Chevrolet to Offer 2015 Colorado Z71 Trail Boss Edition

2015-Chevrolet-Colorado-TrailBoss 1 II

With all the attention and positive response the concept Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 received at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, it was only a matter of time before the 2015 Colorado offered some kind of special-edition four-wheel-drive package. It was unveiled today at the 2015 Cleveland Auto Show.

The new Trail Boss Edition will include:

  • 265/65R17 Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac all-terrain tires
  • Painted cast-aluminum wheels
  • Movable cargo tie-downs and cargo divider
  • Black fender flares
  • Blacked-out bow-tie logo
  • G80 limited-slip differential
  • Front tow hooks
  • Black side-step/rock protector
  • Projector beam headlights and fog lamps

If you priced those options individually, the total price for the package would be just less than $4,000; however, ordering the Trail Boss grouping will save you more than $500. The actual price of the package is $3,320, which is added to the price of whichever Z71 Colorado you choose. Base pricing (meaning a 4x2 Z71 Colorado extended cab) starts at $28,505 including destination and heads north if you order a 4x4 or crew-cab version; the Trail Boss will be available this spring.

The Trail Boss looks like a good first step for Chevy as it tries to add a more capable four-wheel-drive model to its pickup lineup. Right now, GM does not have anything like the Ram 2500 Power Wagon, Ford F-150 Raptor or Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, but this could be an indication of something better to come.

The look of the truck will certainly resonate with midsize truck customers who need a four-wheel-drive vehicle, but we worry that trying to flex off-road credibility with "baby step" trim packages isn't going to work as well as creating a dramatically new, function-first pickup with special technology. These types of packages usually do pretty well, but our advise to GM would be not to forget about the ZR2 credibility that's just waiting to bust out of the gate.

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To head off the discussion regarding price, this package costs about $1,000 more than a Z71, and includes all those options as well as better tires, side steps, and some other appearance stuff. Still hope the ZR2 comes soon...

The locker, tow hooks and tie downs should be standard honestly. The rest is just blacked out bling and bigger tires with fancier rims.

That article on the ZR2 was just a feeler put out by Chev to judge response.

If this is their interim product it's quite expensive.

It should take GM that long to piece together a 2" lift and an improved suspension a create the ZR2.

If anyone knows anyone at GM should ask and find out if the US Colorado has the same dimensions as the global Colorado.

If it does order a ARB Old Man Emu suspension kit on line.

Install it, buy some BFG TAs and rims you want.

While your at it buy a bull bar on line from ARB as well.

This would cost around the same as this package.

Here a well done Colorado, except for disgusting black rims.

Here's a lifted Colorado, by whom, I don't know but it the most lifted I've seen so far.

@Big Al, agree re the rims. My first thought on seeing the wheels was to wonder where I could take them to get 'em bead blasted to white metal.

The diesel is really needed here.

There, I said it! Take a picture, because I don't say it often.

Otherwise it's a treat!

Now, RAM should take a look at this and ditto Ford by the way. You can build a great off road pickup without all the gaudy graphics that just scream L-o-s-e-r

I really like the idea. Just hope the thought is to slot this between the Z71 and ZR2.

Still don't like the looks of that car style front end on these trucks and they also have the goofy rear bumpers with steps in the corners like the full size.
The bow tie on the front would look better red, same colour as the truck.

The Z71 package use to be their off-road package, which use to include limited slip dif, bigger tires and tow hooks. My 2011 Canyon with the Z71 came with those tires, limited dif and tow hooks on the Z71 package

Doesn't all Colorado's even 2WD come standard with a LSD?

I thought the Colorado was supposed to come with all the traction and control aids off the shelf from the base model up?

Why does the US market sell a 4x4, then you have to option the 4x4 to be a off roader? Suspension, Diffs, skid plates, etc. This stuff should be standard on any 4x4.

I see this when I build pickups from all manufacturers.

I can see why your pickup are quite cheap at times.

When you finish optioning up a pickup to be a realistic off roader it costs thousands more.

In Australia a base model 4x4 has all the good stuff, no different than a highend vehicle.

Even with Mazda BT50 and Ford Ranger 2WD comes standard with an E Locker and skid plates on what requires protection. Why not? It is expected these vehicles, even though they are 2WD will be driven down dirt tracks at 110kph.

After thinking about this vehicle, it's nothing but a standard 4x4 Colorado and they want a few grand more for it?

Nothing says "I'm off-road capable" more than a blacked out emblem...

