Honda, GM Pickups Top J.D. Power Dependability Study

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If you are hunting for a late-model used pickup trucks, you might want to look at Honda and GM models. Pickups from these brands had the best scores in J.D. Power and Associates' 2015 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study, released yesterday. For more information about the survey, click here.

The yearly survey questions 34,000 owners about their 2012 vehicles in order to gauge how many problems they experienced in the first three years of vehicle ownership and then ranks them by problems per 100 vehicles. This shouldn't be confused with J.D. Power's Initial Quality Survey, which focuses on problems during the first 90 days ownership.

The top three brands In the 2015 VDS were Toyota, Honda and Chevrolet, which all scored well above the industry average of 147 problems per 100 cars.

The VDS also designates winners in specific vehicle categories (all vehicles are 2012 models). For pickups, the Honda Ridgeline came in first in the midsize categories, with the Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma taking second and third place, respectively. In the light-duty segment, the GMC Sierra placed first, with the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and Ram 1500 in the next two spots. And in the heavy-duty category, the Chevy Silverado took first and the GMC Sierra placed segment (no other HD model performed above the average for this segment, so there wasn't a third-place finisher).

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3 years and they're calling it dependable? 8-10yrs should be the minimum for determining dependability.

Most trucks like Rams and Fords are traded in after the 3 year/36k mile Araby expires. That's about as long as those trucka last, if they aren't bought back under the lemon law before then.

But but but.......The GM HD's don't have a solid front axel.....I thought that's what made an HD truck reliable.

This is why I left Ford and never looked back, after buy my 2009 Chevy. By the way loving my 2014 Chevy 1500.

Since when does Honda make a pickup? Did i miss something? I disagree too with the notion "reliability" after only three years. I always buy used trucks, my previous truck was a 2000 Silverado which I bought with 104,000 miles on it, I sold it last year with 275,000 miles on it on the original engine and original transmission no rebuilds! Now I drive a 2005 F150 Lariat which I took over from my wife at 108,000 miles on it and I'm planning to take it to at least 250,000. That's when you're talking about "reliable"! Just my two cents...

Hey fellas, "reliability" is easy to achieve. Perfection is very hard to achieve.

Automakers can build perfect cars & trucks but you could not afford to buy one.

So, if you want "affordable" you can buy a used vehicle, or if perfection is your aim, you can buy a new one.

You could end up disappointed either way.

The problem with the "reliability" survey is that they include complaints about multimedia systems in them. Just because a person can't figure out how to use the navigation in their new car, doesn't make it "unreliable". Reliability should be based on the vehicles ability to perform it's intended function, transportation.

@johnny doe

That's why I left Chevy back in 09 and never looked back, by the way enjoying my 2011 F250 Diesel

@eric- while I tend to agree w/ you, including infotainment systems and such serves to keep the manufacturers accountable. Ford had loads of conquest sales (in all segments) on the back of its Sync system. However, several releases were very troublesome and eventually required re-programming. Not a big deal on the grand scheme of things, but had they waited until all was right with those systems, they might not have beaten the competition to market.

Ford's, "if they aren't bought back under the lemon law" ha ha ha. So true!

If JD Power wanted to provide a real service to consumers, they should do what Consumer Reports tries to do, which is to stratify their data across two dimensions: (i) Year and then (ii) mechanical system.

That way one could see which trucks age the best out past 3 years and what types of problems typically plague each brand, like Ford's troublesome Synch system, Dodge's unreliable light duty diesel, and GM's rattling interior body panels.

They surveyed 3400 owner how many from Honda they sell a mere 1000 a month.

Who know Jack the lemon.
After 3 years Jack Toyota are rusted to the point you can`t recycle the truck. The truck is like a brick of salt left outside.
By the beeing Canadian I can say American you are stupid to not buy locally but create jobs in Japan remember Pearl Harbour.

This test is incorrect. FORD has to be the most reliable. I mean they are the number one selling pickup truck.

Stop being a sheep.

JoBlow, it sounds like you don't speak Canadian, please don't present the image that Canadians are so poorly educated.

Greatest Machine Created

That is why Ford sells more pickups, because they do not last as long as a GM truck. Proven fact!!!

come on!
Ford outsells Honda Ridgeline and the GMC truck 20 to 1

If Honda or GMC would sell as many trucks as Ford they would have more problems!

Its ONLY the people with problems are the ones that report to JD Powers, what about the millions and millions of Ford trucks already on the roads that aren't reported?

The media picks and chooses what they want to tell you and you suck up everything they tell you.

I thought you guys were smarter than that !

RE woopud

1963 was first year for Honda pickup truck. T360 and T500.

Ford makes the most reliable truck in the long term after 4 to 6 years and 130K miles.
Yea, they have problems but nothing major and expensive, brakes always sucked on a Ford truck but they only need pads and rotors, don't have ABS sensor problems and rusted brake lines like Chevy does.
Ford's don't have major 4x4 driveline problems like Ram does.
Ford trucks have the best transmissions, driveline and rear axles outta any truck.
Yea, the eco-boost has problems, BUT you can choose a Ford truck WITHOUT an eco-boost engine.
I know, I know the Sync suks, but you can also choose one without that too !
Sunroof leaks? ALL sunroofs leak ! you have to be an idiot to buy any vehicle with a sunroof !

