Ford on Track to Sell 700,000 F-150s

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As if we couldn't see this coming: Ford wants to make and sell more pickup trucks than anyone else in North America, and it seems headed in the right direction. Let's review: The entire Dearborn, Mich., plant was gutted from mid- to late-2014 with Missouri's Kansas City Plant set to finish its changes near the end of March.

When both F-150 plants are running at full production, they will have the combined capacity to make as many 700,000 half-ton pickups in a 12-month period (note: this number includes F-150 production that goes to Canada and shipped globally to 90 other markets).

For reference, according to our sources, Ford sold more than 470,000 F-150s for the year in the U.S. and a total of 753,000 F-Series (F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550) pickups at the end of 2014 (again, just in the U.S.), so this positions Ford to potentially to produce well over a million pickup trucks in North America when all three truck plants (Dearborn, Kansas City and Kentucky) are running at full steam. 

The last production plant in this take-over-the-world plan from Ford will be the improvements necessary to the next-generation Super Duty, which is reportedly going through an extensive aluminum body redesign as well. We assume the Kentucky Truck Plant will have to undergo some of the same changes the Dearborn and Kansas City plants had to endure.

As an example, in preparation for the all-new 2015 Ford F-150, more than 8,000 workers at both the Dearborn Truck Plant and Kansas City Assembly Plant had to complete more than 400 hours of in-class and hands-on training. Many of the training classes were related to new production and assembly processes necessary for the all-aluminum pickup, but many other changes were needed to accommodate other all-new or significantly upgraded designs.

Some of the most important and complex manufacturing equipment changes in the Dearborn and Kansas City F-150 plants included:

  • New press lines able to stamp four different types of aluminum alloys for cabs and boxes
  • New hydroforming lines to produce the squirt tubes to provide structural support
  • New chemical and heat-treating areas to harden and help all materials better resist corrosion
  • Implementation of a closed-loop recycling process for collecting, sorting and reusing aluminum scrap
  • Investing in 500 new robots in the all-new body shop to join panels with adhesives, screws, rivets and welds
  • An all-new paint shop with increased automation for dirt detection and better paint spray

Once the two F-150 plants are fully functional, and barring any U.S. or global economic upheaval, we expect Ford's monthly sales numbers to steadily climb in the second half of the year, getting close to the magic 1 million sales target. photos by Evan Sears; manufacturer images


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Hopefully they drastically reduce the price of their pickups in order to sell that many trucks. I'd love to buy an f150, but not as long as rebates on gm and ram are 3,000 dollars higher.

Producing and selling are two different things! The verdict is still out if this move by Ford will be successful or not. I have seen just one new Ford pickup on the road. And that is after driving from Florida to Pennsylvania, then to Connecticut, then to Indiana, and back to Florida.

Ford is taking a carefully calculated gamble on the use of aluminum.

The monthly sales figures are going to tell the story. With gas prices presently lower--nobody knows how long that condition will remain--it is even more of a gamble for Ford's alloy strategy. GM and RAM both build good trucks and a lot of buyers will decide based on availability and price.

All truck makers are striving to reduce weight--doing so without compromising safety or payload is the trick.


Ford is on a roll and the new Raptor can't get here fast enough! Ford is becoming the performance king. Raptor, GT, GT350, Focus RS, Focus ST, Fiesta ST and Ford announced 9 new performance models by 2020 wow! No one else has this kind of line up!

Oh and Ford just got done sweeping Daytona Speed Weeks. Ba bye chevy and dodge er ram...lmao

'Take over the world plan', what does that mean? Sounds condescending. How about just making the best truck possible and meeting demand. No surprise from Ford on the anticipated sales numbers, anyone should have seen this coming. In other news Ram temporarily closes truck plants to make the transition to giant chrome tailgate lettering.

@papa jim--Agree all the manufacturers are in the same boat in that they all have to reduce weight and increase fuel economy without reducing safety and payload. Ram and GM have been taking advantage of the F-150 transitioning its plants to the aluminum and they have both been aggressive in pricing and availability. I can't see GM or Ram backing down from the discounting. Ford will have to do some discounting on the new F-150.

