Recall Alert: 2008-2010 Ford F-250/350 Super Dutys


Vehicles Affected: Ford is recalling approximately 375 model-year 2008-10 F-250 and F-350 Super Duty pickup trucks with the Power Stroke 6.4-liter V-8 that had their factory steering gear mounting flange bolts replaced at a dealership.

The Problem: The replacement steering gear mounting flange and new bolts do not sit flush on the frame and can, over time, work their way loose and possibly break, increasing the risk of an accident.

The Fix: Dealers will replace the steering gear bolts and add spacers between the gear and frame free of charge.

What Owners Should Do: Ford has not released an owner identification schedule. Owners can call Ford at 866-436-7332 for more information.

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will they use Lock Tite on the new bolts?

tell me? do you trust any auto technician that he did tighten those bolts on an extreme safety item as the steering?
I don't !
Tell me? How many times did you get new tires installed and hear a "clicking" noise and find out the wheel lug nuts were loose?
You're better off installing new bolts yourself.

That is one DAMN UGLY LOOKING TRUCK. Much worser than anything presently offered by the competition. It won't be long until the FORD GIRLY GIRLS will be along to defend these recalls. What is with all of these recalls? If the truck is so old it shouldn't have recalls should it? The FORD GIRLY GIRLS need to start explaining themselves because their camp has a 15 year old SUPER DOOTY WHO'S DESIGN IS OLDER THAN THE MAYFLOWER. WHAT A FOSSIL. LMAO

Really Bob t.? You talking about Girly girls in a post that sounds like it came from 13 year old girl that got called fat at school. jeez, grow up.

Bob T. that's funny, the name, not what was said.

I agree bob this truck has a face only a mother could love.
Where is Lou-BC? He will want to see this. lol


Ford's luxury brand Lincoln ranked 7th with 118 problems per 100, but Ford brand slipped to 25th from 17th in 2014 with 188 problems per hundred. :-(

Chrysler's brand Ram ranked the highest." :-)

Chrysler's brand Ram ranked 14TH." :-)

@ Hemi V8 so, your comparing the ratings of a "Brand" that makes two products to an entire lineup of cars, suvs, vans and trucks ??? You only have two offerings to get right at RAM ..trucks and vans...based on such a low volume, you would think the score would have been first since they don't have nearly as many opportunities to screw something up. But as a former RAM owner, I don't need someone else to tell me about RAM quality, I experienced it first hand and consider it the most dangerous vehicle I ever owned !



Here is my personnel experience with my Ford.
One hot Chevy.Government Motors at its best!

@ Tom

I guess you better build the truck yourself.....

Yep, those 2008 - 2010 SuperDuty has the ugliest snout ever put on a truck

Look oh Gee, a RAM Chrysler recall on steering issues end of last year. Also spoken against Chrysler/Ram for slow responses to known issues! Also has a very low overall quality rating. Do research before you speak!:
DETROIT (Reuters) - U.S. safety regulators have opened an investigation of Chrysler Group's handling of two recalls for potential steering issues affecting nearly 1 million Dodge Ram pickup trucks in the United States.

There are only 2 long term test ram out there with the mags for there review and they are constantly broke down. They need to recall these things according to chatter on the forum. They just keep throwing parts at these rams and TSB for days. Winter is just kill there MPG's and there customers are upset. Ram isn't addressing any of these issue. They are just stringing there customers along and this truck has turned alot of guys of diesel 1/2 tons with all the problems. Which is a shame as companies like cummins, Ford, Isuzu could and do build great light duty diesels but Ram is giving these small diesels as an option a bad rap

@Hemi V8- you are stating that the video you linked is "your personal experience "
with a prototype 2016 model. Really how long have you been employed as a FORD engineer?
I think you are engaging in a bit of fraud.
Not all public schools engage in social promotion, it is spelled Super Duty, not "dooty". We win our arguments on merit not on spurious despairing remarks. Be RAM proud, not RAM clown.

Sorry for your confusion. This is my personnel experience. 89 Ford Mustang same car only a hatchback. It's reassuring NOT much has changed at Ford all these years. Still burn like they use too.

The car was part of a multi million Ford FIRE recall. Just google Ford Fires!

@ Hemi v8... if we're gonna make Google fire recalls, be fair, look up RAM....
Ram Truck Recall Issued by Chrysler Due to Fire Hazard - See more at:

Chrysler recalling over 300,000 Ram trucks for fire hazard:

@ Hemi V8- it rather seems it is you that is confused. First you can't spell. Second the article topic was a steering recall, not vehicle fires.Third you have a dillusion that a 2016 prototype Super Duty is a Mustang? If you actually had a car fire, I get it- definitely no fun, but your apples to oranges ?????
I hope your Mother never said anything to upset you, because by your example extrapolated you are now Norman Bates.

