Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: January 2015

2015 PUTC sales photo

Every ounce of pickup truck sales momentum that rolled to the end of 2014 seems like it's moving straight into 2015. Regardless of bad weather, all three of the big players had a strong month with Ford making up the most ground as new F-150s roll out of Michigan's Dearborn Truck Plant in record numbers. Additionally, the Chevrolet Colorado had its best month to date, jumping instantly into second place in the midsize pickup segment. It's also interesting to note that combined pickup sales for GM (Silverado, Sierra, Colorado and Canyon) have jumped ahead of Ford truck sales for the first time in a long time.

Other notable highlights include a continued push by Ram, which had its 57th consecutive month of month-over-month sales gains (that's almost five years of growth). Most of that growth is squarely on the back of the popular Ram 1500, while Ram heavy-duty pickups are up just 1 percent over last year.

Toyota continues to do well with both of its pickups, while Honda's Ridgeline will see declining numbers until Honda shows its next-generation Ridgeline near the end of the year. Lower fuel prices, continued incentives and more choices than ever for pickup buyers will likely help all pickup segments to grow deep into the year.

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declining gas prices favor truck in the same sort of way that rising gas prices hurt truck sales--no mystery here!

The GM mids should really help them with the combined numbers. They are not going after traditional truck buyers, but car and SUV buyers. Sort of a 'truck owner wannabe' target. Smart move to tap into that market.

Out of Ford's 54,000 Jan 2015 units 90% are the 2014 model.

All other brands are essentially the 2015 MY. Therefore the rate gain of 16.8% is an illusion. By the end of the second quarter with both pants running time will tell if Ford can actually meet their targets with the 2015 MY.

Welcome back Ford

The Colorado sales are to an impressive start considering the dealers in my area still don't have any in stock in yet. What is out there must be selling.

Another boring year of Ford Truck Domination Sales.

GM incentive spending is higher than the compeition. No shocker there.

"Out of Ford's 54,000 Jan 2015 units 90% are the 2014 model."

Not true. Some are 2014s. But the 2015 Super Duty has been on sale for a year and final orders were due last month. And the hottest truck on the dealer lots is the 2015 F-150.

What stands out to me is that in spite of the strong initial sales of the Colorado, Chevrolet shows a huge jump in Silverado sales. I would have expected some cannibalizing by the smaller truck, but so far, no sign of that. It will be interesting to see how that plays out as more of the midsize trucks arrive on the lots.

Only reason f150 are so high is because of fleet sales. We literally have hundreds just sitting around doing nothing

Congrats to GM for selling the most trucks last month.

GM: 56,874
Ford: 54,370
Ram: 28,618

Silverado has a huge jump because it is only one month and it is being compared to a terrible month GM had in January 2014. GM was much worse than any of the big three at the time and they were -18%. Some blamed the weather and the economy sucking. But this didn't explain why F-Series at the time was only down -.7, and Ram and Toyota were up double digits.

Check Colorado vs Silverado sales month to month and it looks a bit different:

December 2014
Silverado 57,837
Colorado 4,037

January 2015
Silverado 36,106
Colorado 5,942

Silverado -21,731 loss
Colorado +1,905 gain

Silverado is off by as much as 40 percent when compared to December 2013 and the Colorado is up by 37%.

Wait and see how it works out over the year before making any proclamations in the first month.

I remember when GM sold the most trucks and could beat Fords one brand with 2 brands and now GM needs 4 brands to do it. smh.

It seems GM is the winner of sales this month regarding improvement in numbers.

Ford really didn't do much better than Ram.

We'll need to see if Ram's sales start flatlining. If they do then Ram needs to do something.

If GM wanted their GMC and Chevy products sales stats/figures combined they wouldn't go to so much expensive trouble to differentiate the sales, support, distribution, naming, marketing/advertising, pricing, look, and features between them.

When you register your vehicle for tags it doesn't say GM... Its either a GMC Sierra or a Chevrolet Silverado...

Registration determines the actual sale of a vehicle. A vehicle is new until it has been registered. You can have a "used" vehicle with less miles on it than a new vehicle because it has been registered.

