New Silverado Chief Engineer Hopes to Make Impact

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Can you imagine what it would be like to be in charge of the most important vehicle in the GM portfolio? Well, Sheri Hickok now knows, because she's the new chief engineer for the next-generation Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, tentatively due out for the 2018 or 2019 model year.

According to Automotive News, Hickok's career is full of important engineering jobs (10 in the last 15 years), and she is well positioned to orchestrate, negotiate and navigate through changes suggested for the current Silverado and Sierra pickups from GM marketers, designers, chassis engineers, suppliers and others.

After assignments at GM corporate (as chief of staff for the global head of the engineering), Buick and Cadillac, this will be her first stint at Chevrolet, but if the stories about her storytelling abilities are true, she'll be able to create strategic partners in situations where opponents existed before, an important skill necessary for any chief engineer.

At this point little is known about the strategy she has in mind, whether that's offering something revolutionary like exotic materials or a new suspension choice, or a more steady approach with small, simple improvements to towing, payload and cab quietness. But whatever she decides or allows her staff to attempt, the bar needs to be raised. Whether she's the one to get it done will be the big question. photo by Evan Sears; Hickok photo from GM

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I say great for her. I have no problem with a woman in this job, can't believe the comments on here from some of you. Hopefully she will shake things a bit. I love 2015 3500, but things can always be improved!

I am a proud father of the most perfect and beautiful little girl................and I wouldn't let her engineer a truck for her daddy!! C'mon GM! WTH are you thinking?

@Tom at Chevrolet,

I agree with your justification based on Women Engineers and Designers with the ability to bring in good input to building good GM Pick Ups. Those who oppose this idea of a Female Chief Engineer are the same individuals who think there should be no Female Attorney General, no Female President of the United States or women serving in the Front Lines of Combat though in that area, that's about the change. These are individuals who's mindsets are equivalent to Neanderthals.

Well I kind of wish they would go back to more of the 90's style than the 99-02. Don't get me wrong I liked the 99-02, but I loved the 88-98. Particularly the 88-93 with the flatter grille. I think that the 90's kind of had the best of both worlds. It was still kind of a square body style, but still aero dynamic and streamlined and had a few curves in it, but not over curved but it did have more than the current gen. That's what I would like to see a modern version of. I think it would look really good, and those trucks were really popular. I still see a good many of them on the road today as a matter of fact.

I have been a huge Chevy fan for years... BUT the new trucks are ugly and way over priced. I could not get what I wanted in a Chevy (cloth seats, vinyl floors) unless I went with an upgraded packages. So I had to go with a Ford.. It was a huge decision for me as Chevy is all my family owned and I have family members that work for Chevy. The Chevy truck look ridicules with square wheel wells. I learned at a very young age that I circle will not fit in a square so why would they make a truck have square wheel wells. STUPID IDEA.. Hopefully she can give a nice clean truck look with round wheel wells at a reasonable price... Glad they gave the other designer a boot..

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