Sketches of Next Honda Ridgeline Show Similarity to New Pilot

Cdauto_Ridgeline_illo 3 II

We recently saw a rough sketch from Honda that gave us some hints about what the next-generation Honda Ridgeline will look like. The drawing makes it clear designers are taking a different approach — i.e., not boxy and quirky — in favor of something more traditional and similar to its Pilot SUV sibling.

We saw the all-new 2016 Pilot at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, and we're guessing the Pilot and the next-gen Ridgeline will share a lot of interior and chassis structure, albeit the pickup truck's wheelbase is likely to be at least 10 inches longer.

We just received these illustrations from our spy photography friends and added some of our own photos of the new Pilot. We're not sure that truck guys will like the push-button transmission, but it looks like the next-gen Ridgeline is likely to beat the 2017 Ford Raptor in being the first pickup with paddle shifters on the steering wheel. photos by Evan Sears; illustration by Chris Doane Automotive


Cdauto_Ridgeline_illo 2 II

Honda Pilot 1 II

Honda Pilot 2 II

Honda Pilot 4 II

Cdauto_Ridgeline_illo side II



Very civilized... Much like Ridgeline owners.

Not the greatest looking truck, but not too bad either. If it can beat the GM twins in gas mileage and can still tow my boat, I will be quite interested.

Reminds me of a SportTrac

Reminds me of the 4-door sedan-based pickup that Subaru made a few years back. Despite Subaru's dedicated customer base and their reputation for quality, they could not give it away.

Would look much better if the bed was just a little longer....

The front doors and front sheet metal are correct. The plastic front clip pieces and the rear doors are not shared the Pilot. The C-pillar and bed are wrong.

So is that a seperate bed or is that line just to give the appearance of such?

Looks like a copy of the Colorado from an exterior point of view....

Could also use a longer wheelbase and longer bed. The rear wheels are practically under the back seating.

In a word - this is - AWFUL.

Not a truck - this is an open air station wagon and butt ugly to boot!

Sure is a step forward compared to the old one. The old one is just plain UGLY.

Looks similar to a VW AMAROK... but the integral bumper at the back won't cut if for real truck buyers.

The interesting thing is that current Ridgeline owners--people who actually like it for what it can do, not dis it for what it can't--will very probably like this thing. They don't want or need heavy hauling capability or the ability to tow four, five, ten tons of trailer, they just need the ability to carry things they don't want to carry inside a full-bodied vehicle. As a light-duty truck it is near perfect for their needs and wants.

Paddle-shifters don't suit ordinary steering systems. Your hands aren't always in a fixed position on the steering wheel, unlike racing systems. So if they do paddles for ordinary cars, the paddles should be in a fixed position with the column, not the steering wheel. The other thing I hate about paddle shifters on ordinary cars is the shift time is much slower than leaving it in drive. But the ordinary person does find them exciting, so it's a good marketing gimmick I suppose.

Yup, near perfect for needs and wants. Just not perfect for sales. It's interesting to see the clamor for this size truck here then see the sales numbers not back up the "I'd buy a truck that was like that in a second" chatter. This is where Ford read the tea leaves correctly and saw that the Ranger was just not going to be a big seller anymore. The mpg is just not a big advantage anymore so you are left with smaller size. In reality these trucks aren't much smaller exterior wise, but definitely smaller on the interior so unless you have one child, are single, or plan on no kids you will quickly outgrow these trucks.

Ugly @55 car. Stay at the mall.

FYI… These renderings (created by a Motor Trend illustrator) were posted on Motor Trend back on February 24th.

I think if the production version Ridgeline is anywhere close to these renderings, then Honda will have a very good selling mid-sized truck in their fleet. Especially if it contains the creature comforts, tech and fuel economy shared with the Pilot. My first impression of the Pilot and this Ridgeline were so-so, but they are both definitely beginning to grow on me. The Pilot is now on my wife’s short list of vehicles to replace her 2005 Ford Freestyle as well. I still think the Ridgeline could use some more rugged styling than what is penned here, but they are definitely on the right track by getting rid of that horrendous C-pillar. The styling alone on the last two generations of Ridgeline caused an involuntary gag reflex for me, but I know one guy who liked his Ridgeline (now driving a new Tundra).

Who knows, this long time Ford family (’05 Freestyle and ’02 F-150 Lariat SuperCrew) could soon be a total Honda family??? The new Ridgeline will have to have a minimum 5.5 foot bed (prefer a 6’), 1200 lb. payload and 5000 lb. towing for me to ever consider it.