So the Silverado made the top 10 list of deaths from accidents. Ford just had 2008-10 SD trucks recalled. 90 days for reliability is ridiculous. I've got 3 yrs on my 12 Ram and zero issues. Built way tighter than my 2010 F150. That things as rattily, had tranny issues and was uncomfortable. The SYNC would stay paired with my phones. JD Power saying tops in reliability for 90 days is a joke. Who the F really buys a car or truck knowing that it will be the most reliable for the 1st 90 days?


Well apparently not...

No surprise Chevy & GMC together sell around half the HD trucks than any other HD truck MFG.

Eric makes a good point. Gadgets don't get the truck down the road. The more gadgets, the more problems. They should stick to the mechanicals on the truck. Report gadget stuff in another column.

I recommend people read the actual article and base you opinions on the actual article. These awards were based on the 2012 model year evaluated over a one year period. It does list electronic problems as being problematic, but then goes on to explain numerous drivetrain related problems were noted. As an owner of a 2011 gmc I agree it has been great truck. To me this article and ratings are good for the buyer that refuses to buy new, and is looking for a 3-4 year old vehicle.... Atleast buyers who are more interested in capabilities and dependability than the emblem on the grill. For those who have your mind set, not much use, but without the advancements in all vehicles we would not have the quality, and safety that we have today... Even if your Bluetooth phone doesn't connect, or the voice recognition has hick ups...

RAM is ahead of AUDI, INFINITY and BMW.
Ford is behind Chrysler and RAM.
Good to know.

With all of the GM recalls I find this very hard to believe. My old Ford is going strong and I haven't looked back since trading my 06 Silverado off.


Are you sure you didn't bite your tongue with your atrocious comment? You are worse than johnny doe. Really guys, when will you guys get a life? You GM fans always claim they sell more trucks than Ford. Now you say Ford sells more trucks than GM, than you stamp your comment with a "Proven Fact." Damn bro, I'm glad you're not my friend.

In Canada where Ram quite often outsells Silverado and Serra combined (stats from if sales were the determiner of longest lasting. That would put the GM pair as third and fourth behind Ford and Ram. Ya sounds about right to me if they could just move Ram up one more notch I would be even happier.

@ Greg.....Greatest Mistake Created you mean...Chebby at the top in reliability, now that is a real knee slapper..anything from generic motors is for that matter

All the little girlies in here like Chuck Z (Chuckles Zillch), have a hard time knowing they and there Furd or Dog Lamb is soooo inferior to the best, longest lasting, toughest, most fuel efficient, most reliable pick up truck in the world, the Chevy GMC pick ups. Sorry so many of you losers are posers in ghetto furds & Dogs while I get compliments on my 16 year old GMC Sierra. My GMC has had one issue in 16 years, a new U-joint replaced. It is funny when experts absolutely with out a doubt prove something like Chevy having the best pickup trucks in the world and the girlies have it shoved up their noses and cry like little baby girls. hahahahaha

@tj I think everyone on here has learned to just overlook you and your comments. You and greg must be the same guy.

But I do agree with greg when he said the greatest machines ever created, then I say yes those Hondas are very good.

GM makes the best all-around truck on the road. Most reliable too.

This is no shock to people who have owned GM trucks and have seen how reliable they really are.

the Ford sheep will keep buying their F-series though...whatever, its there loss.

@Junner - actually I have owned more GM vehicles than any other make, and I do not share that experience. Mediocre at best! My Ford F150 has been way more reliable (and better built) than my old Silverado 5.3 and Holden Commodore VT 5.7. But you GM sheep will believe whatever you want to believe, I will just go with personal experience. Are Fords perfect? Hell no, they all have issues, and I am glad I haven't had to change my spark plugs yet on my 5.4. But overall, it's a much better truck. I will probably go with Ram next time.

*Their (not there).

@Alex Have you tried changing plugs on a RAM yet?

@Alex, I go by personnel experience myself. I shopped all three for a 1/2 ton in 03. Ram offered more options for the money and a longer warranty. 7 years 70,000 miles. I paid 1,000 for another year of warranty coverage. The truck was the most powerful 1/2 ton with 345 horse and 375 torque. 11 years later and 104,000 trouble free miles. All autos are more reliable than autos from the past. I was a Ford fan and after a fire and total loss of my car and doing some research to find that ford has a long history of car,truck, suv fires and fire recalls. My alternative brand was G.M. who I believe is dependable,however with the ignition cover up and their own batch of fire recalls and am not sure. I have been very satisfied with my Ram truck. Powerful good looking and capable. It has towed my trailer off road numerous times and has never left me walking. I don't have a problem with people buying what they want but it pisses me off when they say Ram is junk and have never owned one. I have had nothing but great memories off roading, fishing, camping driving in the dunes. I will be buying me my dream truck this year a 2015 Ram Power Wagon. Chevy and Ford have no competition for it so it makes the choice a NO brainer.

