2015 Ram ProMaster City Video

Ram ProMaster City II

The newest member to join the growing compact and midsize commercial van segment has a lot to offer small businesses, fleet buyers and municipalities. From its high-tech TigerShark four-cylinder and nine-speed transmission, the 2015 Ram ProMaster City carries a heavy load but delivers small entry costs.

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Isn't this just a modified kia soul.

Uh huh,


No Fiat Doblo. You can get a 2 litre Diesel version outside NA, that has a 2,200lb payload

if were gonna talk about vans can we talk about full size suv's too?

I've noticed on industry in Australia that has taken to this size and style of van.

That is the IT industry.

The catering industry also uses them quite a bit as well and some trades like Air Con guys.

For their size they offer flexibility and reduced running costs. Vehicles like these a business here generally leases then off loads and gets new ones every couple of years of so.

With the 2.4 engine this should be a pocket rocket empty and it has plenty of power to carry a 1 500lb load in the back.

Can it tow?

Here's a recent review on the Fiat Doblo here in Australia.


uh huh

I thought the same thing before I read your comment.

uh huh I did !

uh huh is my wife name, she is always nagging me and all I say is "uh huh" "uh huh" if I don't answer her then she will never shut up and her voice gets louder and more angry.

If Ram offers tje TigerShark four-cylinder with 20" wheels and continues to win US New's and World Reports awards, I will consider the Ram ProMaster City when I buy my next truck.

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