Child-Seat Safety for Pickup-Owning Parents

2015-GMC-Canyon-ExtCab-Child-Seat-Extension-019 II

As pickup trucks become more popular with young families, it's critical that child-safety seats and boosters are correctly installed. The team of child-seat safety experts took a look at every half-ton and midsize pickup to see how the trucks address the issue of tether-anchor attachment for forward- and rear-facing child-safety seats. Tether anchors are a critical part of every vehicle's Latch system for car seats.

Ensuring that child-safety seats are attached correctly can make all the difference in the world in the event of an accident. Click here to read the full story.

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I thought its much safer for the child seat to be facing to the rear?

It depends on the age/size of the child and the ratings of the carseat.

The very limited number of comments in this article is a great indication that most of PUTC's comment are by kids.

This also shows that the average commenter on PUTC isn't indicative to what the average pickup owner is in the USA.

The average pickup in the US is now an alternative car, that is a crew cab family hauler. 75% of pickups are used in this fashion to transport the 1.8 kids per family around the USA.

You can't keep the little guys safe enough.

I think here in Australia kids require special seats until the age of eight, or if a person is under a certain size.

All restraints and harnesses in a vehicle is designed for adults.

Remember this when you strap your kid in and keep an eye on them because they rip the shoulder harness away as well.

Great article. Even though it's very obvious, crew cabs will serve people better in the long run because they do not have to worry about upgrading or having two cars.

Let the kids and dogs ride in the bed like I did as a kid. The nanny state is going too far.

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