Ford Adds 1,550 Workers for 2015 F-150

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Ford will add 1,550 new employees across three plants to increase production of the 2015 F-150; this will allow Ford to run three shifts at the affected plants.

According to Automotive News, the addition of new Ford employees will follow the same strategy that Michigan's Dearborn Truck Plant followed; it now has three shifts producing all cab and wheelbase configurations of the new F-150.

Ford's Kansas City, Mo., assembly plant will get 900 new hires; the Dearborn, Mich., stamping plant will get 500 new employees; and the suburban Detroit Sterling Axle plant will get 150. This means that both F-150 plants will be running at full speed by the end of the first quarter this year, potentially producing more than 500,000 half-ton pickups per year. image by Mark Williams


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Now that's doing it to it. Great to see new jobs for people who dearly need them. Way to go FORD!!

That is a great news - new hires - 1550 great paychecks, benefits and pensions.

Kudos to Ford!

I wonder if Fiat Ram will hire 100 more Mexicans at their Hemi engine factory or 50 more Italians at their VM diesel factory. Maybe they might just hire more Englanders for more admin jobs at their headquarters in London.

I wonder if Fiat Ram will hire 100 more Mexicans at their Hemi engine factory or 50 more Italians at their VM diesel factory. Maybe they might just hire more Englanders for more admin jobs at their headquarters in London or more Netherlanders at their holding company in Netherland.

Always happy to see more jobs!

Good for American workers, those sunroofs look huge, I hope that doesn't affect the structural integrity of these trucks in crashes, sill waiting for crash test info on these, why is it taking so long?? Looking at window stickers and they say not rated.

Somewhere I also read that do to contractural obligations with the UAW, numerous workers will get a pay raise too.... Something about the ratio of wages. All in all very good news, and looking forward to seeing one of these out and about. Up in the northeast I've only seen the 2015 with a 5.0l at the dealership.

It would be nice to stay on topic

That’s always a good thing no matter what brand it is.

were can i apply

Listen to me! You're making a big mistake!
The 2015 F-150 isn't going to sell and be as popular as you think it is.
Even if you give them away the customer isn't going to want it.

You have to get rid of upper level design and engineering team and design a more conservative truck that's similar to Ram and Chevy.
The consumer is going to reject the aluminum and the turbo cause its too risky.

In my opinion this truck Its butt Ugly, it only weighs like 50lbs less to the comparable Chevy,so why bother with Aluminum, the interior (has some nice features)- but is way to packed with buttons, heck it looks like a space shuttle in there... people are going to be wrecking left and right just trying to turn the volume up on the radio- there is a point in which you can go to Far.. i think Ford has found it.....

Jim Danday, big chuckle from your spouting jealousy. I suspect all the reasons you state are exactly why Ford is number one and has been for more than 30 years in a row... Ever notice it's never #1 with those decals saying "pee on whichevermake?" Jealousy is not becoming and doesn't increase sales. Producing quality does.

The F150 is only going to continue to beat the competition. PERIOD!!!

Comparing sales from last January is okay but look at the drop off from December 2014.

Ford -27%
Chev -37%
Ram -35%
GMC -48%
Taco -20%
Tund -22%
Front -3%

I know there were weather issues and production changes from December 2014 to January 2015. Maybe is normal for the drop due to the holidays also? Seems to me that Ford has done pretty well considering the change over so far. Next two months will be interesting once the Kansas City plant starts full production by end of March.

Another new commenter on PUTC. I hope you enjoy your "visit".


I really don't know how my comment could be deemed pretentious. Have a look at it's definition.

As for the additional employees at Ford it is good news for them.

But is the aluminium F-150 really selling that well? 10 000 for the month of January.

Let's not forget that there is a whole group of workers already building or finishing off the old steel F-150.

Let's also not forget that last year Ford employed an additional group to manufacture the aluminium F-150 on top of what they already had.

So, how many Irishmen does it take to put a light bulb in? That's my question of the day.

How many employees are there to manufacture 10 000 pickups? If Ford is required to increase numbers to keep up aluminium pickup numbers the cost will have to come from somewhere or someone.

This means the reduction of those great discounts, or a loss for Ford.

That's good to hear. Just ordered one today.

Eco diesel sell 6000 in a month after being out for a year..... That is called highly in demand by some.... Ford sells 10,00ish 2015's the second month of production with trucks averaging the least amount of time on the lot, and ford increases workers to try and catch up with demand..... And some people call that a bad sign for demand. This place has a few odd balls that comment here.

I do agree with you regarding Tom#3.

Sometime he's makes sense, but not often.

He's as bad as HemiV8, Lee and some others.

Semi Trailer that are aluminium pay back the additional cost via operating 24/7.

The difference is the VM diesel Ram wasn't predicted to do as well as it has.

On the other hand the aluminium F-150 has been oversold and expectations are high.

As I pointed out the Colorado Canyon numbers look good in comparison to the new F-150.

Still 82% of F-150s sold are steel.

Only 18 percent of the trucks sold were aluminum cause that was all they have. Hence them hiring more so they can make more. If there were more available country wide they would have sold more aluminum f150's. Eventually 100 percent of there sales will be aluminum and they will sell more trucks then they did in 2014.

Gm is going to have aluminum bodied pickup soon as well and they will sell just as well, and prolly better .

These aluminum f150's are flying off the lot compared to other pickups.

I am glad for all the new workers being hired, but it is still too early to judge the success of the aluminum F-150 until it reaches full production and has been out on the market a little longer. I doubt it will be a flop but it might not be as big of a sales hit as the previous F-150, but then it could be a bigger hit--just too early to tell. Ford might have to do some aggressive discounting to get the new F-150 moving once it reaches full production but once it is established it could do very well. I think GM and Ram will have some aggressive pricing promotions to maintain and grow their share of the market. I hope for the sake of Ford and all the workers that it does well.

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