Are These the Greatest Trucks of All Time?

B Dodge Ram II

Normally we hate it when other outlets put together an ultimate-trucks-of-all-time list because it's typically more frustrating than enlightening. But occasionally we find one that has the core choices covered pretty well; then we don't feel many reservations about passing it along.

This list comes from, which seems to create interesting content related to just about everything under the sun.

This list is in chronological order and not in order of least-to-most important selections. Take a look, and let us know what the authors missed and why. And be warned — this is a Big Three and heavy-metal leaning list and does not consider any global offerings.

The Greatest Trucks of All Time

  1. 1946–1968 Dodge Power Wagon
  2. 1953–1956 Ford F-100
  3. 1955–1958 Chevrolet Cameo
  4. 1967–1972 Chevrolet C/K
  5. 1968–1970 Chevrolet El Camino
  6. 1971–1976 Ford Baja Bronco
  7. 1978–1979 Dodge Lil' Red Express
  8. 1989–1993 Dodge Power Ram Cummins
  9. 1991–1993 GMC Syclone/Typhoon
  10. 1993–1995 Ford F-150 Lightning photo by Mark Williams



The 89-93 Dodge Ram Cummins was a good engine wrapped in a pile of junk. That was pretty much true until 2008ish.

The 93-95 Lightning was a joke compared to the 454 SS which I don't see on the list. Now the Lightning from the early 2000's was much better.

The rest of the list seems Okay.

Wheres the FJ45's? Answersdotcom needs to research better.

The old 70's Bronco???

Are you kidding? They were actually WORSE than the old International Scout, and that's saying something. They were awful on the street, and WORSE in the woods. Ugh.

Now the K-Series Chevy (fullsize) Blazers from that period, 4x4, 454--that was something else! The Bronco? Yikes.

How was the Lightning a joke compared to the SS? They both posted similar performance figures, with the Ford slightly edging out the Chevy in some metrics (below taken from Motor Trend). I always thought both trucks were pretty sweet.

"Our first test pitted the Lightning against the Chevrolet 454 SS in our June '93 issue. The two muscle trucks proved to be closely matched, with identical 0-60-mph times and 60-0 braking distances (7.2 seconds and 143 feet). The Lightning managed to edge out the 454 SS in the quarter mile (15.6 seconds/87.4 mph versus 15.8/84.7), skidpad (0.84 g versus 0.78), and slalom (62.2 mph versus 60.7). Because of its better fuel economy and lower base price, we gave the nod to the Lightning."

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My personal opinion is the 1997-2003 F-150 is the best pickup ever made.

If your going to add 454 ss and Ford lighting why not add the SRT 10 Dodge Ram the king kong of sport trucks.

"Just as Dodge promised, it has built the biggest, meanest, most powerful muscle truck on earth and has priced it accordingly. Ford's Lightning is no slouch and is a lot easier on your wallet, but falls short of the SRT-10 in every performance test we threw at it, with the exception of braking. For now, the Lightning is forced to hand over its "King of the Street" crown to SRT-10 while Ford works diligently to bring the next-generation F-150 Lightning to market (again, see sidebar). Until then, those with a Ram on their hood have bragging rights."
Dodge SRT-10

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I don't recall seeing Bronco's unmodified. I also have never considered them as trucks.

How about '77 1/2 and earlier F250's. They are now called "Hi-boys" because they had great clearance like a lifted truck.

If you are going to include the ElCamino then you need to include the Ranchero.

Have to agree with many of those comments. While I really liked the '89-'93 Ram/Cummins, fact is the truck was not the best. Outdated design, poor brakes, spotty quality, really bad factory paint jobs, and the engine vibration would over time pop the spot welds in the cab and bed. Didn't see the early Bronco as being that great either. Really nice looking, but worthless off road unless modified. Many had the weak Falcon 6 cylinder. '69-'72 K5 Blazer was much better (sorry, papa jim, the 454 was never a factory option- but it does fit!). '97-'02 F-150? I think both the '92-'96 and '04-up F-150's were better in all regards. Never liked that Taurus look, the 4.2L V-6 was junk and the Tritons had no power.

Best truck? If you can find one (it will be tough) try a '67-'69 GMC with the V-6 in it. Just like a same year Chevy, but a Dana rear axle on leaf springs and that huge heavy duty V-6. Not fast, but you can't kill it.

What about the 1991 s10 Baja! Not since have we seen factory parts like that on a pickup. Also the h3t is very cool.

My list without much thought:
06-07 Duramax
5.9 Cummins
6.2 Raptor
67-72 c10
40-41 Ford
33ish Dodge Brothers
92-96 Fords

i agree that the SRT-10 should have been on the list,

1994 Dodge Ram...That Truck changed the rules...

@ Creigmac: Read the last sentence of the article: this is a Big Three and heavy-metal leaning list and does not consider any global offerings.

I could swear this a re-run story from not too long ago.

My pick, the best pickups ever, 1073-1987 GM C/K, Suburban, Blazer too.

Shortbed, lifted, 350, cant be beat.

This list makes me a little nostalgic.
Gotta love the Power Wagon. My dad and my uncle each had one. Absolutely unkillable farm trucks.
My mom worked in a bank in the 70s and remembers when the Red Express was released. She said people around here were lined up taking out loans to get them.
I'll second BigBob on the GMC. My old boss used to talk about his '68 all the time, said it was the best truck he ever had.
They just don't make 'em like they used to.

@papa jim ,
We had them too plus the Scout. Do not which was worse

1980-86 For F-Series. The greatest trucks of all time period.

78'-79' Bronco and body style of all time

my list, some of my years ranges are probally off so dont freak out !

1> 77 1/2 to 79 ford trucks & bronco
2> 54 to 56 F trucks
3> 68 to 72 chev trucks
4> early bronco
5> 55 to 57 chev trucks
6> the original dodge power wagon
7> 94 dodge truck only because it more or less saved dodge trucks that and the cummins
8> 2nd gen lightning early 2000 models
9> 2009 to 2015 super duty trucks
10> 2004-current F150

They left out the '59 Chevy El Camino.

Dakota RT was cool in its time. Small truck, big motor.

I always liked the 454SS but the Lightning would've been my favorite at the time. For some reason I was never a big fan of the SRT10 but I appreciate what it was.

I would agree that the 1994 " The New Dodge" Ram should be on this list. Trucks may not be where they are today if it wernt for the "big rig styling" and car like cabin that the other makers adopted shortly after.

1967–1972 Chevrolet C/K

Even this Ford guy has to admit: Chevy changed the game. These trucks (we own a '68) were the first with a carlike ride of today's trucks.

I also own a '70 El Camino with the 350/300 hp HO engine. I don't consider it a truck, really, but a Chevelle not afraid of getting dirt under its fingernails. And it is crazy-fast.

Can't forget about the old Willy's pick up, or the tank of pickups the Jeep M715. Of course there is the M37 Dodge... I could go on and on about all the cool old trucks out there...

The 1994 'new Dodge' was a styling exercise that saved Dodge and made it relevant but didn't break any new ground.

I'd say the 88-98 C/K's were the game changers at the time. Ford didn't have an answer back 97.

even as a ford fan I don't agree with any of those fords on the list. Mine would be:
2010 Raptor
2004 Lightning
1976 f150
in replacement of the 3 ford's on the list.

I would say there needs to be a 1959 Studebaker on that list, best looking truck of all time.

Horrible list.

The 89-93 Cummins Dodge was the start of light duty Diesel trucks as a mainstream.
The 1994 Dodge Ram saved the truck division for Chrysler.

These lists are always going to miss someone's favorite truck.

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