2014 Ram 2500 Review

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"Whether you are a Ram truck fan or not, the truth is Ram is making some good-looking pickups. The 2500/3500 trucks have smooth body lines; curved, muscular front ends; and a powerful-looking stance," says Cars.com reviewer Tim Esterdahl. "In the end, the Ram 2500 with the 6.4-liter Hemi is a great-looking pickup with lots of capability."

2014 Ram 2500 Expert Review

Cars.com photos by Tim Esterdahl


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Truck looks good but that 6.4 liter is week com paired to the others. Chevys old 6 liter beat it quite handily up the Ike Gauntlet. By over a minute with less advertised hp and torque.


Here it is if you don't believe


Fiat made some good looking cars, but they were junk.

It may be slower up the Gaunlet, but I'd buy it over the Chevy any day of the week. I currently own a '02 Chevy with a 6.0 that gets 9 mpg. I worked on a big freeway construction job and they bought 50, '10 & '11 Chevy 2500 with the 6.0 they got 10 mpg and were the biggest pile of junk I've ever driven. I will say the tranny and the brakes were the only good thing on the truck. The bodies were made out of recycled beer cans and the rest of the truck was cheaply built, they were constantly in the shop. It may be slower but it's still a better truck. As soon as I can afford a new Ram, I'm getting rid of my Chevy.

Yep, the RAM is great a looking truck.

I sold my 97, 1500 Chev 5.7, 4x4 . .200,000 miles , 17 year old pickup.....
good looking truck,, engine was worthless..... Did not go with Chev. this time... They are just Damn ugly..... Nose in the dirt and what the Hell with those wheel wells...?
My 2014 Hemi, 2500, is a dream come true, All the power I need when I need it.. No complaints ..... I did two things to improve it.... 2 " lift on the front and took off the ugly Ram 2500 badges... Damn nice looking truck,, Bold looking style, and NO Grandma step...
I'm not pulling cement forms around all day or pulling a 5th wheel around the country daily, so I see no reason to buy into the diesel expense.... Buy the Ram 2500, but not the ugly city boy 1500.... If you just don't like the Ram, get the Ford, great truck but 3000 to 4000,,more for like options.... Carry on......

Recently went to the L.A. auto show. Pushing on Chevy fenders Ford fenders and Ram fenders. Ram had the most solid body panels. For a truck i want solid.

" The Ram HD 2500 is our pick for best overall three-quarter-ton pickup equipped with a gas engine.

It dominated our test events, winning 10 of 16 events and scoring a first-place finish with each of our judges. The Ram definitely offered the best interior and had the best ride of the three, comfortably traversing just about every smooth and broken tarmac surface. Even though it sat below our $50,000 price cap, it still provided a lot of technology and features that the other two players could not match: the RamBox, adaptable rear coils, hidden storage, a top-notch information center and more. Our biggest complaint about this truck was that it didn't have side steps, which is practically a requirement unless you are 6 feet 5 inches or taller. Other nitpicks had to do with the fact that Ram tried to pack too many features into the truck; having the Tow/Haul and trailer brake controller relatively low in the center stack makes both a challenge to find in a hurry. Still, if we were going to choose the best all-around three-quarter-ton player in the field today, the Ram 2500 would be at the top of our list." PUTC

The Ram Hemi got it's butt kicked by the GM 6.0 out in Denver. The people testing had to run the Ram twice because they could not believe it. But believe it because it did happen!

Nice trucks and all.. if only they could tow as comparably to the Super Duty up a hill as their comparable engine numbers suggest. All one has to do is look at the reviews on PUTC to see their "best torque in class" struggles to tow close to the old and soon to be updated Duramax that's down almost 100 ft-lbs. If you're going 45 up a steep hill on the interstate because your engine can't pull harder then you're a road hazard and should not certify your truck for that tow rating. How how much sooner will I have to see you before it's too late to swerve and avoid you or brake?
What's ironic is that Ram was bragging about how their trucks were the only SAE certified HD's and in reality the Fords and (I think) GM vehicles had higher minimum speeds while towing up a grade.

@will, That's because the Ram 2500 they tested was more capable than Ford and Chevy and was towing more than both and cost about the same.


"None of the other trucks sagged as much as the F-250, which showed a pronounced droop in the rear end when loaded. Likewise, when loaded, the ride was floaty and wobbly — especially when taking corners. Additionally, the look of the factory trailer hitch is bulky and ugly, and not nearly as integrated and well-designed as its competitors. Yes, the Ford F-250 did come out on top during our 16-event empirical portion, but fell a healthy distance short of the competition in ride quality and overall interior design and quality."

