Tacoma's TRD Success Could Spread Across Toyota

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One of the significant changes we saw with the 2016 Toyota Tacoma is that it will offer two separate TRD packages. The first will be the TRD Sport, a basic introduction to the off-road performance package with better shocks, wheels, tires and graphics. The TRD Off-Road Package will be a better-equipped upgrade with higher performance shock absorbers, spring package changes and more traction technology available in the different types of 4x4 transfer cases.

Of course, a third Tacoma TRD package will undoubtedly be offered — the TRD Pro, which is also offered on the full-size Tundra — but no official announcement has been made about what technology it will have or exactly when it will debut on the new Tacoma. We're guessing it might offer an even more aggressive four-wheel-drive system and suspension setup than the previous truck.

At this stage, Toyota seems to be learning that the TRD packages are gaining a strong following. In fact, according to Automotive News, Toyota is selling 40 percent of all Tacomas with some sort of premium-priced TRD option package (that's more than 60,000 units). Whether we'll see more TRD packages on mainstream cars and crossovers or more focused TRD packages — what about a TRD Tow, TRD Snow or TRD Moto? — remains to be seen.

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You can buy TRD stickers on eBay. No one will ever know the difference for the most part. This from a guy with a TRD Tundra.

Pfft. Toyota is becoming a don't care in the pickup biz. No diesel pickups, brilliant!

Now to more important news. What happened to the PUTC monthly pickup truck sales story? It's Feb 2 already.

Why is everyone acting like the TRD off road and TRD sport are new amazing packages?

Toyota already offers both of those trims on their current Tacomas. Is there something about this I am missing?

Mark, Mark, Mark.

The TRD Sport is not new and it is not at all related to an off road package. The Tacoma has had the TRD Sport for some time.... Scoop on the hood, different rims (17") and street tires.

Why don't you focus on some real news regarding the Tacoma and do some research before your post crap that is very inaccurate! The 2015 Tacoma is already offered as a TRD Sport OR Off Road.

Why don't you do some real research and give us details like.... Does the 2016 Tacoma have electric power steering? If not ask Toyota at the auto shows. Why did Toyota chose to waste time developing a "new" 6 speed auto when other manufactures have already moved on to 8+ speed autos including....wait for it....Lexus part of the Toyota family.

You mentioned more horsepower AND torque out of the 3.5L V6 in your video of the Tacoma at the auto show. However I have NOT heard one Toyota rep or one statement from Toyota state more torque. They have stated more horsepower from the Tacoma, or more powerful but nothing specifically stated more torque. Please ask the question or do some research.

What about the 3.5 Liter Atkinson cycle engine. Will it be strictly Atkinson or will it switch between Otto and Atkinson utilizing VVT-iW or VVT-iE?

There, I've done your job for you...giving you real questions to ask Toyota. Stop wasting our time with this useless info that is totally in accurate..... SIGNIFICATE change.... the 2016 Tacoma will still be offered in TRD Sport!!! Just like it has from 2005-2015!!!

I wanted the locking dif so I HAD to get the TRD package. One of the first things I did was replaced the super stiff shocks for a set of Rancho's so I did not rattle my kidneys to death...

This information is inaccurate. TRD Sport is a street biase package. TRD offroad is a offroad package. TRD Pro is the most recent that atually makes a difference in how the truck handles. If anything is accurate, it is the offroad being under the Pro package.

That is one ugly front end.

That is one ugly front end.

Posted by: Raul Bronson | Feb 2, 2015 7:53:36 PM

No offence but I second that. Do people think this is a good looking truck? I don't like Toyota's styling. Just my 2 cents.
My first car was a truck. 86 Nissan hard body.

What TRD mean


Who's to say toyota isn't changing some names. Maybe the prerunner will now be the TRD sport. Entry into the off road systems. Maybe with a locker. Then TRD off road be 4x4 and TRD pro being the big dog. maybe his info isn't all that wrong.

Nobody talks about how tough and durable the plastic bed is in the Tacoma.
You know why?
Cause they are ashamed of it, every time anybody talks about the Tacoma they NEVER talk about the plastic bed.

Tell me again!
Tell me its not plastic but a special composite material that's stronger than steel
Tell me they use plastic intake manifolds on engines and how durable they are.
Tell me the plastic doesn't crack in extreme cold or doesn't deform in the extreme heat

Well, this is good.

The Colorado has already put Toyota under pressure. Imagine if Ford had the Ranger and the new Navara/Frontier was released. Just the new Nissan mid sizer will put Toyota under more pressure.

From what I've read the 2015 Navara will be the new benchmark in mid sizers. I do hope the US gets a decent version of it.

I do know here in Australia the Colorado was given a good rating off road in standard form.

Just a simple suspension mod like shocks, with better tyres will make the Colorado a winner.

I wonder what the pricing of the Toyota's will be? Several years ago or so when the new mid sizers came out Toyota had to make up a lot of ground.

They blinged the Hilux and dropped prices to compete.

But, slowly the Hilux is going to be over taken. No matter what Toyota does it will gradually lose out in sales, ever so slowly.

A facelift, new engine/drivetrain, etc will not suffice in the end.

A new Taco will be needed, unless the Taco is priced cheaply.

The TRD Sport Tacoma was discontinued a few years ago iirc. They are reusing the "sport" to differentiate off road packages.


TRD Sport is still available. I think the difference this time is that TRD Off Road and TRD Sport are considered actual trim levels on the 2016. In the past, you got a base Toyota Tacoma and could either upgrade to a SR5 package, TRD Off Road or Sport package, TSS package, or Limited package. It's always been a hassle searching for a specifically packaged truck on websites like cars.com because you can't break the results down by trim like other vehicles. Hopefully this will be different going forward.

@ Tom #3 many vehicles I've owned (not just Toyotas) have had plastic intake manifolds. I've never had one melt yet.
Ford does it
GM does it
Ram does it
Toyota does it
Everyone does it

I haven't had problems with Toyota.

TuRD is all that comes to mind when I see TRD slapped on the side of a truck.

Well if you want a Tacoma then this this is the year to get it. The next major update won't be till 2025..

Sandman, CRaptor is al I see when I see a Ford CRaptor.

Tom#3, to you the most important thing is the quality of the plastic bed? Really? or were you smoking something while typing.

With a face like that I"M predicting it will come to be known as the fish toco!

Ah ok. I confused it with the X Runner like it seems a few others here did. From what I saw, the TRD sport was for show, the TRD Off Road was more go. Looks like they are eliminating the appearance package and replacing it with only actual off road packaages. One that is mainstream like the FX4, Outdoorsman or Z71, and the other with more mods to make it even more rugged.

My 2005 TRD Off Road with 200,000 miles still is a fantastic truck! Can't wait to get a 2016. Love the composite bed too. Haters can have the Colorado.

Awful lot of people looking on forum about a truck that they appear to hate. TRD=Toyota Rust Deployment Lol I'll have to write that down

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