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The half-ton versions of Ram's new top-of-the-line trim package, the Laramie Limited, will go on sale this summer with heavy dutys available in the fall. However, if the comments on our website from the debut story and photo gallery are any indication, Ram might want to rethink the look of the new grille and tailgate.

The Ram 1500 Laramie Limited will come standard with the crew cab and air suspension, while the Ram 2500/3500 will be offered in Quad Cab and MegaCab configurations. We've also been told the Laramie Limited trim will be priced above the Laramie Longhorn.

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The new grille and tailgate are fabulous.

I hope the new RAM lettered billet style grille and new tailgate with big chrome RAM lettering make it to ALL of the models in the lineup.

Looks really, really sharp!!!

Good job, Ram!

If ram keeps this up, they'll sell a ton of F150s and Silverados.

Somehow the Silverado became on of the best looking trucks on the market without Chevy having to do a thing.

@ Brian
You are one of the few people who has given the grill a glowing review. Everyone else hates it. I don't know if its just that they are used to the cross hair grill and can't stand anything else. Or, if it really is that bad. I'm stuck in the middle. Not a huge fan of "RAM" written on the front, but the overall design doesn't bother me.

This truck has it all. Great looks, Class leading ride and handling Class leading quality interior.

Haters gonna hate. lol


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Hey Mark, If you think the RAM on the front of this truck is big check out the FORD on the front of the Raptor. lol

Guys.....you are literally the ONLY people I have heard say it looks good. I am a huge Ram fan, I promise, but this is just unforgivable.

I don't understand why everyone is goo-goo gah-gahing over the interior. The interior is virtually unchanged from the current (circa 2013) Larmie Limited package. The only difference on this 'new' truck is the refreshed center console with the sliding tambour door and fancy smart phone / tablet holder.

FCA might as well slap a Ford emblem on the front of this truck. The nostrils are Ford truck design DNA that has existed since the Super Duty came out in 1999.

Yikes, that's almost as hideous as the family truckster in National Lampoon's Vacation. Gotta wonder what the payload drops to.

The grill is acceptable but the giant lettering on the tailgate is ridiculous. Maybe just a ram head instead of giant RAM? It's a great looking package but it's diminished by the goofy badging.

The chrome strips look ok on the sides and bottom of the tailgate.

I contacted ram and told them the letters need to be bigger and that they need to chrome the rebel front end and make the rebel grill in chrome standard on there redesign next year and make the limited but with bigger and bolder letters. These will sell like hot cakes.

I think it is a very sharp truck overall. I'm not a fan of the the grille... I don't think it is a badly designed grille, but perhaps just too much chrome going on with the grille. I feel the same way about the new Silverado HDs that have too much chrome. It's cool if others like it I guess.
I like everything else about the trucks especially the new tailgate with the big RAM letters.

Wow some of you Ram guys will defend anything Ram. I never disputed that the 2nd Gen Tundra wasn't the best looking or the 14+ hood raise is great but the bigger chrome grille is terrible. The interior is nothing special to me either. This is what you do when you try to be innovative all the time and have run out of good and useful ideas for your current platform.

The interior looks great as usual, but I'm not so sure about the the grille...

It looks like it went thru the whole Lund Truck Catalog. Those chrome stripping look horrid. Friggin ugly arse truck!!!

Truthfully ? I think both the "RAM" lettering on the tailgate, and the new grills are of questionable taste, and that's at best ! I agree with other comments on this that they're to be awarded 10/10 for giving it a go on this, but 0/10 for the results. If the move is to put the lettering on the tailgate, then it shouldn't be chromed. The cross-hair design is something of a classic, in that it is surprisingly adaptable, retaining just the vertical and horizontal lines, it could be on anything. But the best comment (referring to the 2500 grill) is that it could be a Ford !

In addition to my earlier comment; the sheet metal in all the front panels still aligns with the cross-hair style grill pickup points, so they could be just testing the waters on a change, and seeing just how things go down ....

"Funny how many people are eager to bash RAM,yet they don't read what model this grill is on..Dont like it,dont buy the RAM Limited !"

Funny how you are eager to bash every other truck make under your other name. You don't like people saying anything that you see as negative about Ram, but you won't hesitate to say something negative about other brands. Btw, you are not fooling anyone with the alternate names.