Beebe is right. The price has to come down to GM and Ram levels to break any records. To a lot of people I know, price still makes the difference. There are people like me who are not brand loyal. I had a Ford truck, then 2 Chevy's, and now a Ram. Don't know what I would buy tomorrow if mine was stolen or totaled. Ford wanted about 3,000 more than what I paid for the Ram. by the way, all the trucks I've owned were good. All reliable.

All the full size trucks cost too much, huge profit margin on them, which I applaud because the market shows people will pay it.
I won't buy a new one.

run Chevy/gm twins, you'll never keep up with Ford, as in the past

Ford will sell quite a few of the aluminium F-150s, but with the changing US pickup market I don't know if the 2015 F-150 will be as big a hit as Ford would want.

The Kansas City plant was supposed to be operational in January, they put on additional workers several times.

From my recollection Ford has put on 2 000 more workers already to make F-150s. In January around 10 000 new F-150s were sold, so they would be few and far between on the roads.

Pricing will be Fords biggest hurdle. Whilst GM and FCA continue to make their pickups out of steel I think they will be cheaper.

Ford might be a little optimistic regarding the 1 million F-150s a year. Time will tell.

@gom-trucks cost too much? I just saw an original window sticker on a 1999 GMC SLE 1500 regular cab, step side 4x4 with 5.3L v8 and a three year warranty. That truck's MSRP was close to $37,000. Now think back to 1999 and remember there weren't the incentives we have today and the interest rates were far higher then. I can now get a similar equipped non-step side regular cab, 4x4, with more power, better fuel efficiency, bluetooth, wifi, 8"colour touch screen radio that plays CD's, MP3's and has auxillary media jacks and usb's, fog lights and remote start, power drivers seat etc. and a huge 160,000 km power train warranty-way more truck for about $44,500 before any incentives-which would take the price down to about $41,000. and I can finance it for between 0% to 2.99% depending on the length of the finance term-which is probably a savings over 1999 interest rates of about $3-5,000! In other words in 16 years the bang for your buck has never been better! That huge profit margin you were talking about? Well, let's just say the average markup is hardly exhorbitant-in this case, about $4,000 or only 10% and that's IF you were to pay the adjusted sticker price. In my experience its usually ends up closer to 5%. Compare that to the markup on clothing, furniture, appliances, boats and rv's and see if you still believe the truck manufacturers are reaping huge profits. By the way did you see that article in the Detroit Auto News about the average profit per vehicle made by GM compared to Toyota-GM about $700 net profit compared to $2,000 by Toyota!

I agree with everybody else they have to lower the price of the F-150.

A higher option 4 door crew cab 4x4 F-150 is $42-$44K
similar equip Ram and Chevy's are selling for $36-$38K

so you have to ask yourself is the F-150 worth the extra money?

There was a story last week that PUTC missed about the Colorado-Canyon where GM says they are seeing a 41% cross over from other brands (that's GM's marketing saying that)

I just have a problem Ford changing the F-150 saying they know what's best for me. I didn't ask for aluminum and a smaller turbo V6. I would have liked the F-150 better if they kept the same 2009-2014 model with just minor upgrades and different appearance.

I love you Ford but you broke my heart
you had me at hello
you had me at hello

When accounting for inflation prices have not gone up too much. You can get a much better truck today for the same inflation-adjusted price as in the 90s. Hard to believe but it is true. $30,000 in 1999 is inflation-adjusted to $42,629 today. The problem is that wages have not increased at the same rate, and other living expenses have risen (food, fuel, INSURANCE etc.). I think ford will eventually have the great rebates again once they catch up to the current demand. Until then I wait.....

@bat--There is a large markup on clothes, rvs, furniture, and boats and on those items you can usually get a discount. As for trucks the manufacturers can afford to discount them because the markup is great and what they don't make on a less equipped and less expensive model they make it up on the higher trim models. Even on appliances you can usually buy them for less than MSRP unless you are buying an LG. The next time you buy a shirt or pants looks at the MSRP versus the price you pay for it. Unless it is Carthart you can usually buy it for less. Today most buyers expect to get a deal and Ford will have to eventually offer discounts and incentives with the new F-150 once inventory builds, especially if GM and Ram continue to aggressively discount to gain market share.