How could you not state anything different?

You are an avid Ford man. Ford will always be best in your mind, when in many instances it's probably not.

Your experience has very little to do with the JD study.

Maybe if you carried out a study as indepth as JD had done and not base you views on your biased opinion you would arrive with a different result.

Your comment is akin to HemiV8 stating in his opinion and experience Chrysler is the best.

I think if you want to qualify and make a credible comment in relation to this article you mustn't have any bias. Bias will cloud any logic in decision making and furnish you with inaccurate assessments, as you have just contributed.

Based on year after year of JD Powers study results it's safe to say that Toyota is the reliability king since they seem to be at the top consistently each year with their products. Toyota didn't become the number one selling brand in the world by building junk.

Got to give GM credit in building a good quality pickup to make them one of the more reliable pickups. I haven't bought a new pickup yet but may take a look at GM besides Ford and Toyota.

Did you get ford in your list by accident?

No. I'm considering Ford because I'm interested in trying out the aluminum body. I've been following it closely. From reading the reviews I'm not as impressed as I was initially. I still needed to demo one for a weekend of pulling my toyhauler when the weather gets warmer for camping.

@HemiV8, I thought you were getting a new powerwagon. Then you said you were getting a new Hellcat. Now you are bragging on your 03 ram. I guess that's as far as your gonna go. Yeah, I would say that's right.

Fair enough.

If I couldn't afford a Silverado or a Sierra, I Might settle for a cheaper F150 also which would increase their sales numbers. Nah, scratch that, I would find a way to buy the GM anyway.

There has to be a mistake, the all powerful Ecobusts don't put the F150 on top?

Its all about the Powertrain, GM Powertrains have been the best for ever, especially compared to Furd, Chrysler has some good, if not great motors as well, the 3.6 is a real Honey as is the Hemi 5.7/6.4.

Ford, ecojokes, the 5.0, just aren't up to snuff, the V8 from Ford gets totally embarrassed in performance and FE.

The ecoboosts are as funky as a woman during that time of the month.

The Superdoodoo has a frame that twists, sags like an old woman, nto to mention all the power train issues with their diesels, like my coworkers, it will randomly apply full boost and roast the tires out of nowhere.

So to recap, Ram and GM, great powertrains, Ford not so much.

Since Mark Levine and the ford engineers ride the short bus to work, they fall short.

Duramax, Cummins vs Powerstroker, no comparison.

Corvette based 6.2 versus any gasser, no comparison.

Powertrain pecking order

and distant last place Furd with their crappy Turdblows.

It's kinda funny,
Honda makes one truck and it's the best?

Kudos to Ram for FINALLY getting the Ram 1500 into the Top 3 in JD Power Durability testing.
It will be interesting to see if they manage to keep it there since major changes tend to drop ratings.

There are many upset by the fact that Chrysler spun Ram off into its own division. That has obviously paid off since Ram has a much better rating than Dodge or Chrysler. Ram is FCA's most durable division.
Ram........ 134/100.
Chrysler.. 173/100
Dodge..... 192/100
Jeep........ 197/100
Fiat......... 273/100

I'm sure that t he FCA cabal will point out that Ram is rated higher than Ford. One needs to remember that Ford brand(188/100) covers everything they sell except Lincoln at 118/100.
FCA's average if lumped together like Ford scores and average of 194/100.

If Ram continues producing Top 3 rated trucks and they address their poor cargo ratings I will consider them next time I buy a truck.

I wouldn't buy Ram based on these quality ratings. Complaints most frequently cited in the survey have to do with infotainment and phones.... vehicle won't recognize phone or won't recognize phone automatically upon entering, etc. I don't know about you but I don't pair my phone to my vehicle and never will. Plus these surveys represent vehicles 3 years old. Most manuf's have updated their infotainment since then. And with Ram it could be going the opposite way as they hadn't really gotten started on their infotainment until 2013.

As an owner of a 2011 F150 with an in service date of 1/1/12 that now has 51000 miles on it Id like to add my 2 cents :D My truck is rusting to the ground.... paint already peeled off the bottom of the rocker panels on both sides. Brakes have been pathetic... had approximately 1/4-3/8" of rotor and pad contact on all 4 wheels. Not to mention it rattles more than my 91 Ford and 2000 Silverado both with way over 200l on them.

Having to buy pads and rotors at 50k on a 35k truck that has maybe 20 miles of 4wd use in its life is unacceptable.. PERIOD!! Motor good... tranny not bad and rest of drivetrain good. Had they not went the cheapest route on the details they woulda had a real winner... but no they went cheap and ruined the entire truck by not paying attention to details. There will never be another new Ford vehicle for me...

The thing about thee surveys is who are they asking
Nissan builds with high strength and galvanized steel
Toyota doesn't even use High strength steel
Ram is a death trap coffin all of them as well as being very unreliable.
Ford many problems with 3.5 v6
GM has the shakes
Surveys in the end who needs em

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