Sketches of Next Honda Ridgeline Show Similarity to New Pilot

Cdauto_Ridgeline_illo 3 II

We recently saw a rough sketch from Honda that gave us some hints about what the next-generation Honda Ridgeline will look like. The drawing makes it clear designers are taking a different approach — i.e., not boxy and quirky — in favor of something more traditional and similar to its Pilot SUV sibling.

We saw the all-new 2016 Pilot at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, and we're guessing the Pilot and the next-gen Ridgeline will share a lot of interior and chassis structure, albeit the pickup truck's wheelbase is likely to be at least 10 inches longer.

We just received these illustrations from our spy photography friends and added some of our own photos of the new Pilot. We're not sure that truck guys will like the push-button transmission, but it looks like the next-gen Ridgeline is likely to beat the 2017 Ford Raptor in being the first pickup with paddle shifters on the steering wheel. photos by Evan Sears; illustration by Chris Doane Automotive


Cdauto_Ridgeline_illo 2 II

Honda Pilot 1 II

Honda Pilot 2 II

Honda Pilot 4 II

Cdauto_Ridgeline_illo side II



Wow, hope it does not look like that. Really ugly. Bought a new 2012 and love it, great look especially 3/4 view. My first truck has it all, comfort, solid, no squeaks or rattles. Would recommend but if this is the new design, not so sure.

u hv taken away the truck image. it looks front heavy bed to short hopefully that will be corrected

we have owned two pilots n a ridgeline I loved them both in the past. Not sure about new design

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