I have only seen one 2015 F150 this month.
What I have been seeing is the new GM twins, a lot of them.
Not seeing a lot of new RAMs either.

@Big Al--Agree, it is very optimistic to expect to sell million F-150 but they might sell enough to maintain No 1 in sales especially if they offer discounts to maintain that position. Fleet sales could help Ford reach No 1, but the question is how much more will the pickup truck market grow and as I have said before the market was higher 10 years ago than now. People will always seek alternatives if prices on trucks go up too much. For many who do not need or want the full capacities of a full size half ton truck could find the Colorado/Canyon an attractive alternative and if the midsize truck market did grow Nissan could decide to bring out a newer and more up to date Frontier. Also look at the crossovers which are alternative vehicles for most and have been eating away at the sales of the traditional sedan.

Although I drive a company provided Ford, I'd never buy one with my own money. Ford do make a decent vehicle, but their with refusal to sell the Global Ford Ranger in the US, I'll boycott their trucks and stick with GM, especially since GM committed to offer a Diesel version of their Colorado / Canyon for FY-16.

...the question is how much more will the pickup truck market grow and as I have said before the market was higher 10 years ago than now. People will always seek alternatives if prices on trucks go up too much.


The market 10 years ago was light-years from where it is today. Back then the unemployment rate was around 4 percent not the 1 in 10 out of work we have today. Big difference in affordability, too.

I didn't have any friends or coworkers in 2005 who were driving $50k half ton trucks. Housing was still very strong in those days and contractors were scarfing up new trucks as soon as they hit the lots.

Hopefully Ecoboost engines problems will be addressed before ramping up to far.

Sounds like 1 million potential happy buyers. I know I'm happy with mine. Built Ford Tough!

Down the road when GM/Ram?Toyota/Nissan are doing their best to drop weight and meet EPA requirement Ford will be ahead by quite a margin. To me the HD's going to AL is as important as the F150. This will give Ford a huge advantage, they will suffer some in the short term in overall #'s and profits.

Two years from now Fords move will be considered genius. They will make stupid amounts of $ off the Raptors and the sport truck that will certainly follow.

This is going to be hard to do. As GM has a lock on the half-ton market. No Im not including the HD sales. But GM sales the most half-tons by far

Great Ford advertisement Mark. Is your desk next to Mike Levine's at Ford????

Like to know how many Hilux Pickups , Toyota makes? Sources quote 500, 000+ Others mention Isuzu making 600,000 of their Pickups,not the light or heavy trucks

As has been shown the use of aluminium didn't have a great affect on the F-150s FE.

The biggest impact is the use of more efficient drivetrains, aerodynamics as in the case of the Colorado and Ram.

When Ford begin to use the 10spd gearbox the FE will improve again.

I remember when I was young, it was quite cheap to "buy" a few more horsepower from a stock engine. Then price for horsepower rose expotentially.

"Buying" mpg or FE is the same. It's quite cheap to make intial gains in FE, but the costs rise expotentially. This is what is impacting the F-1500. Ford could of made more effective gains cheaper by not using aluminium and investing the money into better areas for FE improvement.

However, the gains were more than just FE by going to aluminum. Ford also became the performance, payload capacity and towing capacity leader in the segment. Ram has best mpg yet the lowest payload and tow ratings. GM is comparable in mpg but you have to essentially buy limited edition low production models to get performance that matches the F150. Go try to find a 6.2L Sierra or Silverado that those discounts everyone is pointing to applies to. I doubt GM is slashing prices on Denalis or High Countrys.

It is hilarious the posters here that obsess over FE with a pick up truck. If it is that big a deal, you should be looking at a Prius, because no truck is going to defy physics and suddenly get the mpg of a compact car. Almost all the new 1500 pickups get comparable mileage to mid sized cross overs now. Even the Colorado isn't exactly blowing anything away with FE in all honesty. GM knows this. Havr you seen their commecials? They say nothing about the actual truck in them. It is all about looking cool by owning a "truck". Notihng to differentiate it from a Tacoma or Frontier.

