2015 Ram Laramie Limited Targets High-End Buyers

Ram 1500 LL 3 II

In the battle for luxury pickup truck customers, Ram has launched the latest missile with an updated version of its Laramie Limited. Debuting at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, this black-tie luxury trim package sports a new exterior nose and tail, a full black leather interior, real wood trim throughout and unique badging. Although Ram has offered the Laramie Limited trim package for several years, this new version takes it to a different level for both light-duty and heavy-duty (2500 and 3500, single- and dual-rear wheel) Ram pickups. To view our video, click here

Like the 2015 Ram Rebel — a new trim package — that was shown at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Laramie Limited also abandons the crosshair grille in favor of a more unique look, highlighting the Ram name. The front grille will be all chrome with a set of outer flaring nostril ports with a pair of new quad-lamp bi-functional halogen projector headlights that include 15 amber LEDs. We're guessing the new grille and tailgate look will likely bleed into the rest of the lineup as early as the 2017 model year.

The trim package also includes unique 20-inch rims and a brand-new tailgate design, again echoing the Ram Rebel's monster-size "RAM" lettering stamped into the metal to ensure no one mistakes the truck for another brand. Special paint colors include Brilliant Black, Bright Silver Metallic, Pearl White, Granite Crystal Metallic, Maximum Steel and True Blue Pearl.

Ram 1500 Laramie Limited models will include the four-corner air suspension, and will offer a choice between the 5.7-liter V-8 Hemi and 3.0-liter V-6 turbocharged EcoDiesel (only with four full-size doors). Ram 2500/3500 Laramie Limited models (pictured at the bottom of the photo gallery below) will offer the 6.4-liter V-8 Hemi and 6.7-liter inline-six-cylinder Cummins, and will be offered in crew-cab and MegaCab configurations.

The interior of the new Laramie Limited shows where Ram designers spent the most time, energy and money. All interiors will include a new, softer black leather on the seats, arm consoles and doors with standout leather piping and stitching. All gauges, climate vents and the center instrument panel are chrome ringed with a Liquid Graphite background. All floormat carpeting is black premium Berber.

Beyond the touch surfaces, the interior of this new version of the Laramie Limited may not seem very different from the previous version; however, the center console storage space has been improved. It now has a retractable sliding door, allowing owners to hide small valuables from passers-by. The new hidden storage space, as well as the larger center armrest storage vault, will offer plenty of slots and charging points for just about any electronic device.

Ram's new Laramie Limited will compete with Ford's F-150 and Super Duty Platinum trim, Chevrolet's half-ton High Country trim and GMC's Sierra Denali (light-duty and heavy-duty). The Ram 1500 Laramie Limited will be available this summer as a 2015 model; the Ram 2500/3500 version will be available in the fall as a 2016 model.

To read the full 2015 Ram 1500/2500/3500 Laramie Limited press release, click here.

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Ram 1500 LL 2 II

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is this what the big ram reveal that they have a press conference tomorrow????

Nope, it will be the Rampage.

I can't stand that grille. Looks aftermarket and cheap... I hope the rest of the line up doesn't abandon the crosshair look!

So disappointed. Ram, you had the best looking truck on the market and then put that monstrosity of a grill on it. What is with that tail gate? Yuck! Just put the Ram's Head logo on there and call it a day.

I really hope the all new 2017 Ram wont be taking styling cues from these latest trims. I might be looking in the GMC lot for my next truck.

I like the interior tweaks. However, that grille is horrible and the the tailgate is even worse! Glad I got my '14.

I could possibly live with that hedious grill, but I will never be ok with that ugly tailgate.

Blame Hegbloom for this. He just stated in an interview he wants people to know you're driving a R A M Limited. Hence all of the obnoxious lettering. This exterior update is a downgrade.

Ohh i am sorry do you hate the word RAM every where??? Me too!!!! Just because Ford and Toyota do it doesn't mean it is right!!! or in this case even look good..What is wrong with the ram head symbol? Even if i look over the RAM the grill still looks like a panty liner to me.I know this has got to look good to some ,but whom ever they are they must not drive trucks!