I refuse to buy a full size truck since they have all gotten so bloated since my ’02 F-150 was purchased. Ford could change that in an instant by bring the 2016 “global” Ranger to the North American market. That forbidden fruit would without a doubt sell well here if a long bed crew-cab was available. I’m guessing the 2016 Ranger will soon have its official unveiling at the Geneva Auto show and am HOPING for a surprise North American Ranger unveiling at the New York show in April. I know… it’s a longshot wish, but a man can dream, can’t he???

I’m just glad that there is a glimmer of hope for all of us mid-size truck fans. Bigger is not always better and choice in any market leads to better products at competitive prices. The GM twins (both great new trucks) have lit a fire under Toyota, Nissan and Honda. Let’s hope this wakes the sleeping giants, Ram and Ford from their mid-size truck slumber. Finally some well-deserved attention to a completely neglected market!!! Just my two cents.

I am not sure. I am a current Ridgeline owner and absolutely love the truck. Only issues are its bad on brakes and the stupid windshield wipers but in all areas it really cant be beat. I have been waiting to upgrade to this new one but these photos have scared me off!!!

Guys. This is just a Pilot they photoshopped into a Ridgeline. The front sheet metal and doors are correct, but the front clip, rear doors and bed are not accurate. The bed is 5.5'. The actual truck will be toughened up a bit and the bit will not be generic like this photohack. The unibody cab and space frame pickup box are indeed two pieces.

wow that's terrible! definitely not gonna be body on frame from the looks............... well I guess 10000 units a year is good for Honda then.

@Brian in NC,
I'd have to agree with you regarding the renderings.

No way would the next Ridgeline have a separate bed. To achieve this at a minimum a half chassis is required.

If the vehicle is based on a Pilot, then I'd suspect a unitary constructed vehicle would be what's coming.

Even the front end design is off by a long shot considering the trend in the US regarding pickup styling.

Hopefully the paddle shifters become more common across the pickup truck segment.

Much more Asiatic looking the older Ridgeline. Similar to a Great Wall Chinese Pickup


I love my Ridgeline, but I've always thought it was ugly. I think this new one is even uglier! Good thing I prefer function over form. I hope they improve the mileage and keep all the functionality. I'd like a tailgate that can bear a little more weight, too!

@Robert Ryan Yes but the Ridgeline is much larger to accommodate American fat asses. Earlier spy photos indicate size is about the same as the 1st-gen Ridgeline i.e. somewhere between midsize and fullsize.

If it gets similar fuel mileage as the pilot it will sell but I wouldn't buy it simply because of the short bed. Not only does it make it look ugly and off balance from the position of the rear wheels on that short bed the functionality of it doesn't suit most.It would have made a world of difference just an extra 12-18 inches longer bed.
I guess it's turning out to be just two makers left that will get my business and that might be cut to just GM with the twins IF Nissan decides not to make the Frontier diesel truck. If they back out I will have a new diesel powered Canyon sitting in my drive way in 13 months!

It definitely looks better than the last gen. I hope Ford does bring the Ranger back with a crew cab and a 6.5' bed. Slap an F-100 badge on it with the top trim level Ranger like they did in the 70s. they won't lose any F series sales...

Ford got low marks on this study cause of the Eco-Boost and Sync problems.

But you can choose a Ford without that.

I have the bestest truck out there! My F-150 with the 5.0 V8
I was smarter than everybody else when I made the choice of the 5.0 V8 over the Eco-Boost.
I have the Sync, but its not the giant touch screen that goes blank all the time.
I did my homework and took my time picking out the perfect truck, that's why I didn't buy a new 2015 F-150 yet, cause of too many unknowns about it.
My F-150 is a basic stripped down FX4 with no options with the 5.0 V8, wanted no chrome, beefy suspension, 9" rear and that truck was the perfect choice for me.

A lot of guys that own a F-150 don't know what size of rear axle they have, the 8" is junk and the 9" is the best !

You have too many people that own trucks that have no idea what in mechanicals is in their trucks, they simply buy it cause they like how it looks. Just put gas in and drive it.

I have more brains than the majority of pickup truck owners out there.
So just because YOU picked a Ford with the WRONG engine and axle YOU don't have the right to trash all the other Ford trucks cause YOU were the STUPID one that picked it!

Do you really know what rear end is in your truck?

When was the last time a Ford 9" was used?

The car with a truck bed that all the little pretend truck owners "need". Better mileage, driving, handling, braking, feel than a truck and that all important bed and even sit a big higher. O but it wont sell just like the last Ridgeline or the graveyard full of names of vehicles that tried to smartly fill this "niche" (Camino, Ranchero, Baja, Brat, Explorer Sport trac...). It doesn't have big tires? It doesn't appeal to single young men with money to burn or old men with money to burn. It doesn't have body on frame construction and a 2 speed transfer case and cant do "real" work just like the little pretend trucks cant but it doesn't look as trucky not doing that work that their owners think they have but mostly don't and if they do they really ought to just get a full size half ton. There are a few guys with families that will BS the wife into this maybe... o that's right those are the people who were buying the Baja or Ridgeline before... and there weren't enough of them to matter then and guess what? there still aren't. Its the right vehicle for this silly segment just like others before it. And just like the others before it it will undersell and fade away.