@papa jim,
One thing I have noticed is that US pickups might have a lot of eye candy, but lack the real stuff. It costs to have it.

Here 75% of our pickups are 4x4. Being such they are built as capable off roaders.

The Colorado here was judged as mediocre, except in one area where it excelled, that is off road.

I've read that the Colorado is the best off road pickup on our market in a few reviews. It's slightly better than the Ranger and light years in front of the Hilux.

This Colorado does look pretty, but why?

I would rather buy a 4x4 and buy an aftermarket suspension to suit my requirements.

People who buy a factory enhanced 4x4 seem to buy them for appearances. We have some of them here in Australia, except they modify them with aftermarket equipment.

They then put mud tyres on them and drive around shopping centres thinking they look pretty. What a waste, like buying some goochie sun glasses or a brand name tee shirt and brand name underwear.

@Big Al from Oz
"Why does the US market sell a 4x4, then you have to option the 4x4 to be a off roader? Suspension, Diffs, skid plates, etc. This stuff should be standard on any 4x4.
I see this when I build pickups from all manufacturers.
I can see why your pickup are quite cheap at times.
When you finish optioning up a pickup to be a realistic off roader it costs thousands more.
In Australia a base model 4x4 has all the good stuff, no different than a highend vehicle.
Even with Mazda BT50 and Ford Ranger 2WD comes standard with an E Locker and skid plates on what requires protection. Why not? It is expected these vehicles, even though they are 2WD will be driven down dirt tracks at 110kph."

How come they sell 4x4 in Australia with manual trany and not automatic? You have stick too.
Automatic should be standard for any offroad vehivehicle and it's more important than front hooks.

As many trucks I have owned in the past I have learned my lesson spend the extra money on what you want on the add-ons at the dealer instead of buying that stuff later and doing it yourself.
Blacked Out accessories are where its at now, blacked out wheels and step boards don't look bad when dirty or scuffed up.
Chrome doesn't belong on any pickup in my opinion.
A pickup is a workhorse its not meant to be clean and shinny with chrome.
This Colorado would be the one I would pick, IF I can GET A SALESMAN TO GIVE ME THE TVP W/O FILLING OUT A CREDIT APP !

Don't get me started! All I want is the TVP (Total Vehicle Price) NO! I don't want to fill out a credit app cause I intend to pay for the vehicle without financing!
NO! The monthly payment amount doesn't give me the TVP.

When you take a calculator to a dealership the salesmen act like a vampire and that calculator is a cross to them!

WTF? What planet are you from? What an inane comment child. After you read my comment finish your homework or mummy (mommy in US speak) will not have any bedtime cookies.

You should use Google before you "open up your mouth" and learn about the world around you and not the County you live in.

We have both auto and manual in all of our pickups, that is from a sh!tter to a high end vehicle. My vehicle I was lucky to get it in a manual.

Most are auto's and some people like myself prefer the manual.

An auto isn't what is laying down the traction. It's locking diffs, traction control, etc. It's a bit of a fallacy to state that an auto makes for better off roading.

With a manual you have better feel of how much load you are placing on the drivetrain as well. Auto are good for highway driving and towing. Even with towing and the way the modern auto is programmed I would rather have the input into what I'm delivering to my wheels and what gear I want.

You can select gears with an auto, but it's far easier to drive a manual. I actually like driving a manual over an auto.

The US needs the auto's to meet CAFE requirements. Plus there are far fewer in the US who can actually drive a manual.

I like the manual for off roading.

With new technologies like hill decent makes automatic transmissions usable off road.

Automatics are really no good if you can't off road much unless you option your pickup to off road better.

How can some of you guys really be so backwards, do you also live in the Blue Ridge Mountains or Ozarks. Do you subsist in a real "Deliverance" lifestyle?

If you are crawling just let it idle in first.

That's why diesels are so good.

As for your rock crawlers, an auto might be better there.

But, they as much in common with the normal off roader as does a top fueller to a daily driver.

Just because a performance vehicle uses a certain component doesn't mean it will make an everyday vehicle better by using it.

Do some research into off roading.

Just reading off road racing magazines and websites will not make you into an off roader.

As for burning out clutches? The learn how to use a clutch.

Thank god they still kept that air dam for the Trail Boss Edition!!! [sarcasm]

Why do I need 3 feet?

With all of the aids that help an auto become usable off road there are aids that actually help with a manual off road.