Looks like Americans are loving there new aluminum f150's much to the disappointment to many posters here. Good job ford on being the segment leaders and the lead innovators!!! Gm will soon have aluminum trucks and a twin turbo v6 in there 1500. 3.6 TT out of the Cadillac ATS I would look hard at a silverado.

can some body tell me if the next gen ford super duty will debut at the 2015 chicogia auto show

GM having 4 trucks to choose from doesn't seem like such a bad idea. Assuming they're profiting from each sale it looks like a pretty good strategy to me. It's the same company so what's the difference? Their goal is to sell trucks and make money and not to satisfy a numbers argument that rages on here. Each company does what it has to do in order to sell product.

Nice to see pickup trucks starting 2015 off strong.

Where is the gm midsize sales coming from. Surely not from tacoma as its sales continue upwards.

The Canyon and Colorado combined still could not beat an old Tacoma. Wait till the new one comes it's gonna be a blood bath for the GM twins.

I don't care if Ford uses aluminum, it's still junk to me.

Tundra, made in Texas by Texans.

The Ford haters are running out of excuses and ammo. Compared to the launch of the GM twins, Ford has executed this launch perfectly. There hasn't been stories about bloated inventory, huge incentives, and a lukewarm reception of the new truck. Instead, Ford's atp is up $2,100, incentives are in check, and the 2014 inventory is falling out nicely. Well done.

As for the question about the 2017 Super Duty, if we see it this year it will most likely be at the Texas State Fair. I'd be surprised to see it reveal at Chicago.

Whose truck is pictured at the top of this page?? I sure don't see all 4 of the gm products because they are separate trucks. What if FORD had combined the Ranger sales yrs ago? Sure would have been a lot of hateful comments about that. Sure would have been even bigger numbers and everyone would of cried foul. Sorry but gm doesn't even combine them.

I can see combining Siverado and Sierra sales because they are more alike than the F150 and the Superduty are. However, You have to leave the Colorado and Canyon out of the total.

What I would love to see is a breakdown of 5.3 V8 vs Eco boost. When you look at the 1/2 ton sales and realize the absolute domination of the GM 1/2 tons in the market I'd bet the 5.3 has a 3 to 1 take over the Eco Boost. Now think about all the advertising spent on the Eco Boost vs the GM 5.3.

" Sorry but gm doesn't even combine them."

Well said.

For everyone always complaining about GMC and Chevy being able to combine sales, here's the simple facts.
1. GM having two brands of pickup trucks is genius. That's right, I'm calling it genius. They are able to offer basically the same truck, out of the same factory, with different exterior designs that appeal to more buyers. It's common knowledge that some people don't like the looks of the Chevy, but like the truck. GM's approach with the second brand gives those buyers another option.
2. Complain all you want about combining sales, they can do that. You know why? THEY COME OUT OF THE SAME FACTORY AND ARE BASICALLY THE SAME PICKUPS!
3. GM made another genius move by offering 2 midsize pickups. This month, it resulted in GM selling more pickups than any other automaker. That's a fact. General Motors sold more pickups than the Ford Motor Company. Complain all you want, it's a fact.

@ Bigger Bob

Perfectly said!!

General Motors outsold Ford Motor Company in truck sales in January. Ram isn't even close.

Where are the Ram fan boys that said Ram would pass up Chevrolet?? If I read it right Chevrolet gained more (again) in January than Ram by a lot.

You would think F-Series would have destroyed everyone in sales being the 2015 F-150 is now out and the 14's are over $14k off sticker and the Ford lots are flooded with them...

So the lesson for today is. GM truck fans have to combine sales of two separate GM brands just so they can say that GM sales more trucks than Ford. I guess if they need a handicap just to feel special the by all means.

Subtract the artificial ford "pick up trucks", the F450,550,650,750,850, & f950 from fords "F' series of Faux pick ups and the Toyota Tundra out sold ford trucks.

