Chevrolet Returns to Basics With 2015 Silverado Custom

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It's difficult to say where the actual motivation for a value-packed, back-to-basics special-edition option package for the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 came from, but you can bet Chevy is hoping to grab traditional truck buyers who might be a little leery about an all-aluminum-bodied half-ton pickup truck.

The 2015 Silverado Custom unveiled at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show — a no-nonsense name that resonates back to the early 1970s — will have upper-body-colored bumpers, 20-inch rims, chrome accents on the mirrors and door handles, cloth seats, and power windows and door locks. Additionally, the Custom will have a tilt steering wheel, cruise control, 4G LTE Wi-Fi capability, and a choice between the EcoTec3 4.3-liter V-6 and 5.3-liter V-8 small-block engines, as well between 4x2 and 4x4 configurations. To view our video, click here

This type of half-ton pickup — stylish on the outside with a simple functional interior — is why pickups became popular in the first place; however, as average transaction prices climb because of high-priced popular upper-level trim packages, the lower-level trims have languished.

All Silverado Customs will be offered in double cab (four-door extended-cab version) with a 6.5-foot bed, and will start at $33,820 for the 4x2 and $37,800 for the 4x4 version; prices include destination.

To read the full press release about the 2015 Chevy Silverado Custom, click here.

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I wonder if Chev is attempting to move some Colorado customers over to the Silverado?

20s are not basic.

Looking at the prices they are quite expensive, 38 grand.

That much money will buy you a good Colorado, with more bling, better FE, can tow what most would ever tow and probably as quick.

But, I do think the exterior is quite nice.

I hope it comes with A/C.

If it came with the A/C and a decent stereo it would suffice.

Yes, to does some with A/C. Stereo sounds pretty good to my ears, but I will leave final judgement on that up to the listeners.

I agree 20" wheel is not basic, nor is chrome bumpers and trim.
Include the V8 and your over $40,000 on the 4x4.
What is GM thinking...

Why are the manufacturers always going with 20" wheels? A real truck buyer would use 17" wheels with +1 or +2 over in size to have more tire (sidewall height).

More sidewall height you have, the more it also acts like it's part of your suspension. Putting anything bigger then 18" wheels on any truck does not look nice.

How exciting, another worthless GM "special edition" truck.

I think this is a great idea, good for Chevy.
The price is high but keep in mind these prices are before any incentives. I'd bet (& hope) we'll see 4X4 models being sold in the low $30000 range after incentives are factored in.

Is this a page out of the RAM playbook?
Going after the RAM Express trucks?

square wheel wells still continue to stick out and I hate it

Not bad, I agree after rebates low 30s, I think it will sell good depending on how cheesy interior is.

This truck isn't a return to basics. One more parts bin "special" truck.


How about a Denali trim level for the Silverado?

How about an offroad package for the Silverado like the Toyota Pro?

How about a package that ACTUALLY gives us something that ISN'T already in the Chevy product line?

@Big Al--You cannot buy any new truck in the US without air conditioning. Even the Nissan Frontier made air conditioning standard a couple of years ago. The only vehicle I know available without air is the Nissan Versa and possibly it is now standard. Also most trucks come standard with automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, and electric windows and door locks. Manual transmission is available in the Heavy Duty Ram, Colorado, Frontier, and Tacoma. A strip down model is what was a fully loaded vehicle in the past.

This is what passes for a back to basics truck? 17/18"steel rims no chrome, vinyl floors, no power features. Thats basic. Good luck selling this for anywhere near the MSRP. May as well buy a W/T.

This is where the magic is, this is not a video of Ford making the ecobusts, no this is a video showing the Wards 10 best engines being made, including the brother of the Silverado and Sierra 6.2, the Corvette 6.2.

you can keep the vulnerable push-rods and lifters, of the 6.2L, 5.3L and 4.3L.

@Jeff S,
Pretty much the same as here regarding what is contained in a normal vehicle.

With one exception, the auto. Here automatics are probably sold in 80% of vehicles. But there are still some of us who like manuals.

I personally like manuals. For the past 20 years, except for my D22 4x4 Nissan I had an auto. Geez, I buy on average a new vehicle every 5 years.

