bob Carpenter


Video: 2016 Nissan Titan XD, First Look


This is Nissans way of testing the waters to get into the HD class. If it goes well, they will launch 3/4 & 1tons.

The review and fair and good with the exception of price. Titans often had 10 to 15K off in incentives especially at year end (I sold Nissans for a year). With the incentives it was often easy to talk people looking at Frontiers into them. For 2PMG less and 2K more you can get a real truck with real capabilities... the only possible sticking point for some was losing the manual tranny.

With those discounts you could get a very nice Titan 4x4 double or extended cab on the road for about 30K.

Im not blind to the shortcomings of the Titan. Its styling is now old... very old. Its options in powertrain, cab and bed configuration are limited. Its tecnholigically dated although I still consider it adequate since it does have handsfree phone and I think the truly modern stuff like lane keeping assist, blind spot monitoring and text from car are (ill be polite) silly. But for people obsessed with looks and buttons (and there are lots of those people out there) the Titan is a loser that way. The Titan is also a PIG in the MPG. There is no other way to say it. But for people with real work to be done the MPG is easily mitigated by the capabilities and savings in price.

Its a quality vehicle I saw many going over 200K with little or no issue. It does everything well. Its just a dated stand out but there are deals to be had on it if you can check your vanity and don't need a lot of extra gingerbread.

Clint,I totally agree with your post. I love my 2012 Titan crewcab. I got it for just about 30k with 4x4. Its running great with no issue. Love the motor except for gas milage. I love simple and effective design. It simply gets the job done and without the worry that one of the non essential features/options breaking. Like the Ford tail light with sensor costing 800 $ on the new Ford F150. Manufacturers always want to add feature to justify cost increase. Some r necessary and helpful but majority r a scam in my opinion. Looking forward to see the non HD Titan later this year.

I test drove a Titan about 5 years ago. It was a great truck. The big issue I have with it is the MPG. You don't buy a truck and expect to get great MPG's but the Titan was the worst.
Having a Cummins in the next generation is great but it's more engine than I need. I am hoping they vastly improve the MPG's on the 5.7.

Nissan never invested the money into the Titan or for that matter the Frontier needed to maintain it's competitiveness.

This is what happens when a company designs a great vehicle for it's time and leaves it without further improvements.

I do think when the Titan was designed Nissan looked at how a pickup platform lasted around 20 years. But the world has changed.

Refinement sells pickups. The Titan when it came out by the sounds of it was a refined vehicle for it's time in comparison to it's competitors. Now it's just another pickup.

Maybe Nissan will review it's frequency of improvements to the next Titan to remain competitive. Just having a diesel Cummins will not suffice.

I think it's time for Ram to look at improvements as well to keep the ball rolling. If Ram sits on it's laurels gloating other will pass them by.

It wouldn't be hard to improve Ram. Improve the rear suspension for better load bearing and maybe a turbo Pentastar. The 3 litre turbo Pentastar I've read about years ago.


An excellent critique IMO. The Titan never blew you away with fancy features, but it never asked for a premium price either. It's a solid truck with a powerful engine and good build quality and design.

I'm not under any illusions that it could have competed with Ford or Chevy, but if Nissan had taken it seriously they could have at least been on par with Toyota. What a waste.

I admit I am warming up to the Nissan Titan, a year ago it was last on my list, but since they RUINED the F-150 the Titan is far ahead.

My choice if I was buying a new truck today
#1 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi
#2 Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon
#3 Chevy Silverado 4.3 V6
#4 Nissan Titan
#5 F-150 5.0 V8
#6 Nissan Frontier
#7 Toyota Tundra
#8 Toyota Tacoma

@Big Al from Oz - Ram would have to develop a new frame to improve capacity in the 1500.

The sales predictions are just great.


@Tom#3 The first 3 trucks on your list are trucks for people that really don't need a truck, but just want something to commute everyday with.

I think a Nissan Altima would be more in your alley for your life style, or a Honda Fit

I have a big hole in my pocket with money falling out where I can afford a new truck.
My employer requires me to own a 4x4 off-road truck capable of towing 5000 lbs, its part of my job, and they give me a $750/month allowance for a truck.
So if I buy any truck and don't like it I can afford to get one I like better the next time.
I get a new truck before the tires wear out.

SO? tell me? if you were in my situation what truck would YOU buy?

@jep - he needs 5k tow capacity to haul all of the BS he spreads.

Ram sales are amazing especially in the context of durability:

"Ram, Mitsubishi and Jeep are again in the basement. So there you have it: 2014’s biggest market share gainers were solidly mediocre to poor in J.D. Power’s quality studies."

"Of course, there is bound to be an outcry here that J.D. Power can’t possibly represent everyone’s lived experience, and that’s fair. But perusing the likes of TrueDelta and Consumer Reports won’t poke any big holes in J.D. Power’s reports; they’re all more or less the same, with a few minor variances."


I do think Ram is limited in what can be achieved with the existing platform.

Some aero work? Like you stated a new chassis. A redesign of the front end to give it a sleeker aerodynamic shape would do wonders.

Ram could build the first full size to break 30mpg on the highway.

Ram's engine drivetrain combo's excluding the Hemi are good.

Designing a new platform will be harder. I remember reading an article from a Mexican company Metsala(?) stating they designed and build the Ram chassis. This company also does work for every major brand globally, even the Euro prestige ones.

I might dig around like I used to and find out what FCA is up to with Ram.

What also amazed me was Nissan's choice to go with a leaf sprung rear end on the Titans. The next Navara is coming out with a coil rear end that can handle 2 500lbs and it's supposed to ride as well as the Altima.

