Video Finds: Three Tough Truck Traits

15F150SnowPlow_9025 II

When it rains (or snows or gets extremely cold) it seems to pour. Three "extreme" pickup truck videos that crossed our desk this past week caught our eye; we thought you might find them interesting or fun as well.


1. Ram Extreme Cold Torture Test

Every pickup manufacturer must make time for torture testing. Getting to peek behind the curtain at the lengths to which testing engineers punish the trucks is valuable. Here's some cold-weather testing from Ram Heavy Duty pickups.



2. Nissan Titan Truckumentary Part 3 — Titan Design

Nissan made a series of "truckumentary" films documenting the design and development of the new 2016 Nissan Titan XD pickup. The latest installment follows the work of the team responsible for the new Titan design. Additionally, lead Nissan designer Diane Allen offers a message directly to potential truck buyers who are thinking about a new pickup truck; click here to see it.



3. Ford F-150 Snowplowing Action

Why is it so cool to watch trucks with snowplows? We'll have more on how thoughtful Ford was with the 2015 F-150 wiring design to accommodate a snow plow option with a full story later. 




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@Interstate Trucker,
I would be interested in seeing how the new chassis perform with a snow plow.

Since the advent of the 5 Star ANCAP safety rated pickups here over the past 5 years +, just adding a steel bull bar, winch and driving on out back corrugated tracks has caused some issues.

Front ends on pickups are made to fold under the axle with the engine. This is engineered into the chassis. Loads like a plow or 100kg up front with a bull bar and winch has caused some inner mud guards and bonnet (hoods) latches to fail.

Quote from the Ram video, "There is is no better place to [cold] torture trucks than [Michigan Upper Peninsula]."

Oh yeah? Well how about Canada or Alaska?!? Maybe Yellowknife or Fairbanks. Set up shop in in the frozen tundra and lease preproduction trucks at deep discount to businesses. You could learn more in that environment than playing made-up games in the UP. But then it wouldn't be as close and handy now would it?

Another Fiat-Chrysler recall with no parts available to make the fix.

Love to see that F150 plowing. No warnings seem to be needed.

Just read that its available only with the 5.0 engine so other than common sense, no warnings are needed.

No 1/2 ton pickup is designed for a snow plow, its stupid !

I live in the lake effect snow belt and I have seen many ruined trucks with snow plows.
The smart people are buying 4x4 tractors with a front loader instead of a snow plow.
I know a retired guy in my area that has a new F-350 diesel 4x4 with a Boss V Plow and when a big snowstorm hits the Washington DC, Baltimore area he gets in his truck heads there spends a few days plowing everybody out and comes back with $8000 in his pocket.
The people there panic and shut everything down when they get 2 inches of snow and any business will pay anything to get plowed out plus there aren't many plows there.
He even barters by plowing out a gas station for a free tank of fuel, or a restruant for something to eat.


And you post this because ?

Do you post Ford/GM/Toyota/Reanault-Nissan/Mazda RECALLS ?

Please take your spam and shove it..

Funny,the only cars I bought new I ever took in for recalls/warranty work were Fords and Toyota' wifes Edge is on its 3rd power steering pump they all leak !!! 2 years old 8,000 brother in laws Grand Cherokee 220,000 miles no recalls no warranty work...our next is a Durango HEMI or Grand Cherokee HEMI (soon)

Just stop it with bringing up every FCA recall,if you do,please ensure you bring up every GM,Ford,Toyota,Renault-Nissan,Mazda,VW ect..Recall !!!

Just stop it,you look like a jealous person..A desperate jealous person..

well superdave150 just this weekend it was -40 here in the up and it was in the 30s up in fairbanks. 40s in anchorage. it was 50-80 degrees warmer in alaska last week then it was in the up. now i know that alaska and canada and those areas are typically much colder then the up but im just sayin.

"Drive to the end of the earth then drive three more miles" LOL Then drive 3 more and you can visit me in Canada! I found the cold weather testing kind of laughable. -40C or -40F would be a good extreme test. Start that baby up after sitting in that for 10 hrs and lets hear some engine knock! I live 2 miles off the pavement in a log home off grid in Eastern Canada. Sometimes I need a D5 to get out. It hasn't been above freezing since November. The poor GMC plow truck I use has its rad packed solid with ice. I don't have a garage to thaw it in. Let me test some Dodges up here and I'm sure we could point out some things. The plow test they were doing seemed quite harse! Buddy hitting that pile of snow was quite abusive. I thought it was humorous when the guy was sipping coffee with his gardening gloves on claiming it was too cold to talk; and how they were in the middle of nowhere and it looked like the burbs. Another three miles north and you could have hit up Tim Hortons! It is -40F windchill tonight, time to find my onesie! Can I test some trucks?

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