The front end looks old and cheap.

Not bad looking, would look a whole lot better without all of that Plastic at the bottom!

Wait, touch buttons shift gear? Is that mean you have to down the console to see which button to press? Especially those who new to push button. I can't imagine I have to reach my hand down to reach for my gear. :(

It looks like they cut the back off a Honda van and declared it a pickup.

Define " little pretend truck owners "need"?

Are you a "real truck" owner? By interpreting your comment you are still at school, with a face full of acne. When you get old enough to afford a vehicle, then pass on your judgment.

Until then, keep on dreaming as a 14 year old on how the hell you will be able to afford a $50 000 pickup.

Better get back to the books, if you don't you'll never afford a "real truck".

@Big Al--Clint acts like a pimple faced high school teenager. The size of a truck does not determine if it is a real truck just as the size of certain body parts does not determine manhood. Only an insecure juvenile would have hangups about size and equate size with manhood. Get whatever size vehicle you want and don't judge others for what they choose. Maybe Clint needs a psycho analysis.

Not inviting contractors.!. back is too , too short!
Was considering purchasing this as a contractor but its pointless,
You dont have much room in the back.
I will look into the 2016 tacoma now...

Just the right size for me, but not in a quad cab. If an extended cab will be available, I'll get rid of the gas-hog Silverado in 2019, when we are scheduled to get our next vehicle.

I hope Honda's reliability holds true for the Pilot. I'll check Consumers as this new truck ages, because the Civic and Accord have slipped. Our old C-RV, however, is rock solid reliable. Best vehicle we've ever used for work on the farm or commuting.

@Clint, I'm sure you feel really tough in your great big truck. Care to come split wood all day with me, or cut brush below the orchard? We'll see how manly you are then.

@ Clint: El Camino: 1959-60, 1964-1987. Yep, a colossal failure.

This does look much better than the current Ridgeline.

When the Honda Ridgeline makes it to the Year 2020 for either a Midlife Refresh or a total Redesign, I really hope the Chief Engineer and Design Staff consider on getting Inspiration from the Tundra, RAM, Silverado/Sierra, Titan or even the F-150 and not a Minivan if they really want this truck to attract Hardcore Pick Up owners!!

Have a 2009 ridge and it is the best. Regular care and maintenance with 160k and no issues. Hope the the new one hits market soon as I have to get a new one this fall. Can't bring myself to buy a GM as I don,t have money to spend on repairs.

2-thumbs down... WAY DOWN! I sure as heck hope these aren't actual pics of the new Ridgeline because none of them are even remotely close to the teaser image of the new Ridgeline that Honda released just before the Chicago Auto Show.

Why is PUTC posting someone else's (NOT HONDA) photoshop hack job of the new Pilot with a bed drawn on the back, in a discussion about the Ridgeline? There is really no proper reference in the above article to the actual origin (Motortrend desk Jockey) of this imaginary blue truck. Bottom line . . .THIS AIN"T THE NEW RIDGELINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice try boys.....That is a 2016 Ford Ranger...Just started running production in Ridgeline is still...a big and well kept secret!!!!!

No it isn't. As has already been said, it is Photoshop job of the new 2016 (yet to be released) Honda Pilot with a bed put on back. Go to the ROC forums for accurate details on the new Ridge

iI own a 2009 Ridgeline which I bought new. I love it! I've owned Chevies, Fords, and Dodges. I liked most of them, some more than others. I plan to buy one of the new Ridgelines as soon as they are available. I hope the bed will still have a "trunk" space.

I wish someone would do a photoshop of the 2015 Pilot as a 4 door truck. The front face of the last Pilot, and it's obvious boxy truck shape, was what the Ridgeline lacked. If they had given the Ridgeline the last Pilot's face I'd be driving one right now.

Ok trucks fans,I read and love those comments among each other,
Which I think is cool,to me all brands of vehicles are really good. I said that because I own and drive other owners vehicles ok,out of all that I Driven I think honda is being really doing it man,in fuel efficacy and features you name it, example the amazing crv one of the best suv in the world,at this point I have to get me a truck and I being watching the Ridgeline because it's under the honda family,the looks was not matching up to my standards,but i know it will do the work what they put it to do. am being watching the F-150 and the ram 1500. Those trucks look good and tuff and I like that,I always wonder when honda will make a great tuff truck so I think is about time can wait to get me one.but would really like to know if it will come with stick shift. So honda keep it up. do you guys see the new 10th generation civic to come.OMG thumbs up honda!

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