2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Review


"The 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 perfectly accommodates today's movers and shakers, with capable moves … and virtually no shaking," says Cars.com reviewer David Boldt. The GMC Sierra 1500, with its impressive all-new 6.2-liter V-8 and eight-speed transmission, finished a close second (just behind the Chevrolet Silverado 1500) in our Cars.com/PickupTrucks.com 2015 Light-Duty V-8 Challenge. Although we've driven several versions of the Sierra half-ton, there was a lot to like about the truck we had for our head-to-head competition: "Aggressively optioned and sporting a window sticker of just under $55,000, our test Sierra would be perfect for a long weekend or longer vacation."

2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Expert Review

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Very nice!

55k? Let's get real!

That is the opposite of owner reviews of the GM twins, There is a lot of shaking going on with the front ends at around fwy speeds and all kinds of other quality issues. after reading all of them (owner reviews of 2015 silverado) I'll pass. ANd $55K is a bargain, guess this reviewer resides in Colorado where the green stuff is legal during work and or truck reviews !

$55K, must be in US dollars, it will be around $65K for us Canadian buyers....

that is some expensive square wheel wells.

Can't imagine buying a half ton pickup for $55k. Surely that thing will move once it's heavily discounted. MSRP should be called the Manufacturer's Suggested Ridiculous Price.

For $55K, you can get a comfortably-equipped diesel-powered crew cab dually.

I'm not going to pay a lot for this muffler.

I'm not paying more than $40k for a truck. That means MSRP must be no more than $45k. This truck is $10k overpriced.

@GM corporate could care less...

That vibration thread reminds me of the Ecoboost Sudden Power Loss thread from a few years back. I may be wrong but I don't recall anyone in the media really focusing on that Ecoboost issue either, which was surprising since a lot of people experienced it while towing loads at highway speeds causing potentially dangerous situations.

Wrong. The EB power story was a big story in 2014. There was tons of media on it when the nhtsa was investigating it in 2014 and this site ran a few stories on it in 2013 and 2014.

How about a standard equipped truck with a 6.2 and 8 speed trans? I just want a 6.2 without having to buy a sunroof and leather seats....

The looks inisde and out are already very dated. The 2018 update cannot come soon enough.

Never owned either Silverado or F150 but 5 years ago a F150 Platnium was $53K shimmy shake shake

Greatest Machine Created!

Beautiful truck, quite ride, top of the line. I like my Silverado better than the Sierra for the first time since 2008.

You have to buy a costly truck to get the 6.2 or 8 speed auto. My buddy just bought a Ram reg. cab short bed with hemi, 8 speed, 3.92 limited slip, pw, pdl, keyless remote for 30k msrp. Can't duplicate that on any GMC or Chevy. It runs pretty fast too.

Eh. Chevrolet Motors needs to take their engines and Denali trim back in house. Put it in the real Chevrolet line up instead of the GM's. I can't recall a time when there was such a battle with Chevrolet against GM or GMC but here we are. GM/GMC has overstepped their bounds. As a bus company they were fine. These days, they're damaging Chevrolet as a whole in a bad way.

What did FORD lose again????

The MSRP is $55K but GMC will discount them to $45K and you won't touch a bare bones no options crew cab F-150 for under $44K.
You can get a bare bones Ram crew cab for $36K

The 2015 F-150 NO DISCOUNTS ! you pay FULL MSRP !
Ford is making a mistake their F-150 is so wonderful and going to be so popular that people will pay full price.

I have a simple rule: The more they advertise it the more desperate they are cause they are not selling.
Ford spends $$$ BILLIONS of dollars in advertising their F-150 and that cost is passed on to you.

I also watch what brand of used trucks flood the used market, the more of one brand is a sure signal that nobody likes it.
The trucks that people love are rare to find for sale used cause they love it so much they don't want to part with it.
You can do a simple search with cars.com or autotrader.com to see what I mean.
Tell me? Why do people get rid of a 2 or 3 year old truck for?
Yea, some of them are repo's but that's a small percentage, fleet vehicles? Fleet trucks don't have leather and full options, rentals? come on! Stop making excuses! People get rid of them cause they don't like them!

Come on! I am right about this!

Per Tom#3

People hate ford's, gm's and ram's.
People love tundra's, titan's and ridgeline's.

Whoa, talk about excessive rake!

One thing that bugs me about chevy vehicles is the quality of the interior. Like the buttons on the stereo. It may seem minor but the thin top plastic layer on the buttons wears down really fast revealing ugly white/grey plastic underneath. I never hear anyone say anything about it, but I've noticed it on so many chevy vehicles that are only a couple years old. I almost bought a two year old chevy malibu but that alone turned me away from it. My uncle has a chevy truck only two years old and the stereo buttons are all wearing off. Looks terrible. His center console is busted too and you can see how thin and weak the plastic is. I don't have a lot of experience with chevy, but just go test drive a bunch of used trucks and you'll see the chevy interior is just not built to last. I wonder if the newer trucks are any better. It's a shame cause I really want to like the chevy trucks.

Pickup truck on vacation? Maybe a 4X4 to camp on the beach, but not for a week.
I would never drive my personal vehicles on a week long road trip.
That's what rental's are for.

@ uh huh, the only problem with Titan's, Tundra's and Ridgeline's is that their not outselling RAM's, Ford's and GM Trucks!!! No love lost of course, just limited by personal choices based on what truck is the right fit to express our personalities, not that's something everybody loves.

Per Tom#3

People hate ford's, gm's and ram's.
People love tundra's, titan's and ridgeline's.

Hmmm... Ford F-Series #1 selling vehicle in the US for 35 years, Chevrolet Silverado #2 selling vehicle, Ram pickups #4 selling vehicle. even the GMC Sierra out sells the Tundra, Titan and Ridgeline, in fact the Sierra Denali out sells the Titan and Ridgeline by its self. Tom #3 people sure love their Tundra, Titan and Ridgeline pickups... lol

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