PUTC Turns 20 Years Old Today

20th Anniversary II

Debuting exactly 20 years ago today, PickupTrucks.com celebrates two decades of providing information about pickup trucks or anything that works like a pickup. (For a good look at our roots, look at our PUTC turns 15 story.) We've had a wild ride up to this point  and fully expect to make more memories for a long time to come.  It seems appropriate that we turn this defining moment over to the most important part of our success — our readers.

If you could offer any advice to help us better navigate the pickup issues we're bound to tackle during the next five, 10 and (another) 20 years, what guidance would you give? Fire away, and we'll file away the suggestions for a future date.




Happy Anniversary PUTC.
Here are my suggestions.

Invest some money and start using professional test equipment like any other professional testing company in the Europe like ADAC uses for more than 20 years. Ask EPA where to get them and how to properly install them.
Start using laser speed measuring device installed outside of the vehicle and pointed to the road to measure constant speed, acceleration and maximum ,minimum and average speed during whole test and during the transfer to the test sides.
Use this device to measure also distance and time.
Stop using watch and odometer.
Indicate what was the total distance for each vehicle.

Start using equipment to measure throttle position, so we know, some testers doesn't push and release pedal constantly to achieve poor mileage, even average speed is going to be the same.

Start using digital fuel flow measuring device like we used 20 years ago and EPA is using, installed directly at fuel lines, so we know exactly what the MPG is.
Stop using calculated fuel consumption and become a professional web site, because it's not accurate at all.

Stop turbo spooling for acceleration tests, because I've never seen to do this anybody in the real life, in the real life driving.
Make acceleration test from zero to maximum vehicle speed, not just 60 Mph, so we know, like engine and trany behaves.

Measure with digital flow device, how much fuel vehicle consumes during acceleration test and during long towing uphill so we have the whole picture, what's the cost for some brisks impressive numbers.

Indicate tire manufacturer, size and pressure during all tests.

Indicate, what's the maintenance cost for the OEM filters, engine oil ...
Measure all vehicles weight at the scale. Do not rely at manufacturers numbers.

Make offroad test. Many trucks are used for driving offroad or forestry roads for hunting, fishing, camping...

I wish you good luck.

Too many of the "tests" on here are virtually no different than what is done on sedans. There should be an off-road portion, ease of loading large items/quads/motorcycles, etc. There should be discussion of the durability of the components. Those are things that are important to a pickup owner in the long-term, not faddish trinkets.

Post more stories such as this:


Agree with @RAM and @Dav, Off Road testing would be a very relevant for many people here. In this part of the world, you do not have a complete test unless you have done some Off Road valuations
I get the impression you are pretty NA specific, so all the new Global Pickups will not be reviewed on the site, which is a shame
Anyway you have improved the site by getting rid of the old forums

@ Robert Ryan

I'd like to see overseas pickups on here, too. It is a pickup site no matter what anybody says. Doesn't mean I have to like them or dream about buying one but I'd still like to see how they compare in different situations.

One of the biggest problems with the NA truck market is the closed mindedness of a lot of individuals and I used to be guilty of it too.

My next truck in a year could easily end up being a Nissan Titan XD with a 5.0 Cummins.

Bring on the competition and new, innovative product.

I'd like to see more global vehicles on this site as well. Much technology and even platforms start off overseas and ends up eventually in the US, like the Colorado.

Another thing that's missing here at PUTC. Off road testing.

It's an expected feature of a pickup review here in Australia.

Why have all models with 4x4 and yet not test them.

I'd be very happy to test any 4x4.

I'd like to see more testing of lesser models. Extended cabs, regular cabs 4x2 4x4. Not everyone drives loaded crew cab 4x4's

Congrats PUTC ! I would like to see apples to apples comparisons which i think you have been trying to do lately. Would like measurements for tailgate height when the tailgate is down and maybe reviews and opinions from some joe pickup owners you pick from here to give their opinions, someone like myself who has been driving pickups his whole life and still does everyday. I like the other requests here also but some real world everyday guy reviews would be welcomed. Thanks, from a guy who has owned every brand but the titan.

This site will always be second or third tier until they start giving us durability tests of some kind. It's by far the single most important aspect of a truck to me and there is never even a mention of durability on this site.

I agree.

In Australia every car, 4x4 and vehicle magazine has a few long term test vehicles.

They use the vehicles for 6-12 months and do a monthly update on any problems/issue, real fuel usage along with the vehicles activity.

PUTC tries to use "data" to often to justify a better vehicle, when in some or even many instances the vehicle that brakes or accelerates, tow the most might not be the best overall vehicle to drive and own.

I do know here the biggest, badass, mostest, largest, etc doesn't make a vehicle the winner.

If you are buying a pickup to offroad for camping, fishing and hunting the quickest most powerfulest doesn't mean it will not get hung or bogged because of the lack of traction.

I've seen guys with beefed up pickups/utes/SUVs get stuck. I do know I'd rather have the slowest pickup with the knowledge I will have a reduced chance of getting bogged.

These test are only an indication of how well a pickup does when it is flogged. They do give FE figures, I'll give that to them.

@Beebe sorry, but durability testing on a single truck only tells you how well a particular truck performed on that particular test.

Durability "surveys" are much more revealing, i.e., the sorts of reader surveys that Consumer Reports does, because it analyzes the results of hundreds or thousands of vehicles against a template. I don't think that Mark Williams has the resources to produce that kind of analysis, so I'm very happy with most of their articles and tests.

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