I do think the largish lettering used on the R A M might even be detrimental to it's overall sales.

Most who consider themselves wanting a so called "luxury" vehicle tend to not want to display what it is.

Look at any true prestige or luxury car. You don't see A U D I or P O R S C H E in 12" lettering. Discrete is the word.

No BOF pickup could ever be considered luxury or prestigious. It's still based on a low cost daily driver platform.

I have coined a new term for the people who want to buy a vehicle like this Laramie.

This Laramie is a "Redneck Luxo Barge" built to appease those who never had anything in life and want to show their friends they can afford a new pickup with chrome 12" letter to let them know the brand of pickup they have bought.

Remember I own a high end pickup and it doesn't have M A Z D A in 12" lettering. It just has the small stylised "M" on the back with 1 1/2" lettering stating it's a BT50. The only way you know what the vehicle is, is by looking at some of the trim and the interior.

Who cares what I'm driving other than me, I have no requirement or need to tell the world. Because I bought it for me and not my neighbours or the schlunks at the mall.

I agree with Mark Williams.

The imposing "Ford" tailgate on the Raptor is an available option, not standard.
Probably part of the graphics package.

The 2017 Raptor also doesn't have "Ford emblems on the left and right side. The front Ford emblem is subdued like stated above. At the end of the day Ford will just be on the front or at the most the front and rear.

The Ram chrome lettering is on all 4 sides standard, front, left, right, rear. Enough Ram logos already.

The Toyota lettering is also subdued. The Toyota lettering is black on the TRD grille and is a stamped body color on the tailgate and sides. I don't know if Ram was trying to copy anyone. But Ram did a bad job. No doubt about it.

Best looking truck on the market.

I love the new 2015 dodge Laramie limited edition. I presently own a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi with a crew cab and boxes on the sides. I love my truck, and everyone who sees it can't believe its a 2009. I said I wasn't ever getting another truck until I saw the 2015 Dodge Laramie Limited. I love everything about it. The unique Grill, the rims, the styling, the headlights, and the big RAM lettering on the tailgate. New I really have too reconsider my thoughts about my baby. Great job guys. Since I got my Dodge trick I haven't driven a car too much and we have a Chrysler 300 Hemi. Love you Dodge
Charlene Schwartz Harlesville, PA

The new RAM grille and RAM tailgate look great!!!!!!! NOW nobody will not know I am driving a big Ram truck!

I hope the new grille and tailgate extend to ALL models in the lineup.




That is absolutely hideous! I thought the grill was bad until I saw the tailgate. From the looks of the RAM on the tailgate can we assume those letters are readily available from JC Whitney?? Between this design and the grill on the Rebel I think its safe to say RAM's design team is completely out of ideas

Ram, you are so beautiful ! Ram Trucks are my passion

Ram Trucks are class leading and offer the best discounts out there!
You'll be foolish to even think about another brand!

The Laramie Limited has been available since the 2012 model year, PUTC. This is just a minor revision, not something "new" and never offered before. A fully-decked Ram 3500 Limited has a sticker of about $75,000.

The one thing FCA (finally) got right was ditching the generic "light taupe" pillars and headliner that had been in the Limited until now (as well as every Ram since the *2002* redesign regardless of interior "color"), because it gave the otherwise-black interior a completely disjointed look. Now, the entire interior is the same shade and looks much better. Hopefully, they'll get the message and extend this charcoal upper trim to all the other black/gray interiors in the trim-level lineup - the black/cattle-tan Longhorn interior would look amazing with it instead of the light taupe.

I agree with Roadtrip. Laramie Limited is not new. It has been available since 2012 and I can buy a 2015 Laramie Limited right now.....

Build & Price: 2015 Ram 1500 LARAMIE LIMITED 4x2 Crew 5'7" box

The title of this report should be "2016" Laramie Limited.

The new grill and tailgate are too much!!!! CHROME!!!!! It looks like something a pimp would drive!

This thing scores a perfect ten according to Bob Lutz's Law of Polarizing Design. He says that if 10% adore the design and the other 90% start howling at the moon, you've got a winner.