The front grill I can't say I love it but it's not bad. I don't like the tailgate. The crome strip accross the back is too much and the huge crome letters way too much. I would like to see a stamped tailgate and maybe more traditionally down in the left corner and no where near as large and gave the Ram head in the center. The grille does look after market. To me the crome bars that outline the inside if the grills new design should be the same visual width of the outside of the grill.
Other than that the Ram is always on the top of my list.
I am hoping the big reveal tomorrow is more than just this. I feel like a kid that opened his big Christmas present a day early. I will feel even worse if my big present is not there tomorrow Ram.

Jeepers!!!! The last time I saw a face like that it had a hook unit !!!

The way i understand it is this is just for the special trim packages. Rebel, Limited and so on. Makes me wonder if they will use other grills for other trims aside from their cross hairs. I'm not totally apposed to dropping the cross hairs but, I think the Ram logo would have worked much better in the front. Not a huge fan of plastering RAM across the front. This may be the elimination of the Rams head. The only place i see it is on the steering wheel.

I really wish we could share photo's on our posts. Several years ago i got a promotional booklet from Ram that had some concept drawings of front grills that i think looked great.

I think the grill makes the front of the truck look like one of the pigs on angry birds. Horrible look Ram. I think I will keep my truck a lot longer now. I like my 2012 Laramie and it still looks good.

I agree with the posts above, this look pretty bad! I think they are trying to copy Ford with their different grill packages with the likes of the platinum FX trucks and so on and so forth. But I think this is a fail. I remember when this RAM made its debut Ralph Gilles stated that the grill was one of the main design cues of this truck he wanted it to be an aggressive look. With this grill it looses that feel. And the tailgate just looks out of proportion with those huge RAM letters. The chrome strip just looks like it was purchased through LMC! It just looks like a total after thought. I am not necessary a big fan of the huge lettering on the Raptor either but I think it looks better for two reasons. 1 they were the first ones to put in on. 2 they are doing it on a specialized vehicle.

Meh... bells whistles, chrome, and letters big enough for a word short enough that even a nearly blind Fiat dolt can read it?

If you don't think its pretty and don't have money to burn its not for you.

That grille doesn't belong on the top trim, would work better on a high end offroad package in black or body color. It might would look good without the huge nostrils.

I like having the name of the truck on the tailgate in large letters The way a lot of trucks used to do In the past, but not in huge protruding chrome letters! Make it body colored and not so obnoxious. Plus I have never been a fan of the ram name. I thought I would get used to calling it a ram. But I much prefer "dodge". It's like if ford plastered f150 in large letters on the tailgate or grille and abandoned the "ford". It just doesn't work. They need to go back to calling it a dodge ram. They aren't fooling anybody by abandoning the dodge name and most people still call it a dodge.

I also think it would be cool if one of the truckmakers came with retro styling the way the mustang, challenger and camaro did. I guess the current silverado kind of has retro styling with the square look, but that was never their best look.

You know, I don't have a problem with options when it comes to grills. I think customers should have the option of choosing the traditional grill or a specialty grill. Again give them the option. If they don't like the new one let them buy an old design.
I did find a couple more Ram heads hidden on the wheel caps and seats.

besides MASSIVE chrome RAM lettering, another major problem is the bumper: "it juts out in front of the grill by what seems almost like a full 12 inches" (from: http://trucknewsblog.com/2015-2016-ram-laramie-limited/ )

Back to the lettering, what Ford did with the Raptor tailgate was already a bit much, but at least it's not chromed out and shiny.

Im a Ram guy and this grill is so damn ugly If I were to buy a new truck today I would look at he Denali.

Thats a grill that a 16 year old boy wants on his truck.

Hate it

oy vey

Hands down best looking truck on the market.

Inside beautiful, outside too gaudy. But for the money I think that's what these buyers would want.

Can anyone say,"Snort,snort, squeal, squeal"? That grille looks like a pig's snout! Maybe Dodge/Ram/Fiat will change the horn note to mimic a pig, similar to the venerable Road Runner. They could call the truck,"The ROAD HOG"!