So..... You have a diesel pickup that can't tow as much as most other diesels, gets worse fuel economy than than it's only competitor 1/2 ton diesel with an untested engine (even if it is a cummins) . Well one thing is for sure, it is the ugliest truck on the road or will be when they sale one

big al, why are you hating on the hemi? its a good engine on par with 5.3gm,5.7 Iforce, Nissan v8, ford 5.0 v8, 2.7 ecoboost and most likely the 3.5 ecoboost at sea level, I don't see whats wrong with it, it stacks up pretty well against all comers

@Big Al,

I hate to be accused of piling-on but I consider the 8speed Hemi drivetrain to be the best-ever gas engine-auto trans combo in the history of Dodge or RAM.

Where did they go wrong?

Nice try Nissan, looks like a cheap Chinese imatation of the F150 . I guess if you plan on buying one of these new versions and plan on keeping it forever, go for it. If you want resale value forget it. Good luck.

I will say the Hemi and 8-speed auto combination that papa jim mentioned is a good combination. Now as for where Chrysler went wrong with the Hemi is maybe the Hemi design itself then in a few other not major areas. I could be wrong in which case another poster will correct me but as far as I know the best key to good mpg from an engine alone is compression ratio. Also as far as I know because of the design of the Hemi they have changed it from complete hemispherical to somewhat so they can get the compression ratio up. They also had to do 2 spark plugs to meet US emission standards. That direct injected and higher compression ratio GM 6.2L can get way more power and almost the same mpg from a Pentroof design. All in all the 5.7L Hemi is still a very good package just don't like the iron block and cast rods but those aren't major issues.

I agree to uh huh's comment. I wouldn't be surprised to see a real 3/4 and 1 ton nissan trucks. especially if this titan sells good, the company will look elseware to expand. Before anyone disagree's with me, look how they busted into the van catagorey. No one 5 years ago saw that coming.....

@papa jim,
Like I mentioned to jimmy and explained in another comment. Did I state the Hemi and 8spd are no good? Not hard is it?

It's good to see how you've been reading PUTC for a year and rarely make a comment. So, if this was your first comment why was all that energy wasted on me, and such a trivial comment?

The truth?

The only reason the Titan sat idle for so long was Chrysler going belly up and needing to be bailed out by FIAT. 4 years ago Nissan was planning to jointly use the new Ram as a platform for it's next Titan. IMHO not a great idea, but I digress. Chrysler tanked and Nissan backed out stating they would go it on their own and design a new Titan ground up in house. That led to the delay in a new Titan. However in that time, they debuted the NV vans which seem to be doing quite well as a new entry. GM thought the small NV was so good, they are selling it rebadged.


True that Nissan was going to be a version of the Dodge..and that delayed them.I am glad they didn't go that route.I don't like rebadged vehicles.The Mitshubishi Raider was a rebadged and sheetmetal changes from the Dodge Dakota..VW Routan is a Dodge Caravan with different grill/lights and different struts (stiffer)

But remember Nissan is a RENAULT ! Renault-Nissan..

Too bad the CEO of Chrysler backstabbed Chrysler and sold/merged with Mercedes,and Mercedes took all of Chrysler's money..It wasn't that Chrysler wasn't making money it was the most profitable ,but Mercedes ruined them,setting them up for the bankruptcy ..If the 1998 merger didn't happen I bet Chrysler Corporation would still exist ! And I bet they would have not gone bankrupt..

@AD - from what I've read Chrysler painted themselves into a corner by trying to build a "hemi". The original design may of worked well in forced induction racing applications but left a lot to be desired for street use. Even Mopar guys back in the day would say that a 440 was a better street rod engine than the 426.
The current "hemi" was actually patterned after a Porsche design. They almost scrapped the program due to difficulties meeting emissions regulations. The dual plugs were necessary to "fix" some of those issues.

I wish they had retained more heritage styling elements from the original truck. Sure, it does look somewhat like what a Nissan full size truck would look like except for the dated two tone paint scheme and the derivative tailgate panel they started in '13. However, I don't think this will be such a great value as the original truck was particularly when it comes to the HD model equipped with the diesel.

I'm not sure why they would invest the $$$ in developing a new single cab model when sales of those cab styles are very low. It makes me wonder how many Tundra single cabs Toyota is selling? I hardly see any Tundra single cabs, even fleet trucks, out and about on the street.

The major thing that bugs me about the new design is the huge front overhang. A huge front overhang is very un-Titan like. However, it probably wouldn't look so bad if they extended the wheelbase about 2-3 inches. That would make the huge front overhang look a lot less obtrusive.

From what I've read, it seems like they are using the same 139-140" wheel base of the old truck. Most of the competitors with the big shnozola front ends have at least a 142-144" wheelbase on the basic 5.5' box CC's and 6.5' standard box double cabs.

If this truck comes with a 151" wheelbase on a CC 6.5' standard bed, that means a slightly shorter CC with the 5.5' short box and the king cab with the 6.5' standard box will be around 139" like the old truck. This makes the added length they added in the front to "macho" it up for the new design look slightly awkward in this respect.

I still think Nissan is shooting themselves in the foot by introducing the HD models first. The 1/2 ton consumer has been patiently waiting for over a decade for a new updated Titan and they will ultimately have to wait even longer after these expensive HD models hit the market. And, these HD's will be expensive. I do understand the HD market is a lucrative segment they need to tap into as quickly as possible. However, I don't think it has to come at the expense of the 1/2 ton model introduction. They should introduce both models at the same time.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpOv5MV0ZDc found this on youtube

The don't get where the XD's capability is anything to be impressed with. The 2015 F150 already has the same 12000 lb tow capability, and is also available with a heavy payload package that far exceed s the XD'S 2000 lbs.

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