2015 Chevrolet Colorado Gets GearOn Special Edition

2015-Chevrolet-Colorado- GearOn-149 II

Chevrolet will now offer the new Colorado in a GearOn Special Edition designed to make it easier (and less expensive) to personalize and outfit the midsize pickup truck to fit your favorite activities. The package will cost $31,250 (including destination) and will be offered on all LT models in either extended- or crew-cab configurations with 4x2 or 4x4 drivetrains. We'll get our first glimpse of this new trim level during the Chicago Auto Show later this week; expect more reports from the show floor.

Although there are no performance upgrades, the package will include a set of bed bars, side-step bars, a cargo divider and looped tie-down rings. With these standard features buyers will be able to use their trucks like a blank canvas, outfitting the Colorado to handle any specific mounting accessories they might want for hobbies such as biking, kayaking, skiing and more.

The package will also include gloss-black 18-inch aluminum rims, a body-colored grille, front and back black bow ties, front fog lamps and remote start.

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I like the monochromatic look but how many lame no real value packages is GM going to crank out?
How about a ZR2 package?
or real tow mirrors?

As long as those cross bars are below the rails, the system is useless at securing your cargo from thieves and protecting it from the elements.

I have a truckcoversusa tonneau that puts the cross bars above the bed rails. I can haul 4 mountain bikes (cable locked above), two dirtbikes (cable locked in a hitch receiver) and then store 2 MX bags, a tent, 4 foldable chairs, tool box, 10 gal of race fuel, 2 bike stands, and a cooler all completely concealed and secured in the 5'3" bed of a Crew Max Tundra.

The Colorado idea is a good one, but the implementation is a bad one.

The package will cost $31,250 (including destination) and will be offered on all LT models in either extended- or crew-cab configurations with 4x2 or 4x4 drivetrains.

I think that might be $3,125 as 31,250 is an awful lot of money for an option package..

Not that impressed. For all the time they spent figuring out this truck, the best they could do was use some inside the bed crossmembers to mount accessories to?? IIRC Totota and Nissan both have track systems in their mid sizers that have accessories that tie in to them.

Crew Max Tundra has a 5 1/2ft bed. If GM wants a real special edition GM put the twin turbo 3.6L V6 in the Colorado.

Nice car

The package will start $31,250.

The package will start at $31,250. That is for an extended cab + 2wd + the basic GearOn pkg.

If you want crewcab + 4x4 + additional GearOn accessories that will add to the starting price.

Like Lou said GM is going out with too many no value "Special" Editions. This is a very minor appearance pkg + the GearOn tie downs.

I just watched the video. LMAO!! Nissan has had something like this and executed it better since 2004!!!! My Titan with the utility bed package came with a cargo box extender, cargo separator, aluminum tie downs and as options you could get the overhead rack system and a slide in truck box. All items used the Utilitrak system and were far more adjustable. The Frontier uses the Utilitrak as well. Aftermarket you can get tonneaus that use the rails and easily make fork mount style bike racks that use the rails as well. Oh yeah, Nissan also did the bed tent with the Titan as well. I'm kind of stumped though as to who would fit in a tent that is in a bed that small other th an children or an adult under 6ft tall.

Correction to my last post: The pkg does include 4wd.

Starting price is for a 4x4 extended cab + content + basic GearOn accessories.

Prices goes up with crewcab + short bed vs long bed + additional GearOn accessories.

Pkg includes off-road assist steps. Why? Howie Long told us man steps were bad and didn't fix "the problem."

According to the pictures, this truck has 6 "man steps." Wow! It's like they always say, if you can't beat 'em, join them.

Come on Lou... Tow Mirrors? For a Pretend truck? Get real. If you have enough to tow that you need Tow Mirrors you need at least a full size truck.

Appearance packages are PERFECT for little toy trucks. Because its ALL about lookin good with a pretend truck.

I can never get past those F U G L Y square tire wells. After all these years, they still can't fix something as ugly as that

I like the color matching grill and the black wheels. I do think that this truck would lend itself well to after market accessories and to customization. A true off road package would do well for this size which is not as large.

Projector headlamps and 18" wheels without the Z71 package..that's a couple thousand less, nice!

@Clint - any trailer towing other than a flat deck or tent trailer needs tow mirrors.

A 7k rating means it can tow a 25 camper trailer.

I bet this truck will tow 7k as easy as any 1/2 ton V6 (normally aspirated) will.

The new generation midsizers can tow and quite well.

The diesel versions are the best.

I agree with Lou, tow mirrors are essential if you want to tow a fifth wheel or caravan.

I bought a tandem wheel utility trailer a while ago. I ensured it was no wider than 7' wide overall. This left me with a 5' width box. This is so I didn't require tow mirrors.


An Aussie 2.8 diesel Colorado;


A global Ranger with a fifth wheel;


A BT50 fifth wheeler;


A BT50 towing a 26' Airstream;


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