Does the 2015 GMC Canyon Work for Families?

Canyon AT 11 II

There's no question a small pickup can accomplish a lot of work for owners who need one, but how well does a small pickup suit the needs of a small family living in the city? That's the question one of our auto writers had when she got the chance to drive a 2015 GMC Canyon in Los Angeles. Find out what someone who doesn't normally drive a pickup thinks about the new Canyon. photos by Evan Sears


2015-GMC-Canyon-Crew-Cab-SLE-MidSize-Pickup-smaller-maneurverable-021 II

2015-GMC-Canyon-ExtCab-Child-Seat-Extension-019 II




Yep the Mid-size Canyon works for a small/new family as it is a mid size SUV with a bed, like full size crew cabs work for larger/grown-up families, large suv with a bed. I like where the lady said when they found out it could tow 7,000 pounds that they realized they could haul there bikes in the back and a kayak on top....

GMC's front end looks a bit overdone. IMHO, the Chevy looks much better.

It's Feb 3 and still no monthly pickup truck sales numbers. Weird!

These are great trucks and we sell plenty in Stuart FL

Are the steering wheels offset to the right like the fullsize gm's.

The women who wrote the article was excited by heated seats in LA?

Seen several of these in person now, "small" pickup is not how I would describe them.

Sorry Canyon, but the Sierra is better IMO.

yes, cause it safer than a car, it has a frame, the mommy and daddy feels secure that the kids are safe in the back seat in case of a rear end collision, a roll over, a flood, mud and snow with the 4x4.
trucks sit higher that also is the best advantage in a crash with another vehicle

Nope no good for in the city with a family. A four door sedan car is better. Pickup trucks are not as good for city driving, there better out on the country roads.

As someone with three kids and two of them in carseats I would chose the Frontier over the GM twins based solely on the rear seat hip room. I also prefer to row my own gears and the 4.0 VQ engine with the 6-speed will NEVER leave you wanting for more power based on personal experience.

Sure it will...Families also have small compact cars,so why wouldn't a midsize truck work ?

Add a locking box cover and you have a huge trunk,for groceries,strollers,bad children , mother in-law ect...

**Furthermore,Love the Dark Blue Dodge RAM !

GM isn't targeting families. All their commercials try to make what appears to be a single guy look cool by having one. Closest they come to women is showing them glance at him or compare if he looks better next to the Colorado or what looks like a Toyota Corolla. Add in that it only shows the guy zipping through the city. Pretty poor advertising. It conflicts it self like they are saying "you need a truck" yet show it doing nothing truck like. Essentially "buy this to look like you own a real truck even though you're using it as a crossover SUV at best". Conflicts itself.


I drive my fullsize truck in a City,and it is better than a car..And I love my cars...but a truck has better visibility , safer better than any car by far.. thats why suv's and minivans are popular , great visibility and more room than a car !

As for parking the saying goes ..." If you cant drive it..Park IT !! " I can parallel park my truck anywhere,never a problem to park in a crowded city of a few million !

"There's no question a small pickup can accomplish a lot of work for owners who need one, but how well does a small pickup suit the needs of a small family living in the city?"

To properly answer that question, you first need a "small pickup", not a return to the older full size. You would be better off asking this of a Tacoma or Frontier buyer, where the truck is notably smaller.

Most people could easily get by with the Colorado/Canyon, but if you have a large family you might be better off with a minivan or a large crossover or suv. It is good to have a new and more updated midsize truck that gives more choice in this segment. Not everyone needs or wants a full size truck. For most large families a truck would more likely be a second or third vehicle and not the primary one.

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