Is Ram Searching for a New Identity?

Ram Grille II

Much has been said about the new look on the 2015 Ram Laramie Limited, especially regarding the grille and tailgate. You don't have to go any further than our reader comments from our video or first-look story to see the emphatic reactions.

Astute readers will note that the Laramie Limited look is strategically similar to the special-edition Ram Rebel revealed at the North American International Auto Show; it has its own unique grille and massive block lettering on the back of the tailgate. But some might argue that the two models are significantly different in tone and execution, as noted by those who made reference to the large black-out lettering versus large chrome lettering.

According to Automotive News, the reason for this dramatic shift at Ram could be quite simple. Writer Larry P. Vellequette reasons that Ram is trying to create more distance from its Dodge roots, due in large part because many people — including dealers — still refer to the pickup truck lineup as Dodge Ram. Ram separated from Dodge six years ago to allow both brands to more clearly define and execute their product lineups. We think that's been working out pretty well, especially for Ram.

The problem comes when many faithful Ram followers — some call it the Ram Nation — take this significant change in a visual direction as a decision to walk away from the brand's crosshair heritage and ram's head imagery.

Whether this is the first shot in a Ram design revolution or just a small direction adjustment, Vellequette says only time will tell. In the meantime it seems pretty clear there are many Ram fans who are willing to be patient and flexible about different types of front grille designs, but are ready to push back against the idea that tailgate letter size matters. They believe that by overstating the obvious Ram is attempting to compensate for other shortcomings. No wonder that's not sitting well with the Ram Nation. images by Evan Sears


Ram Rear overall II

Ram Tailgate II

Ram Rams Head Steering Wheel II




Always have and always will be a Dodge, just like the Sears tower will always be known as such...

It's just gaudy and screams "I don't work".

That grill is terrible. I hope they fired the designer!

Looks like a hippidty hop crowd pleaser for sure...

The Ram with the high grill looks BIG and mean!
It looks like "get out of my way" "I own the road"

If you are looking for a new full size 4x4 crew cab with a powerful V8 that's also very fuel efficient the Ram is the most truck for the money right now.
Its a safe bet, a safe buy.
The interior of the Ram is by far the best out of any truck.
If you are a big and fat guy or are tall you'll be much more comfortable sitting inside the Ram.
When you drive the Ram it feels like the bed of the truck is missing, where most trucks you can feel the uneven weight between the front and the back of the truck, but the Ram has a better center of gravity that it just "feels" perfect.

The Ram brand is a joke. Hell, even the people that buy them still call it a Dodge. Infact, I don't know anyone that refers to them as Ram at all.

What has the truck industry come too? We have pimped out tailgate emblems now? Gawd ((

RAM isnt big enough.... smh

Next gen. Ram is skipping right past Ford's aluminum strategy and will be producing trucks from 100% Chrome.

Not even Ram wants to be associated with Dodge!

As a Ram fan I will say I am NOT willing to be patient or flexible: BRING BACK THE GOOD OLD CROSSHAIRS AND A NORMAL TAILGATE!

I agree with Jack. End the RAM b.s. and put the right name back on them...... DODGE!




I equate obnoxious oversized truck badges on the tailgate to tramp stamps...

With all that chrome add on the payload ids probably down to 50lbs....LOL

That grille and tailgate is ugly! Keep the cross bar grille and get rid of those big letters on the tailgate. That new look isn't making them look better. It's making them look uglier.

I'd hate to be behind this thing in traffic on a sunny day. Sun glasses for everyone. Just imagine the accidents just from getting blinded alone.

I want one in black with gold grill and tailgate letters.

Then I can drop off ford and Chevy owners on the blvd so they can make me money. Get to work girls.

If Ram goes to this look on their other models I will be done with them in the future. I love my 2014 but this is just hideous.

I totally agree with you JOE.

That is awful.
I would want a new tailgate for sure

They really should put a life sized chrome and nickel plated statue of bighorn sheep on the front as a hood ornament that has a built in fogger inside to blow steam from its nostrils but make sure the size of the horns are extra large to where cars on the other lane have to move over slightly.

I don't like the big lettering either but I don't buy trucks based on badging. Anyone of them will do fine as long as it suits my purposes, emblems or not.

All the pickup gmc have the nicer front grill

I don't care for the grill, but I do like the big RAM lettering on the tailgate. Might be a little too much chrome though... I miss the nostalgic feel of the "Dodge Ram" name.

I've been a Dodge truck driver for years, through the good times and bad. I wasn't hot on the idea of dropping the Dodge name, and now I'm not liking the styling direction the company is taking the trucks at all. They are beginning to look cartoonish rather than stylish. Hard to believe they've changed so much in the few short years since I bought my 2010 Ram R/T. I may be switching brands soon.

When others are SHEDDING brands--Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Mercury, etc, the geniuses at Fiat/Chrysler think they need more? Is Dodge that tarnished?

That RAM on the tailgate is the automotive equivalent of stuffing a sock down the front of your pants... .

The grill is OK but not great. The tailgate though is just god awful. I think Ram has peaked with their designs. Should have quit while they were ahead.

Biggest tailgate letters
Gaudy grill
Just two more reasons why I'd never buy one.........


The more pics of that grill and tailgate I see the more obvious it becomes that Ram or Dodge or Fiat or whatever it going straight back to the bottom. It truly looks like something bought at AutoZone and stuck on with double sided tape. Both new grills are just dumb looking with no identity and the big chrome tailgate letters are an embarrassment.