My current BT50 just had a new gearbox put in. It's a bit of a story. I bought it with a manual, which was quite hard to find a high end pickup.

It's the famous Getrag MT82. The self destructing Ford Mustang gearbox used in the US. Mine is the same as the V8 Mustang to handle the diesel torque loads.

I've moved to Brisbane after Christmas. Flew out of Philly on a Friday. Landed in Darwin via Sydney on Sunday afternoon drove down to Katherine where I lived (speaking of Katherine a town of a few thousand, we had the privilege of Top Gear arriving and testing some Bentlys etc, Jeremy Clarkson and the clan, it should be on TV very soon, this season, you'll if you watch it you can see the country I've been living in. They were working and "testing" in a local mine).

I left Monday morning to drive to Brisbane, a drive in total of around 3 500km. The first day my climate control actuators failed, no cool air in the equatorial Outback. HOT.

Later that day my gearbox "noise" increased to the point it was scaring me. Hot, in the Outback with a near stopped vehicle. Not good, but I always have enough survival equipment and plenty of water.

Drove to Mt Isa which is around 1 500km from Katherine, re-assessed my situation and continued on using 5th (1:1 ratio and straight through the gearbox). Made it to a small town of a couple thousand people called Longreach on Tuesday around 2 000km from Katherine, remember I left Philly on the Friday!

I had to sleep so I didn't have an accident, the stress, heat and lack of sleep made it so. So I sleep for around 6 hours got up and got a quote on how much to float my pickup and tandem wheel trailer to Brisbane 1500km away, it was $2000.

I decided 5th gear was still working so I continued on and figured for every kilometer I drove it would take $1 off the float cost if it eventuated.

I'm at "school" until the end of April, learning new (but old) engineering "stuff". In June I'm off to the Paris Airshow and the EU, see friends in Miami, I would take up papa jim's offer to visit him and back to Philly to see my family.

I made it to Brisbane on the Thursday, contacted Mazda Australia and believe it or not the warranty ran out on the 4th Jan and it was the 8th of Jan!

I can't thank Mazda enough for their customer service. They replace the gearbox, "found" a leaking rear main and fixed it. Replace the three climate control actuators and reflashed the climated control.

Ford in the US had thousands or 10s of thousands complaints regarding the Mustang's Getrag MT82.

Ford USA never honoured any of the gearbox problems. Google it. It quite disturbing how a large company can manufacturer a piece of crap and not fix a problem due to their inadequate manufacturing.

I really feel sorry for any US Ford Mustang owners who were shafted by Ford USA.

GM better go back to their museum and actually LOOK at what was once labeled a basic work truck from the 1970's before they try to replicate a newer version of one.

I still have a 1978 C10 (off road but still runs and drives), and it had crank windows, no A/C, vinyl seat, rubber floor, 15" tires, no cruise, manual door locks, 305 V8, manual 3 speed on the column, and the only chrome was on the door handles and around the windows. Painted white front and rear steel bumpers compared to the plasic chrome corners of today. 337,000 miles and it cost about $4,000 brand new then. It's probably the best vehicle I have owned. My brother had a '79 version of the exact same truck but his had manual brakes (it really did, no vacuum assist on it). That same trimmed out truck today should cost no more than $22,000. Too bad nobody makes them like that anymore.....

This new version is pretending to be basic just to have another "edition" out.

I agree with others here about this truck going way more "basics." Maybe GM can develop a functional package over the W/T and below this package.

Alloy 20' rims? Seriously? That would turn me off from buying the truck alone! Give me good 16/17/18 wheels, perferably steel ones that look okay. All the 20's do is eat fuel economy, give a more harsh ride, cost more to replace and attract damage (curb rash) easier.

4G Wi/Fi capable....Who cares! I doubt 90% of truck buyers will ever use this. Some folks will be too old to care or want to waste the time to figure it out. Other folks who know how the technology works will just use their cell phone if they need Wi/Fi. To me this is just feature that I will pay a you pay an premium for that will be obsolete in three years.

Split bench, PW/PDL are good plusses. The crome mirrors and painted bumper trims are okay nice to haves.


I agree about "GM develop[ing] a functional package over the W/T and below this package."