I was surprised that the Silverado out sold the Ram! I know both trucks very well and the Ram has a much better exciting driver experience than the Silverado.
I agree the F-150 sales where most of them were the 2014's.
I will bet anybody by July 2015 Ram will be #1, Colorado #2 and the F-150 at #3
The Ram 1500 offers the most truck and the most value for the money, I have faith in the truck buyer that he will know that.
Its simple! The 5.7 HEMI gets BETTER gas mileage than the eco-boost but the 5.3 Chevy gets the good gas mileage but its so s-------l-------o--------w


Is that true?
I thought those numbers are only the 1/2 ton pickups?
Those numbers mean Ford sold 5K of F-150's?
I never thought it means ALL of the Ford trucks including the Super Duty

In that cause then less than half were just the F-150

im confused! Ram and Chevy also makes heavy duty trucks too.

tell me it isn't so
tell me it isn't so

you're just joking

The 6.2 8 speed gets similar or equal MPGs than the 5.7 hemi 8 speed, and it makes the 5.7 hemi look S L O W

I was not surprised that the Silverado out sold the Ram! I know both trucks very well and both have a much worse driver experience than the F150.
I don't agree that the F-150 sales where mostly 2014's.
I will bet anybody by July 2015 F150 will still be #1, Silverado #2 and Ram still at #3
The Ford F150 offers the most truck and the most value for the money, I have faith in the truck buyer that he will know that.
Its simple! The F150 Ecoboost gets BETTER gas mileage than the Hemi and the 5.3 Chevy gets the good gas mileage but its so s-------l-------o--------w

I really don't care! At least I will feel good about myself that I will never own a 2015 F-150, I did the test drive, I gave an honest review.
I have good looks you'll never have, I don't need a new truck to pretend to be someone I'll never be.

Tone it down fellas......That act is getting lame


I look too good to tone it down.

GM's goal is to make money and that is what they are doing with 4 lines of pickups and 6 lines of full size suvs. Nobody is coming even close to GM's sale numbers and profit margins. It is about profit and not sale numbers for one model. Ford and Ram are losing the battle big time!



@ Tom#4,

Most F-150 sales are probably 2014's as they are reduced in price to make way for the 2015's..

Dealers have more 2014's than 2015's..

Not saying the 2015's wont sell,they will..

Most F-150's here are the 5.0 V-8 ! Even the few of the 2015's have the 5.0 V-8 and base model 3.7 V-6..

The pre 2015 Ecoboost 3.5 has lower hwy mpg than the Hemi RAM..

Sure,the 2015's are better mpg as they are lighter..but honestly who cares about mpg,it isn't the deciding factor in a vehicle for most..The GM 6.2 is Eco boost mpg territory.

As for performance GM/Ford/RAM are pretty much even in a race..all 5.9-6.4 0-60 and 14's in the 1/4 mile..Great for a 5000 plus pound truck..

I ran my 2014 RAM 1500 QuadCab 15,000 miles (not the crewcabs they always test) HEMI/8spd/3.92/4x4 and I ran a 5.71 second 0-60 and 14.29 @100 even in the 1/4..I only deleated the resonators on the exhaust and added a Dynomax muffler.It was 66 degree's and night time..Funny thing its better than my 1993 Mustang GT 5.0 5spd standard I owned back from 94-98 !

So,saying new trucks are slow doesn't fly..The GM 5.3 is quick,the 6.2 is better,the HEMI is quick as is the Ford V-8 and Eco Boost engines...

I don't like the way Ford went out with twin turbo small motors,I rather have a big V-8 and no turbo,just motor and look at the GM 6.2 , 18-19 mpg average !! My HEMI gets 18.5 all day..

Cant wait for the next generation of RAM,hope it looks similar with big power upgrades 6.4 HEMI would be awesome for the Dodge RAM 1500/8spd/mds...

If I bought a Ford F-150 it would have the 5.0 V-8..less of a maintenance queen as the Eco-Boosts are..

Of course GM makes profits.... They leave taxpayers on the hook for paying there bill for them. Taxpayers lost over 11 billion on GM just a short time ago. It will happen again.

It is interesting to see that Ram is within 100's of Silverado comparing 1-2015 to 1-2014. It's easy to see especially with Rams update that they could surpass a Silverado in as little as one year.