The tailgate is awful, the grill is not much better. I'd like to know who the idiot is that recommended Dodge change to Ram division. I will gladly find another pickup to buy and drive if the stupidity here continues.

I think the new tailgate with the BIG RAM lettering is very Macho. I want to know if I could order one and put in on my 14 Ecodiesel. I would just add a thin 2 line purple& pink pinstripe outline around the raised lettering and some rhinestones to really make it pop!
I have been afraid to ask but it is the exhaust supposed to smell like one of those big trash trucks. My salesman said it would only last through breakin.
My new licence plate just came in { IBRAMED}. So proud

i don't care what you call it, but the decision to make a goat your mascot and paste it everywhere is a deal breaker for many. how many people can relate to a goat? how many people are around goats? how many people raise goats? how many people eat goats? how many people fear goats?

I will trade in my Laramie just to get this grill and tailgate.
Can't wait to piz you off all.

I did mention a month or two ago that Ram needed to revisit their current pickups.

I do think they are trying to get away with the cheapest method of making change.

It appears to be too cheap.

They need to bend some more metal, this will cost.

Ram has been making some inroads with their sales over the past several years. FCA need to do more to keep on improving.

FCA can maintain the same "looks" and soften the harder edges a little.

If Ram was smart they would beg me to join their design and marketing team cause I have an idea in my head for a new design that will knock everybody's socks off and their sales would go thru the roof.
Keep the same mechanicals, but I have a new body design that's wild and at the same time simple and efficient.

If I told you what my idea was then someone else would steal it and claim it as their idea.
My design would cost less to produce and be as strong or stronger as the current design.
If Ram would hire me on a mid 6 figure salary I can also do double duty by publicly promoting the truck taking advantage of my good looks and charm. Give me face time on TV and I could sell the truck!
Its a waste that a great talent as myself is not used.

" In the meantime it seems pretty clear there are many Ram fans who are willing to be patient and flexible about different types of front grille designs, but are ready to push back against the idea that tailgate letter size matters."

I'm not sure I agree. Maybe I just see what I want to see because it lines up with my feelings, but I see more Ram owners/fans not being patient about the grille, and don't care as much about the tailgate. Most of the people complaining about the tailgate are owners of other brands, or not truck guys at all. Either way, I haven't seen too many positive reactions out of either group.

Too much change in grille and tailgate. Way overboard with the chrome. Wrong direction in my opinion.

have to say i wouldn't be caught dead in a Ram with that horrible grill and tailgate, honestly if Ram was the best truck, reliable and the best price and i were to buy one, it would get an after market front grill immediately and those letters on the tailgate would be removed.... dam UGLY ! looks like something those hip hop guys would do to their escalade with all the stick on chrome gizmos

I drive a 2011 Ram. Trust me, I would not buy this truck . I wish they would spend money on a alum. block for the Hemi, direct inj., or other improvements. This truck would cause me to change brands if it were my only choice.

nobody did RAM any favors with that schnoz. Yikes.

The tailgate smacks of pride, "I am RAM and PROUD of it!" I like it. Besides, it's not groundbreaking, large lettering and logos have been done before by other brands. This new Ram is a good looking truck. Now, Ram not only performs, it looks good doing it! This from a guy who prior to 2007 would never have owned anything but Ford or GM trucks. After much abuse of my wallet for repairs, especially the GM's, but also the Ford, I gave Ram a try. Many times I have blessed the day I made that decision. Outstanding truck and trouble free.

LMFAO, what a bunch of whinners. Write to FCA and complain, and also mention what you presently drive. I bet most of the whinners don't own a Ram. Those threatening to jump ship and buy anonther brand, BYE BYE, go complain elsewhere.

This is still the best looking truck on the market, however, I do agree for the name. It should still be a Dodge Ram.

RE dale
Add some gold teeth on that grille, change the RAM on the tailgate to gold and add some chain.
RAM will be PIMP qualified and Proud.

I think any time a manufacture changes it does take time to get used to. It looks different. The G.M.C took some time for me to get use to but it grew on me. Does anyone like every year of a manufacture? They have the best looking truck on the market in my opinion. Glad they haven't changed that. The front grill does look good to me. The size in the rear is a little too big but it's not god awful. I am current Dodge Ram owner 03 and hoping to buy another Ram this year. When I look down the hood while driving my truck a can see the shape of a Ram's nose from the top. I can relate to a sure footed big horn sheep out here in the western sierra nevada mountain range in California. Dodge trucks have a storied 4x4 history so the Ram makes sense.

Looks stupid~

GMC 2500 HD looks amazing! cant beat the GM's reliability they will get a new improved diesel soon and you wont be able to compete with them for a long time.

What they should do is honor the Dodge Brothers and shun Chrysler-Fiat. Put Dodge and Ram (and maybe Jeep) under the Dodge Brothers Company. Yeah, I know, wishful thinking.

I still like the Ram anyways, but I'd have to shell out money just for a custom grille and to shave the name off the gate. I hope this doesn't trickle down to the lower levels.

I can see cans of Plasti-Dip flying off shelves to cover those chrome emblems

If Ram does decide to change all of their trims, I just hope they let the public have a say before they go out with it because Ram is one of the fastest growing brands in North America and the last thing they want to do is turn people off by making the exterior hideous and give them a bad 1st impression.

If they put enough cash on the hood they'll find people dumb enough to buy them. It's served them well so far....

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