I just bought a 2014 2WT Silverado (2014 2WT is a 2015 1LS). It's definitely less equipped than the truck in this article and I couldn't be happier. Cheap, simple truck (that still has PW, PL, PM, AC, Tilt, Cruise, CD, Bluetooth, SD, Aux, XM, etc!).

I don't know why GM/Chevy released 87 "special" packages this year. They've had some some great meaningful packages in the past like the 454SS, 03-06 SS (and less meaningful like 93 Indy trucks, Gentleman Jim, Beau James, etc). I wish they would come out with a slightly milder answer to the Raptor. A 2" lift with Bilstein reservoir shocks and 295/70R18 All Terrains (maybe LED light bar in the bumper opening?) would be a better package than just paint, stickers, chrome, and 20"s.

Basic model today would have been considered a loaded model not to long ago. I guess a base strip model is considered a model with everything except blue tooth and heated and cooled seats. You will never again see a truck with manual windows and no air.

@Big Al--I have a 5 speed manual on my 99 S-10 with crank windows but it has air, power steering, power brakes, automatic headlights, and anti lock brakes but the Isuzu and CRV have power everything and automatic transmissions which I can live with. I still mostly drive the S-10.

@Jeff S,
I do see many who are making complaints about this Silverado being to loaded with bling.

What many don't realise during manufacture it would cost more to have individual electrical harnesses, etc.

The items that they are throwing in really don't cost much.

Even power windows or A/C. I really wonder if there is now a price advantage with manual windup windows or even A/C.

Vehicles are manufactured with this bling, wired for the bling and the bling is manufactured in the millions.

The manufacturers are value adding by selling highly blinged vehicles.

Look at the Koreans' they sell heavily blinged motor vehicles. Most bling comes from countries like Korea and China.

So, the if the Koreans can sell highly blinged vehicles cheaply so can most any other manufacturer.

Why do you think pickups in particular make so much with so little added.

The company spends a few hundred on bling and charges the customer thousands for it.

If they didn't would they not be going broke instead of making a profit.

The cost to a manufacturer between a 17" rim compared to a 20" rim would be marginal. The same goes for sound and infotainment.

The real money is spent in the core components of the vehicle and they don't differ much from a base model to a high end model.

@Big Al--Yes I agree. That was my point with papa jim on a prior article posted and why many of these items are now included as standard equipment. Manufacturers buying parts in large supplies get a larger discount so adding power windows, power brakes, power steering, air conditioning, and power locks don't cost that much to include and in many cases it is actually cheaper in the manufacturing phase to standardize these items. Also if the power steering is electric and not hydraulic this will make the vehicle lighter and thus contribute to additional fuel savings. Most of the electric motors are lighter and cheaper to make and mostly made in Asia or other countries with low cost manufacturing. This is the global economy which for better or worse no one can escape.

One problem for those that actually use their trucks for tough and dirty work is that it is harder to get a true work truck instead of a luxury vehicle. It is more profitable for manufacturers to add a King Ranch or Platinum trim level and for the dealers to sell these higher trim models. Very hard to get a work truck with vinyl seats and rubber flooring--usually a factory order and not all dealers want to bother with these trucks or with special orders unless it is a large fleet sale.

Today's trucks are overall more reliable, efficient, and safer than those trucks that our fathers and grandfather's owned but they are also more expensive and loaded with many items that those who need and use a work truck don't need or want. Some need a truck that they can literally hose out the inside when the inside gets so dirty that a Shop Vac won't work. I myself use to do just that with my Mighty Max and IH truck.

@big Al from Oz,

I have to agree with you on that Price Tag of $38,000+, a consumer could easily opt for a well equipped Chevy Colorado V6 with the Z-71 4x4 Package for around the same price of this Silverado Custom Package, I guess most would be potential buyers would wait until the 2015 liquidation sell comes before considering on buying one before the end of this year, IF... one had money since!!!

The prices listed, are msrp,, I bought a V-8 2015 with this package, cost just over 33k. Its the perfect truck, everything you need, nothing you don't. People really need to pay more attention to these lower trim levels, can be as much as 18K less than a full bling model,,,same drivetrain and chassis!

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