@Ramtastic, Car, truck, as long as it has a blue oval it's HIGHLY FLAMMABLE! Like I said just GOOGLE FORD FIRE! Ford has perfected the art of spontaneous combustion.



Its O-N-L-Y 375 trucks that are recalled !

calm down !


Are the fires in the F-150's caused by electrical shorts?
Reason I ask is my 2013 F-150 when I first turn on the heater blower fan I can smell a burning smell from the vents and it goes away.
I had it to the dealer 3 times, they changed the resistor and it still has a burning smell.
You have me worried about my F-150

What you are talking about is engine fires that start in the engines, not electrical fires from under the dashboard.
Am I ok ?

@tom#3, Don't park your Ford in the Garage. You could wake up dead.

@Tom#3, Yes and they can start a blaze even if it's parked for hours.

Those long term test ram 1500 diesels confirm my experience with chrysler products. Engine quit, had to tow. AC quits working on occasion, dealer can't find problem. Interior light broken, door rubber coming off, door handle stuck, tire rubbing wheel liner, navigation not working properly, seat wearing after 16,000 miles, catalytic converter replaced, dead battery and more. Typical chrysler junk. Like I've said before, you don't get to be third place out of three by building the best vehicles.

@Hemi V8 - so now it is a vendetta against FORD.
you first allege a Super Duty fire, link a video that is not related, then say it was a mustang. When you get called out for your slander and venom, you go total out on FORD with another fire link, that if you read your own propaganda, as the lawyer in the article says no pattern. OK ,we get it you have a Ford issue. Get help talk to a counselor or just plain go away. Your Ford fire science is as valid as frogs from mud and maggots from meat .

Boob T Sinclair fails to remember all the MILLIONS of gm products still being recalled as I speak over deadly switch problems. Whats the death toll now Boob?? Think before you let that stupidity speak for you.

@RAMtastic, Believe what you want. The truth is the truth. It happened to me so I know.

/dɪˈnaɪ əl/
Spell Syllables
Synonyms Examples Word Origin
an assertion that something said, believed, alleged, etc., is false:
Despite his denials, we knew he had taken the purse. The politician issued a denial of his opponent's charges.
refusal to believe a doctrine, theory, or the like.
disbelief in the existence or reality of a thing.

HEMI V8 - ever hear that if your explaining and gyratin - your loosing . Preserve what dignity is left and exit the field.


Thank You for having the courage of informing us about the problems with Fords catching on fire.
Thank You


Thank you for bringing up another fire article so it will give me another reason to post yet another fore recall about Ram.

Go ahead and keep them coming because I got plenty of article as and videos of Rams catching fire too.

@Tom#3, If I can warn one person to prevent a injury or deadly fire it is worth it to me. I was a Ford fan until I was a victim of their long history of electrical fires. Thankful no body got hurt in my case but that's not always the case. Just looking out for my fellow man.

Hemi V8

If I can warn one person to prevent a injury or deadly fire or axle lock up it is worth it to me. I was a Ram fan until I was a victim of their long history of axle lock ups. Thankful no body got hurt in my case but that's not always the case. Just looking out for my fellow man.

Stay thirsty my friend. lol

Since 1999, the Ford Motor Company has recalled over 14 million Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars, SUVs and pickup trucks due to faulty cruise control switches, which can corrode overtime and catch fire. These switches have been linked to at least 550 vehicle fires nationwide, and the destruction of many homes and other properties.

The number of Ford fires reported to NHTSA is believed to be far less than the number that have occurred. The national law firm of Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, the sponsor of this website, has received over 325 complaints of fires in Ford vehicles linked to the speed control deactivation system.

Stay smurfy my friend. LOL ATFDA!!!

Since 1999, the Chrysler (and their multiple foreign owners) has recalled over 9 million Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram cars, SUVs and pickup trucks. It would have probably been more, but that is all they could manage to sell in that period of time.

Do you want me to list the fire's for the Ford suv's? Also these jeeps which are dangerous have to be rear ended at a pretty good speed like the Ford crown victoria and chevy trucks of the past.

2015 Ford Mustang Recalled for Fire Risk!

Ford EcoBoost Engine Fires and Violent Shaking.

Ford Recalls Ford Escape For Sixth Time In 18 Months Over Fire Risk.

I could go on and on.


Do you want me to list the fire's for the Chrysler suv's? Also these Dodge and Jeep SUVs are dangerous because the stall a lot which is why Chrysler just recalled 467,000 of them.

Ram 2500 Recalled for Fire Risk!

Dodge Engines Violently Stalling .

2015 Chrysler 200 Recalled For Airbag Unitentionally Deploying.

2009-2012 Ram 1500 Recalled for Axle Lockup.

Ram Under Investigation For 2005-2008 Ram 1500 Axles Locking Up.

I could go on and on.


You can stop this anytime you want to by taking RAMtastics advice and stop while you have some dignity left. You post crap, and I will follow suit. You stop, then I stop. See how easy that is.

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