C channel frame in the Super Duty.

I really don't know why Ram doesn't go out an use the 3.8 litre ISF in a 2500 as an entry engine.

It would be good for a few hundred hp and at least 450-500ftlb of torque and be good on fuel.

As a four cylinder it will also be cheaper than the inline 6 Cummins, probably about the same price as the 6.4 Hemi.

Now that would give some choice.

@Hemi V8
I was talking about the diesels.
This is the most recent comparison. This review shows the overall time. All were towing 24,000 lbs.

And actually in this review the minimum speeds for both are comparably bad. It's Ford's older version of the Powerstroke so it's also down on torque compared to the Ram.

In full disclosure this was the graph that came to mind but in looking at it now I see that the old Ram had 50 horsepower less than the Ford.

If you are on an interstate towing a large trailer travelling at 45mph, how can you possibly be a hazard?

From my recollection most every interstate I've been on in the US are mulit-lane divided limited access roads.

Acceleration tests mean very little. So, I assume you are quite young judging your comment trying to justify why you are Ford biased.

So, you drive you would drive a diesel and flog the engine rather than use the torque?

Why would you want to flog a diesel?

Is the Ram a better engine using torque at lower rpms at highway speeds?

How well does a Ram Cummins compare to the Ford's power stroke at 1800rpm?

Diesel aren't gasoline engines. Even then would you flog a gasoline engine? All of these test results are just that test results looking at a small specific area of performance.

The biggest, quickest, mostest, up sizing or whatever doesn't tell the story of a vehicle. It doesn't show the vehicle is better.

Your comment has little do with making a decision in buying a truck to use with a load.

I don't care what anybody says but the Ram has the best and most comfortable interior of anything in its class.
The Ram has a very heavy and solid feel like the floor is made out of concrete, other pickups you can feel the thin sheet metal floor move under your feet.
The Ram has a heavy low center or gravity that improves handling like its glued to the road.
You feel like the king of the road or protected and safe inside driving a Ram.
It just "feels" right !

Tim, thanks for the detailed and unbiased review.

There is a LOT to like about this Ram configuration. The 6.4 Hemi brings a lot to the table as well as saving a ton of money in lieu of a diesel. Clearly the Rams have the best ride quality in the ¾ ton class.

really, in a 2500/3500 you should go with the diesel, we have a 2500 chevy at work with the 6.2 and it is a dog compared to the diesel, to me pointless engines are gas in the HD lineup

Other than that, this truck looks great

Where is the 8 speed automatic at Chrysler?

You sure build em big in the US

Good review. Glad they didn't go uber luxery and also took some time to look at the gas option (what those of us who don't tow all the time should be buying). The pros and cons of sitting up high and the ram box were well presented. Personally Im not a Fiat fan but that doesn't mean its not a good product with its own pros and cons. The only real shocker for me was that in 9 years a Ram 2500 with a larger engine (100 more HP), all that extra height, that fancy rear suspension, and an extra transmission speed can only haul 270 more lbs than my 2006 F250 (and yes both are the same config and similarly equipped in features other than the boxes). It just strikes me as being not much for all that time and all the other advantages this vehicle has over mine but at the end of the day adds up to 5 and a half bags of mulch at Home Depot.

Best looking trucks around..strong,reliable,powerful..

And people,stop with bashing RAM,you guys must be jealous as you bash Chrysler products more than anything else..

I know many people who bought Chrysler products and after years of owning them,they never took them in for any repairs,all they do is oil changes,brake pads/rotors and tires..So,I bought one..and its great owned for 3 years no issues 85,000 miles.


Its the 3.23 first gear in the RAM , GM has 4.03 first gear..

Also what rear gears are in the RAM,most tests show the RAM beating the GM 6.0 by 1.5 - 2 seconds 0-60 unloaded..So it has to be the high 1st gear ratio..kills it severely on a steep grade.

If you don't think that matters,years ago I got my transmission rebuilt (on a 1970's car) and the car had no power from 0-50 mph,before it would light the tires up and it after it was slow..I went back and they put the wrong torque converter in..When I started to play with cars,I changed the torque converters and gained 1 second or more in the 1/4 mile..This is just a torque converter,not gears...

Also,What axle ratio gears did the RAM have,did it have 4.10's ? or 3.73's ?