Hey Devo, of COURSE you're finally seeing lots of GM twins. They've been out for almost two years and those incentives are really doing wonders.

@papa jim--It is so hard to tell what the unemployment rate really is, but my inclination is that it is higher than they say. I don't remember too many 50k trucks ten years ago either and a vibrant economy and housing market not only helped truck sales but the overall economy.

@Jeff S,
Even here in Australia the governments concentrate on the unemployment rate.

The focus should be placed on workplace participation and the number of full time jobs and part time jobs.

This would paint a more accurate picture.

The figure should be what percentage of the workforce is employed, not unemployed.

This figure would scare many and would be harder to manipulate.

@Big Al--Unemployment includes those who are collecting unemployment benefits and does not include those whose benefits have expired and those who have given up looking for a job. Statistics can be skewed by excluding certain things. Look at the rate of inflation which excludes energy and some food increases but includes such things as the cost of computers and calculators that have gone down in price. Isn't this what is called "fuzzy math". I would like to believe things are much better but my fear is that many of these increased car and truck sales are due to lower interest rates and longer term loans which is what caused the mortgage crisis in homes. Maybe not exactly the same as the mortgage crisis but it wouldn't surprise me if some of the vehicle financing is being packaged and sold as a solid investment.

Aluminum has been big news but, maybe, it's been overblown by Ford and the media. The aluminum really doesn't influence my decision to purchase. From everything I've read, the new F-150 is a great truck, possibly even the best truck configured correctly. That being said, I have to like the looks of the truck. I don't like the looks of the new F-150.

That will make ford 2nd place against GM again in pick up sales. F15 F250 F350 F450 F550............hahahaha, PUTc forgot the F650 the F750 And F850 that Ford execs slip into to media propaganda lie. GM counts 3 trucks for their sales as does Ram, Ford fakes its count with 8 lines of trucks, most of them box or semi. GM has outsold Ford in pick up truck sales for over 20 years now. It won't stop soon so Ford and its girlies can keep on lying.


It would be outstanding and awesome of you to post a link or evidence that ford includes there 650+ in there f series sales figures
Thanks and I know it should be easy for you to provide as you seem very confident in your claim

Ford F150 won North American Truck of the Year with about 50 journalist across US & Canada doing the voting. Lincoln MKC came in 2nd, Chevy Colorado a distant 3rd place.

2017 Chevy Silverado will receive aluminum sheets from Alcoa and Novelis. With Ford Motor Co, predicting between 700,000 & 1million sales of F150 in 2015, GM had to move up there production of an aluminum truck from 2018 to 2017.

I'm living in limbo!!! Just started looking at the new F150, hoping to get a top end model, Corporate Exec Returns are usually a good deal. Ouch, a top of the line Platinum listed at $75,400.00. How the F@#$%^ can even a returned exec truck be affordable....anyway it gets better! It's the way they list their models and pricing now. The unit I want would be new list at $40,000.00 or real close. I have to wait until I can get a low mileage close to that!!! Good Job Ford, love the truck...and remember, you get what you pay for. I won't be buying a dated Ram or GM, to way behind.

I ordered a 2015 F-150 from the factory thru my local dealer on January 3. It arrives in 2 1/2 weeks. (March 23)
This is a reasonable time frame for a factory ordered custom vehicle.
Yes, the 2015's are more pricy compared to previous years but I think by mid year, the usual will happen and the prices will drop. (Usually ends up almost a $10,000 drop here in Canada on the F-150's from start to end of the year)

I am sad to hear that the 2016's will have a completely new Ford sync touch and nav system. Wish they would have released it on the new 2015's

Jeremy - the new system going into the Ford is a BlackBerry system. Their commercial systems are some of the best in the world.


They all build decent trucks, considering GM took taxpayer dollars and Chrysler belonging to FIAT. Ole' Henry is smiling I'm sure.

have a 96 f150 owned since 98 - looks drives as new

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