Why? Because he says you weren't looking for the 90% in the first place. Just some people who have a stacka' hundreds lying around.

Anyone remember the recent Cherokee and the cries of protest it generated? Well, it's been at the top of the heap for Jeep.

The past is the future....

2012 Ram Will Get New Luxury Trim
Posted by Mark Williams | January 25, 2012


Ram has announced a top-of-the-line model for 2012 called the Laramie Limited. The new trim package is in direct response to the popularity of the Laramie Longhorn, which accounts for 20 percent of all current Ram Heavy Duty orders.

"The push came from both our customers and dealers who seem to keep wanting more," said Bob Hegbloom, director of the Ram brand. "The Longhorn was a kind of test bed, and it's been so popular, we had to do something more."

The Laramie Limited offers many of the same material and accent upgrades from the Longhorn, but it doesn't have as many of the western-themed visuals.

More proof this existed before:

2014 Laramie Limited


Even has the same stitching in the door panels.

So yeah, they made some updates for the 2015?, but nothing major we haven't seen before.

Still cannot figure out what MY it is. The B&P has the old truck when you build a 2015 MY Laramie Limited, and dealers have 2015 Laramie Limited 1500 on lots, but the press release says 2015?

@Ken, the 1500 revised Limited will be a "2015-1/2" (legally, still a 2015). The 2500/3500 get the revisions for their 2016 models.

Ram's new front grill with built-in brassiere.

The front grill and rear RAM logo is like Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbs) urinating on the Ford or GM logo.
It will sell like hot cakes.

The real wood was on the old Laramie Limited truck as well. I thought that was something new but it wasn't. Natura leather with engraved details and grey piping was on the previous models.

The only stuff that is all new is:

chrome moldings
Ram letters on tailgate
different 20" wheel
center console storage bin & sliding door

The rest we have all seen before.

The big RAM letters on the tailgate is a sign of pride showing the world you are driving the best!

We never wanted to believe our buddy was stealing from his job on the road construction crew. But when we visited his house, all the signs were there.

I think I just puked in my mouth after seeing that new design. Thank goodness this is only on their high end trim that I wouldn't want anyways because of the overboard tribal stitching that just screams "I am trying too hard to stand out".

am, please don't do this to the Laramie. You will loose a customer if you do. From the looks of it, you might loose a lot of customers if you do.

I think RAM can afford to lose one customer who didn't want to buy this high end trim anyway and gain thousands of new ones.
Many posters in here doesn't know to run any business, that's why they are just posters.

Man, this thing is ugly. What were they thinking? The 1980's called and it wants it's huge tailgate letters back.


I was thinking the same thing. There big letters remind of the trucks from the 80s where they should have stayed. From what I have read in some of the comments, this new high-end Ram design has looks only it's designer or Ram fanatics could love. Everone I showed this new design to had a first rection of http://www.myfacewhen.net/uploads/4608-ew.gif

Tribal stitching is already on the Laramie Limited.

Roadtrip is correct that this will be a 2015 1/2. All that is new is just some chrome bling and the center console compartment.

Ram tried to pull a fast one in claiming a new Laramie Limited

supposed to get below 0 tonight and I bet my Ram starts and your ecoboo doesn't

It's funny how hard the other brand owners try to dishonest this best looking design and package.
Guess what. It's not for you anyway, why would you post any comment if you didn't want to buy it? I'll tell you why, because you are jealous , your brand doesn't look this clean, bold and nice.
It just tells me, this will be success, like Jeep Cherokee is. Keep coming those jealous comments. Really entertaining.

Could they make the font size on the grill and tailgate larger, I can't read it.

Could they make the font size on the grill and tailgate larger, I can't read it.
Posted by: Jeff S | Feb 14, 2015 5:06:04 PM

If you can't read this, you have to buy Ford Raptor.


This was the Big Reveal from RAM? A pimped out bling barge? Since they are business people and believe they will make money on this.. I can see why they did it. But the fact they believe they will have enough takers to make serious money is a comment more on our society then RAM or FCA.

Maybe they will also provide some real innovation in 2016. Like a mid-size that weighs under 4000 lb.

Like the exterior of 2012 Much much better, Interior is better on this

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