Next-Gen Honda Ridgeline Preview Sketch

Honda Ridgeline 2 II

Although the next-generation Honda Ridgeline isn't due for another year, the automaker revealed a rear-three-quarter sketch that offers a look at some interesting features. To begin with, the truck's rear has been redesigned to appear more like a conventional pickup with what looks like a separately attached bed, which is something the previous Ridgeline did not have. This implies Honda has does some serious work beefing up the chassis.

Also, the wheelbase appears to be about either 8 or 12 inches longer that the all-new 2016 Pilot, which was just revealed at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, to allow for a longer bed length. It's worth noting both the Pilot and Ridgeline will be built at the same Lincoln, Ala., production facility and will likely share many parts and design features.

Finally, the tailgate looks like it will have a split rear-gate feature that could both drop and swing open like a set of doors. No doubt we'll be hearing more from Honda as it gets ready to debut a concept vehicle sometime this year (we're guessing at the 2015 New York International Auto Show in April).

Manufacturer sketch


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Honda and other makers need to give people a real reason to buy a mid-size. I own an 06 Ridgeline with 131,000 miles and probably won't buy a new Ridgeline for many years. Not because I'm not happy with it, but because I plan on putting 250,000+ miles on it. It's got a cult-like following amongst its owners for a reason. It's a good, reliable vehicle with a lot of nice features.
For this to be successful, it will be all about the $$$. With a traditional pick-up truck look, pricing it below the full size trucks, and a noticeable increase in fuel efficiency, it should attract buyers.

Honda's quality has slipped in many areas during the last decade, but I'd most definitely look over this truck if it can pull down at least 25 mpg on the highway and ring in under $30K. I'd likely buy a certified used one after the first model year and any early bugs are ironed out. Honda's program for that is very good, and we've had an '04 C-RV for 9 years now. Honda has stuck by its warranty well.

The redesigned Ridge may be the perfect truck for those of us tired of big rigs. I don't do much towing beyond a wood splitter or small trailer for a plow or for bulk goods like mulch.

I'll do with math when the time comes. A payment is a lot per month, even for a used truck. Presently, we get up to 20 tons of rock or gravel for price plus $70 delivery, and that's just too cheap to justify another big rig or any new truck. A rollback to move a backhoe or tractor runs about $100. I don't know about many readers here, but I know too many guys who slap down $50K for something that is just going to be beaten up or not used as a truck, but an ego-hauler.

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