Actually that is false.

Fords 2014 net profit was $3.2B and FCA was $1.2B. GM has yet to release their financials(and will do so in the next few days), but at the end of Quarter 3(September) of 2014 they were only at $1.7B for the year. That would mean that would report greater than a $1.5B earnings for Q4 of 2014 in order for them to beat Ford. Seeing that it took them two thirds of the year just to get to $1.7B, it is highly unlikely they will post greater net profits than Ford. GM did not outdo Ford in 2013 or 2012 either so this assumption you have is a tad incorrect.

More product lines do not necessarily mean more profit after you account for overhead and other expenses. Ford sold off all it's parasitic product lines along with other things so they can avoid bankruptcy in the recession while GM kept theirs and went bankrupt.

@ Yoda

Your correct. besides the $45 billion dollar tax credit for losses by Old GM but given to New GM by this administration to insure their future profitability and insuring they could crow about saving the industry. Google GM tax Credit.

FCA's net income is still $1.2B which is still $2B less than Ford as I posted earlier. Ford lost market share and profits in the second half of the year due to the massive changeover of the F-150 plants and the gearing up to launch multiple new models. FCA lost $1.2B due to purchasing the rest of Chrysler, but "technically" gained market share now that new Fiat SpA models are counted into their lineup along with improved sales from previous years.

So, how many of those F-150s are the 2015 model?

How can you state they are selling well.


@Al From Oz

How do you know now many of those trucks are 2014s or 2015s yourself? Where are you pulling the sales figures of which year model they are selling the most of? How can you state they are not selling well?

Hope, because you don't want Ford to do well with the aluminum F150 because you think Ford should have went with a diesel or smaller truck instead? Or does this discontent with Ford stem from your disliking of certain people that post here? Sort of a "I don't like him so I am going to dislike what he likes" sort of thing.

2015 f150 are flying off the lot at greatly improved transaction price over last year. This aluminum made the f150 even a more profitable then it was for ford. The higher trim models they can't keep in stock. Dearborn running at full capacity 3 shifts. 18% of that ford total is the 2015 model f150 model.

See AL... You aren't from america, Don't know what americans want or desire to spend your money on. We are not down under.... So what your desire couldn't be farther from the truth of what the americans desire is.

Ford is hitting it out of the park. 2.7 delivers 23 mpg plus empty and v8 type fuel economy towing all the while having 5.7 V8 hemi 8 speed performance You Ford haters painted Ford in a bad light and now it kills you to see there success. Ford focus RS is coming, Ford Raptor is coming, Ford gt 350r, and for GT... Everything is darn near new from ford it seems this year.

This same song and dance of the ford haters will come again when the aluminum super duty comes out.... It will be a huge success cause super duty owners demand capabilities just like f150 buyers. That is what aluminum gives us.... A stronger, more capable, lighter weight truck that gets great fuel economy on super cheap 87 octane gas!!!! Not the very expensive diesel.

Our needs are more then just a small vehicle that gets down the narrow trails.... We just buy special purpose vehicles that do it better then and small pickup and a lot more fun such as polaris Razr's

@Latwoods you mention 2008 (all in caps...ahem).

GM's troubles may have included some of the things your rave mentioned, but the 800 pound gorilla in all of GM's trouble 8 years ago was their horrible agreement with the UAW dating back to the 1980s.

You cannot be paying workers to sit around while Japanese and other Asian automakers are trying to eat your lunch.

Please explain why you did not mention it.

This still leaves 82% of F-150s in steel.

Adding 1 550 workers might not all be related to increased sales. Fords sales have slipped overall in the past year. They didn't fire.

So, don't you think that adding 1 550 new workers might also mean that Ford didn't do it's maths correctly regarding human resource requirements to manufacture the new F-150.

The Chevy & Ram boys are saying: January F150 sales were mostly (90%) 2014 F150. So why is Ford adding 1,550 new jobs to there assembly line for the 2015 Ford F150??????

(Reuters) - Ford Motor Co said on Wednesday it is adding 1,550 workers at four plants to build the new aluminum body F-150 pickup truck.

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