Avard T. Fairbanks is rolling over in his grave!
Why did they think they needed to change this? No-one asked them to. The crosshair grill is the best looking, classiest grill on the market. It's subtle and understated, not gaudy or obnoxious, which this new design is at either end of the truck.
Between the crosshair grill and the ram head emblem, there is brand recognition and history going back to 1932 when Fairbanks designed the first ram hood ornament for dodge. To throw all of that away for three absurdly large chrome letters at either end of the vehicle is pure stupidity.
Ram, if you are listening: Bring back the crosshair grill and ram head emblem. If you sell even one truck with this new grill and tailgate (this includes the Rebel, its just as absurd there) I will have lost all hope and faith in a company that I have supported practically since I was born, and you will have lost a dedicated customer and true fan. But then again from what I've seen since I bought my 2015 ecodiesel you really don't care about your customers anyway

I was thinking it would be a twin turbo 3.6 pentastar DOHC engine that they have been working on so they had a engine that could compete with the 6.2 GM and 3.5 ford ecoboost. Instead they just released an ugly chrome plated plastic grill and a letter stamped tailgate.

I don't think that interior looks "limited" at all, Ford's interior looks way better even the Tundra 1794 trumps this thing. Also, that grille is damn ugly!

Looks like Ram went to AutoZone and asked for all the chrome accessories.

...and now with all these "luxury features and appointments", payload on the 1500 is down to what 600 pounds?

Nope, it will be the Rampage.

Posted by: Big Al from Oz | Feb 11, 2015 11:53:31 PM

I just watch the big reveal from hedgebloom. Its just the limited which is a chrome and accent package. What is the rampage and when is its reveal????

I was hoping that a real change is coming from Ram.

This vehicle isn't worthy of much fanfare.

As nice as I like the interior of this vehicle, especially the colours it's not really a new vehicle.

Ugghh...all that hoopla over nothing more than a more upscale trim level...really!!!

The grille & tailgate look odd.

This has to be a joke! I cant believe the tailgate. the grill isn't pretty either, but the RAM on the tail gate is awful!!!
I was thinking of buying a 3500 this year. But i don't think I could walk up to that truck every day.

Ford and GM need to send hedgebloom gift baskets as a thank you gesture for making this 2016 Ram. I don't think Ram customers asked for that.

First thing that comes to to mind is..... Cheesy..

It should sell well in the middle east where they are known to completely chrome the entire vehicle.

My sincere hopes are that for the full redesign in 2017/2018 the new trucks DO NOT adapt this grill look or the mondo lettering. Just too fussy.

love it in the 2500 model

Who styled the front and rear? THE Bruce Dickinson? Listen up designers, I got a fever and the only prescription is more RAM!

On a positive note, no owner of that truck will worry about someone stealing their tailgate.

I will walk away from Dodge trucks if they keep that hideous RAM front and especially back. Did they really go around a think table and give thumbs up for this awful idea of the new front and back?

FWIW, I've been driving Dodges since 1997. Really disappointed with this ugliness.

The grill resembles artist renderings of what was considered for the next gen Ram.

It is too busy for my tastes.

That Ram logo on the tailgate is huge. It must add a 100 lb to the weight of the truck.

All of this chrome reminds me of Rapper bling.

Plastic chrome is just that plastic.

Gee, you think its a Ram? Awful, just awful!

Whhhhoooooweeeee boy somethin stinks!!! Must be that terd RAM laid.

This package is another stinker from RAM in a short while.

Here you have a truck as big as hell, but the teeny little screen for the stereo and navigation looks like it came from a Fiat 500.

They make up for it with dumb ideas like the rotary dial shifter and the HUGE label on the tailgate--did anybody think this was anything other than a RAM?

The only thing missing is tight leather pants with the word RAM down both legs and across the back for boy fans to droll over. I hope they offer the over priced Eco Diesel that cost more to own and operate than the Hemi! Motor Trend loves that marketing ploy!

It's like something Reagon said about freedom. Good design/looks is never more than one generation away from extinction.

The press made it seem as though RAM was going to showcase a Concept Model for the Next Generation 1500 Line Up, in my opinion RAM would have been much better off with just providing new Exterior Color Options rather than redesigning that grill.

The current RAM's are some of the best looking trucks- tough looking and simple in design. However, these new RAM's are starting to look a bit gaudy and too "busy". I don't like the looks of the front grill or tailgate with the large RAM on it. I think the designers at Fiat may be finally starting to incorporate their Italian design ideas into the RAM trucks. Let's hope not (for the RAM fans).

I hope somebody high up at Ram is reading these posts. I am a huge Ram fan, but I am sorry, that grille and tailgate are unforgivable. I am very embarrassed to be a Ram guy right now. We had the most beautiful looking truck and now you have gone and ruined it....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop this nonsense! NOBODY likes it!

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