2015 Chevrolet Silverado Custom Package Video

Silverado Custom 1 II

With all the attention on luxurious and more expensive trim packages for light- and heavy-duty pickups, it's nice to see that at least one manufacturer thinks there's value in a back-to-basics approach.

During the 2015 Chicago Auto Show we had a chance to take a closer look at Chevrolet's new Silverado 1500 Custom double-cab half-ton special edition. And we liked what we saw.

Orders are likely to strike at the heart of the truck-buying segment due to its stylish exterior and no-frills interior. Pricing will start around $33,000 and includes Chevy MyLink, 4G LTE and a 5.3-liter V-8.

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Silverado Custom 2 II

Silverado Custom 3 II

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I like it!

I like it!

Can we get a Sierra like this built too?

Nice looking truck. Mark even cleans up well. lol Price is great. I paid 36,000 for my 4x4 quad SLT Ram in 03. Only complaint is the shifter housing on the floor. Looks to fisher price with the plastic surrounding the shifter.

Nice looking pickup, reminds me of my 2001 Silverado that had the 4x4 shifter on the floor.

I do like the floor mounted shifter. It's in a more logical place.

I do agree the interior is a little plasticy, but it's a no frills model.

So long as the plastic is durable and doesn't mar to easily.

stevadore, there actually are packages like this from GMC. At our dealership, i'd say roughly 30% of our inventory are similar models, we spec them out similar to the old Nevada packages. The are great buys for people that aren't looking for a fancy high end truck, or even for the first time truck buyer.

There is nothing "back to basics" about 20s. Try pricing new tires or worse, a wheel replacement, compared to 17s.

it's nice to see that at least one manufacturer thinks there's value in a back-to-basics approach.......UM does RAM'S express model truck not count!?!

@ RoadTrip

I was thinking the exact same thing. Why would they put 20" wheels on this model. Put some cheaper steel 17" or 18" wheels on there and drop another grand off of the price.

I like it, offer the 6.2 and i would really like it!

Wouldn't a back to basics truck have painted trim with a 6 cylinder and a manual transmission for about 25 grand? I almost got excited thinking they were going to start making work trucks again. It's just a "lifestyle" vehicle with less options.

could have at least added fog lights to it

love it

For those looking for a less expensive alternative, there is a Black Out package that dresses up the basic Silverado WT. Also, don't forget the Colorado WT, a nice, basic truck that is available with a 6-speed manual.

they need to custom the wheel wells to round instead of square, then I would like it.

Back to the basics means hand crank roll up windows and not 20" wheels and 4gLTE.

Keep in mind Rob that the min sized wheel is something like 18" just clear the rotors.

Standard tire on a Silverado is P255/70R17 for the WT, LS, and LT models (the Custom is made from the LS). 20s aren't even an option for the LS trim - they're an $1195 option on LT.

I stand corrected. I thought they enlarged the rotors again.

I love this! This us what we've wanted for years! Good looking exterior and good solid interior! I love this!

Yeah, I would have done 18's standard 20's optional. But I love this!

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