Chevrolet Rolls Out Another Low-Buck Special Edition

2015-Chevrolet-Silverado-WT-BlackOut-034 II

It looks like the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado Custom — starting at just less than $34,000 — that debuted at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show will not be the half-ton's only value-packed, no-nonsense special edition.

Responding to a call from dealerships for an even more aggressively priced, yet stylish, trim package, Chevrolet introduced the Silverado 1500 Black Out Package. Available now with the base-level WT trim, it will offer 20-inch aluminum rims along with a special blacked-out tint and paint on the grille, mirrors and door handles.

Prices will start at $28,895 (including destination) for the 4x2 regular-cab version; the package will be offered in double-cab configurations as well. The Black Out Package will be offered as a $1,595 option in just one color — black.

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Could be a best seller if Chevy offered the Reg Cab with a 6.2-8spd option, at a reasonable price.......If pigs could fly!

Ram has offered the 1500 Black Express for a couple of years now, including an all-black ram's head in the grille... starting at $28,885 (4x2 Regular cab) - $10 less than Chevy.

Hey GM, how about something original?

As we already know, GM is not on top of their game. Perhaps this isn't a big deal for your average Joe, however, as a business, GM needs to be concerned.

Yet another special edition that isn't special. Black plastic instead of silver plastic. SMH.

Chevy, grow a pair and build a real special edition!

Cheap is the new trend with the higher cost of living going up I guess that means new pickup trucks too.
Doesn't matter if you pay $56,000 or $28,000 for a Silverado you're still getting the same basic truck.

Oh! That's right! You have to impress your friends!
Tell me? are they real friends if you have to impress them cause of the truck you own?

I got news for you, most people can't tell the difference between a $30K or a $60K truck.

If the truck you own is the most important thing in your life then I can understand why you want the best.

I have a different situation cause my employer requires me to have a truck to perform my job and he pays a generous allowance so I can afford a top priced model, but I don't love it anymore than a cheap model.
I would have more fun driving a Honda Civic SI or a motorcycle than my pickup.

I learned a valuable lesson reading the posts in here for a long time, it taught me : "I Don't Want To Be Like You"

GM goes for another lipstick on a pig.

Ever go into a restaurant and the waiter comes running up calling out all of the "specials"? Then you ask "how much?" and you find the only thing special about their specials is that they are especially expensive! that's the GMC & Chevy specials.

My Son's Houston friends are buying the Doge Express Regular Cab's with Hemi V-8 for $23K and change.

I have to say why does it matter to those people that need to have the best package trim for the expensive ridiculous price when you can have a more plain package trim without the expensive price and still make it look like a good looking truck if you want on the outside. If I had this new edition, I would just put some nice aftermarket chrome rims on it and to me it would look nicer then some top model pickups but way cheaper price.

And one other thing with this truck, lower it a couple inches front and rear with chrome rims on it and this would be a really nice looking truck in both regular cab short box and extended cab.

If they sell good on Chev.

But I think these blacked out vehicle are quite ugly.

Black with some silver/chrome accents and polished alloys with black accents looks much better.......if you like stone chip black.

It would have looked good as a standard cab and if it said 454SS on it. As a crew cab and without the specialty engine, it just looks like a truck with too much black and dirty rims.

Why the huge wheel gaps and the 12" of clearance? Like its got an off road lift kit package.

The black on black look is getting old. It was cool for a while but everybody and their brother has the look now. I personally think a little accent like aluminum or chrome wheels looks way better.

Do you think that eventually the pickup truck will be a victim of its own success, that pickups will become so expensive that many will find more affordable alternatives? Pickups use to be relatively inexpensive and very utilitarian and simple. True that safety, pollution, and mileage standards have increased making trucks more expensive and complex but then this is true of all vehicles. It is possible that the average new pickup will become too expensive especially since the dealers and manufacturers are pushing the most expensive versions because of the increased profits. I realize that the loan periods have been extended to 7 or more years but where is the breaking point where many who might want a pickup will choose to buy something else that is more affordable. There will always be those customers that will pay any price but maybe pickups will become more like the body on frame suvs in that less will be bought than during their heydays but it will not matter because the profit margins will be so great that the manufacturers and dealers will make so much with less volume.

Another week and another "special edition" from GM/Chevy. Seems like they go to the local Auto Zone, slap some crappy accessories on, call them special and mark it up by 1000%. The amount of special edition vehicles they have makes it quite confusing.

I can understand if you have the money for a top end expensive pickup or have enough down or a high price trade-in to take out a loan for no more than 2 or 3 years.
But if you are paying $600-$700 a month for 60 or 72 months for one you are making a big mistake.

My issue is nobody wants my 2 year old top end truck as a trade-in cause they can't sell it cause the customer can buy a NEW truck for the same price as a used truck so I have no choice but to keep it.
My time is over when I can get a new truck every 2 or 3 years where I get a high trade-in price on my old truck and pay a $5000 difference on a new truck.

Nice job Chevy! This low end truck already trumps the lamerbie from dog and the king raunch from fird. I just hope that even though Chevy is the best selling truck in the world the 2 wannabe truck maker improve their quality and longevity, at least where the Dog lasts more than 5 years without breaking down. Fird needs to figure out why their trucks are dilapidated after 3 years.

Oh boy another special addition nobody wants. TJ says they are the best selling trucks in the world! I refer to them as the most recalled trucks in the world. Gotta bring Ford into it to. Thought this was a chevy story. Grow up TJ and smell the roses. GM is a sinking brand that is grasping at straws just painting everything black but not doing anything to make them better. Ford and Ram are miles ahead, way ahead.

Reg Cab with a 6.2-8spd option
Reg Cab with a 6.2-8spd option
Reg Cab with a 6.2-8spd option

Anyone listening ?

This is close to the Cheyenne concept. Now add some performance parts to make it fun to drive!

This puppy looks like a beast! I can't wait to test drive one.

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