2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris Van Video

MB Metris front II

Technically a Class 1 commercial van, the Metris will appeal to those who want a slightly larger work van that delivers fuel efficiency and tons of safety features. The rear-drive platform carries more than 2,500 pounds in a stripped cargo configuration, while the seven- or eight-passenger van can carry more than 1,800 pounds and tow a trailer that weighs almost 5,000 pounds.

Cars.com photo by Mark Williams




If Mercedes offers this in a 4x4 I will consider this Metris the next time I buy a truck.

It must be 4matic...

I hope the turbo 2.0L gas motor isn't too much of a fuel hog in the way the Ford Ecoboost can be under load.

This is where I wonder if it might make more sense to have a worse EPA/CAFE score and go with a 3.0L N/A gas V-6 that would do a little better when worked?

The smaller diesel from the Sprinter might be a good alternative too for those that deliver more regionally rather than in town.

To expand on what Truckerman is (possibly) saying...
MB just announced an AWD version, Right about now- cost is about 3500 Euro, so not too awful. I could imagine ski shuttle operators would snatch these up.

If this had been an AWD diesel, this would have been my next vehicle.

Our next van will be a metrics now that it is awd 4 matic
We always relied in awd gmc vans but now Mercedes Benz stole my heart. Can't wait to order a fully loaded metris cargo van
Great job Mercedes !!!!!!!!!

I have been following the metric vito news for some time. Can't believe this vehicle is not released with the standard 2.1 diesel motor. I will not consider this vehicle without a diesel option. I do not understand mb with advanced diesel technology offering a weak gas alternative. Sold a vehicle when you get your program together.

AWD and diesel - I will buy! Any automaker to bring a van with small diesel and AWD will take my money! Who would buy a subaru if you can have this !

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