Was Chevrolet Colorado the Best Choice for MVP Pickup?

Chevy Colo MVP II

On the battlefield of high-cost television advertising time, you have to give Chevrolet credit. It's not often that a single pickup truck can take center stage — standing alongside the athletes — in both the World Series and the Super Bowl, but that's exactly what happened as the Chevrolet Colorado was awarded to the MVPs of the two biggest — at least when measured by television audience — sporting events in the world.

When San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner won the World Series MVP last October, the new Chevy Colorado received a mountain of attention because a tongue-tied and distraught Midwestern regional sales manager had to hand over the keys for one of his new trucks to the player who had single-handedly brought down his beloved Kansas City Royals.

In the 2015 Super Bowl, however, there were no awkward moments on the national stage. Although it makes perfect sense for GM to promote the all-new midsize Colorado, there was a something a little odd about giving such a "no-nonsense" vehicle to MVP winner New England Patriot Tom Brady. During the last several years, GM has awarded a sporty Chevy Camaro, some Cadillacs and a few Chevy Corvettes. Even last year's MVP, the Seattle Seahawks' Malcolm Smith, got a fully loaded Chevy Silverado 1500. And doesn't Brady already have a fleet of vehicles that includes a Rolls-Royce, a Land Rover Range Rover and some Cadillacs?

Of course, we understand no professional athlete is going to turn down a free vehicle, especially after just winning the coveted MVP award, but with GMC being the most prominent automotive sponsor of the Super Bowl it seems like GM could have made a better choice.

Don't get us wrong; we like that GM is giving away a pickup truck, but after the very clever Chevy Super Bowl commercial in which Chevy had viewers thinking they'd lost their game feed (throwing me into a screaming panic), we wonder if it wouldn't have been more appropriate to give Brady a loaded 4x4 Silverado 3500 Duramax dualie with a goose-neck car hauler attached carrying a Camaro Z/28, a Corvette Stingray, a Cadillac CTS-V Coupe and maybe a Cadillac Escalade ESV, all at factory inflation levels.

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Who really cares what vehicle GM gave to the mvp? I know,you do because ford didn't give him a f150.Man up and stop your crying about a publicity move.

As a midsize truck guy I was very please to see GM spending the big bucks to promote their new midsize platform on the largest TV event of the year. The fact that they didn't give away a Silverado speaks volumes to their commitment to the often neglected midsize segment.

Tom could just give it to me if he doesn't want it...

Their ads didn't promote the truck though. They essentially were basically masking a guy look cool amongst a few nerds. One commercial has been running for over a month. The 4G/LTE one is pretty dumb, as who buys a truck to watch TV in when you have a cell phone that also gets 4G and LTE and will do the same thing. If your phone doesn't get a signal, neither will the Colorado. The 3rd ad was the guy in the first ad passing some guy on a Vespa. Notihng was actually mentioned about the product itself other than it won MT Truck of the Year. Poor advertising.

GMCorp could have given away their GMC namesake truck and I suppose it would have made sense. I think it was nice of GMCorp to give Chevrolet a shot on this one though. GMC trucks have out shined Chevrolet trucks fairly substantially in terms of looks, options and marketing for a good 15 years now. Chevrolet really needed this IMO before they become another dead brand walking.

I congrats GM for bringing the excellent Canyon/Colorado back, more US jobs, now bring the crew cabs back to the USA from Mexico and Ford bring the excellent Ranger here and take back the midsize market from Yota.

Best way to promote your new to the segment Midsizers, is put an Advertisement during the SuperBowl game

Cool truck but built in LTE is stupid IMO. Reason I say that is wireless technology changes and when you get a phone you can use it as a hotspot. No need to pay to have another plan for a device that is stuck to the truck. The truck should last longer then what current LTE bands it supports. Unless they make it upgradeable then maybe if you work out of your truck.

GM,(chevy) got more airtime (for free) by giving the truck to the mvp,and that airtime cost GM next to nothing ( price of the truck).Pretty smart move when you think about it.

The truck needs a fuel efficient diesel both 4 & 6 cylinders.

NO.!!! He needs a MAN truck... 2500 Ram 4x4, 350 Ford 4x4
Not a city truck and No way in Hell a GM product.....

If I were Tom Brady I gotta be thinking... Soooo Im the MVP of the Super Bowl so Chevy gives me a silly little kinda/sorta truck? Come on.

That's like when Obama gave the Queen of England Romantic Comedy DVDs as a gift (that weren't even formatted for European DVD players). She gave him a hand crafted pen made from the wood of an 1800s warship.

So what does Tom do? The same thing we all do when we get something silly we cant return... REGIFT!!! I wonder if Tom still has the Escalade GM gave him for being MVP almost a decade ago?

I can just see the GM brain trust and corporate HQ sitting around that huge table asking... What vehicle in our lineup should we give the Super Bowl MVP? I know we got that little pretend truck. We want that thing to be seen lets give him that. Then they all get in new suburbans, corvettes, Camaros, escalades, cadillacs, SS Impalas, tahoes, silverados, sierras, denalis and drive home to their mansions to see who that crappy little truck be awarded to.

Come on GM.

i am asking a legitamite question about GMs HP claim on this truck where max HP is above the redline and the owners manual says not to operate the engine above rted line because any damage my void my warranty?

why do you guys keep deleting this comment? i am an owner of this truck and I have a genuine need for information...please give GM a call because their dealers and 800 line keep giving me the run around.


Above Redline BAD

Below Redline Good.

Max HP? Its whatever the truck does on a dyno. Running it on a dyno will tell you the actual real rear wheel horsepower you actually really have. And you can even (although foolishly) run it over red line (probably causing engine damage and voiding warrenty) and know what your "above redline HP" figure is at the rear wheels.

This is the kind of concern someone who has no work to be done and money to burn would be interested in.

Guys! This ain't the 1950's anymore.

These electronically controlled engines will only run up to the number of RPM that the thing is programmed for. C'mon. that wasn't hard was it?

@papa jim--Agree most new engines cannot be run up to redline. Many cannot go above a certain speed or the engine will cut off. I had that happen in my S-10 when it was new, as soon as I reached 90 mph the engine cut off and when it went to 80 the engine resumed. I am not saying all engines will cut off at 90 but most do have a limit to where you cannot exceed a certain speed. It freaked me out when it because I thought something had gone wrong with the engine but everything was fine.

My acura with its 6sp manual will go slightly beyond redline but you are right a revlimiter does quickly kick in and drop it below and im sure somewhere there is a max speed governor but I've never hit it on anything I own.

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