Also they said something that the RAM cuts power after a certain rpm or so ? Don't laugh the Corvette/Camaro/Cadillac also has a feature when it gets warm it shuts down power and is slow..If your car is warm you race it it wont run high 11's you run 13's in the 1/4 mile !! Odd...

Yep, the Chevy is faster but the Ram with Cummins will run forever and will do so with no fuss. The V8 diesels (have owned them) in the Ford and GM trucks will scream at 3800 or more rpm climbing those big hills with a heavy load behind them. Our 2007 Ram with 107,000 miles redlines at 3200 rpm. So, it climbs those same hills at 2100 to 2500 rpm and just keeps pulling. Never had a bad injector, like the GM's are prone to have. Never blew off a turbo hose like my Fords did. Never had any problems of any kind, as a matter of fact, other than a recall to replace an emission sensor. Once I experienced a Ram 3500 I realized I'll never go back. Never.

The Ram 6.4 Hemi V8 is tuned for durability & long lasting performance with the transmission. I don't understand why everybody is obsessed with who's truck can tow a large load the fastest? I'm more impressed about towing it safely & doing that same load 10 years later with 200K miles on the odo doing it just as well.

@ Big Al from Oz ,

People in USA/Canada don't like Diesels as the only option as they gell up when its cold...You don't get cold weather like North America does..Diesels work best in HOT Climates,not Colder ones..

Diesels are picky and need more maint than a gas engine..

Love the 6.4 HEMI and in a big truck like this you can get 17 mpg ! That is really good on gas !! 10 years ago 4cyl cars got 18 mpg !! WOW !

@ van leasing uk, Unfortunately, they are not built in the US and many of the major components (engine for example) are not either.










Here's a link. The data (weather) has the monthly AVERAGE for countries and cities within those countries.

I think they have diesels, many EU nations run diesels.


"Fiat made some good looking cars, but they were junk.
Posted by: toyota lol | Feb 22, 2015 6:01:49 PM"

Are you trying to make a comment about current vehicles using past tense language? It's not working you know.

And for all your negativity, it seems Fiat is fixing all of Daimler's gaffes.

pee on daimler, I'm talking about dodge/chrysler/fiat. Been in third place for as long as I can remember. My first new dodge was nothing but trouble, and it was my last. Cracked dashes, junk transmissions and rusted out bodies. You don't get to third place out of three by building the best.

"You don't get to third place out of three by building the best."

Except that since Fiat came into Chrysler, Chrysler's numbers are rising, so Daimler was definitely at fault. Chrysler is showing double-digit increases and you don't get those kinds of sales by building junk.

Me? I've owned now three different Chrysler-based vehicles and the only one I ever had any complaints with was a Daimler-built Jeep. Fiat has gone out of its way to fix Daimler's issues.


What are you saying???

Daimler's engineering is all over the current crop of great RAMs and Jeeps. The Grand Cherokee is a thinly disguised ML350 and the current half ton RAM is chock full of great Daimler engineering. The bump in quality took years to work its way through the pipeline, because it just does.

In return, Daimler got access to Chrysler's vendor relationships in the US at a time when they had none.

"Daimler's engineering is all over the current crop of great RAMs and Jeeps."
You mean like the electrical issues that cover so many of the Ram, Jeep and Chrysler forums? Yeah, that's great engineering.
What about brake systems that need complete rebuilds before they even reach 40K miles? I'm talking not just pads, pistons and disks, I'm also talking the soft lines feeding those pistons. That's great engineering.

Daimler was great at designing, but I would also note that Daimler was great at stripping Chrysler of some of their best technologies. They closed several plants that are now needed to rebuild production capacity and sold Chrysler's electronics division off to Siemens. Meanwhile, they 'cheaped out' on materials going into their non-Mercedes products, increasing Chrysler's once-storied reputation for poor quality. And don't tell me that didn't happen, there were enough "RAM is junk" comments right on these boards during Daimler's stewardship. Since Fiat took over, that quality has improved noticeably.

AJ you are illuminating your relative lack of knowledge of the test you referenced and trucks in general.

The Ram with 6.4 was pulling almost 3000 pounds more than the Chevy 6.0.

Warfish you should go back and watch the video on The Fast Lane Truck. They were both pulling the same load. The towing contest where the Ram was pulling more was the 1 ton dually comparison where they towed based on GCWR. A little effort on reading would help you. A much better discussion revolves around if the fastest to pull a load at higher elevation means the best truck... I don't think speed up means as much as stability and ability to slow back down.

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