Take my BT50, it locks the brakes on any incline. I don't even need to touch the accelerator as the computer matches the required torque to move the vehicle, then when enough torque is developed the brakes release.

In other words, all I have to do is depress the brakes and let out the clutch. All done with one foot.

There are some automotive journalist who like the auto and some still prefer the manual.

I don't know what kind of off roading you do. But the requirement that you speak of is in a highly modified vehicle.

Your comment is akin to stating that a prime mover has a huge chassis, so all vehicles need that chassis as it will make them into better vehicles.

It's all about application and use.

If you want to build a high performance rock crawler I support your efforts.

But what is good for you might not be good for me and the style of off roading I do.

Off roading isn't just about finding the most difficult route and challenging it. A 4x4 like mine will get to places I want. I don't normally find the most insane obstacle and try to climb it.

Why waste that time when I could be sitting down alongside a river with a beer and doing some fishing.

Remember off roading is like motor racing or any form of transportation. What is good for a rally car isn't necessarily good for a F1 car.

@Big Al from Oz
You still didn't tell me ,what are advantages of manual trany over automatic and how would you address all the issues I presented in here.
Every manual trany will get burned much sooner when offroading and every manual trany engine might stall in most inconvenient situation ever. something I don't have to worry about with automatic.

A manual gives you direct drive. You can "feel" your drivetrain. Don't forget I've owned a couple of auto 4x4s. I prefer the manual transmission as it offers me more flexibility and control over what I want from my vehicle.

Also, again, if you don't know how to drive with a manual I would stay with the automatics.

Not everyone can co-ordinate using all limbs at once.

Maybe if you play some kind of sport you can develop the dexterity to use all of your limbs to operate a vehicle with a clutch.

It's similar to sport as it's all in the timing and how much to apply.

If I were you I would go out and buy a cheap manual and learn how to drive.

I think no one should be allowed to gain a licence unless they can safely use a manual transmission.

As transmissions gain more and more gears an automatic will become the only gearbox around. I find this sad. I don't think daily drivers will have manual versions with more than 6 gears.

@Big Al from Oz
I was driving manual for 20 years, probably more than you, thank you for asking.
You are not going to answer and address all the issues I presented in here, so I gave up.
I will give you one more try to address engine stall in most inconvenient situation. But of course, if you don't use your 4x4 for offroading like you said, it might never happen and you are safe.

@RAM, or zvirus or HemiV8,
Child. Our conversation has been terminated.

You are a fool.

When are CVT Transmissions going to come to pickups?
What? More and more new cars are using CVT !
CVT is super efficient by transferring engine power to the drive wheels.
CVT improves low end torque.

With CVT advancements the manual transmission will phased out. Besides how can you hold a cup of coffee in one hand while driving a manual?
You ever drive a manual thru city rush hour traffic?
You have to know how to count driving a manual like does 3 come before 4 or does 5 come before 2 ? Its confusing! I mean how do you know what gear you're in if you can't count?
Maybe you're not that dumb but a lot of people are and the dumb people outnumber you.

@Big Al--My oldest brother taught me how to drive and taught me on a manual. If you can drive a manual you can drive anything. I know guys in their 50's that don't know how to drive a manual. I do agree that eventually there will be no more manuals and it would not surprise me if trucks eventually have CVTs. Manual transmissions have gone the same way as a safety razor which you have to order online along with the blades--I prefer a safety razor because I think the shave is closer and the blades are less expensive but then there are many who don't shave and / or have beards and goatees. To each his own but I do appreciate a manual transmission and I am glad that I learned to drive a manual along with learning to ride a motorcycle which my older brother taught me as well as riding a bicycle. My older brother taught me to have an appreciation for jazz, blues, rhythm and blues, early rock & roll, bluegrass, western swing, and early country music. Those moments of being exposed to something new and taught by my oldest brother gave me an appreciation for things I might not have ever experienced and a special bond with my brother.

@Big Al from Oz
I am a Child and fool because I drive manual more than you , still drive high performance motorcycle every year and ask you to address some issues manual trany experience in offroad situations you don't know answer for ?
I can live with that.

As a Weekend warrior off-roader, I would prefer a Manual... Its way easier to "rock" a Manual than an Automatic.. Ive been temporarily stuck with Autos where I wouldnt have been with a Manual... On the Flip side to that my favorite 4x4 Ive ever owned was a CC SB 4x4 05 Duramax witha 6" lift and 35s... Not once was I ever stuck where I needed to be rescued... and it was an automatic...alot to off-roading is knowing your skills and your trucks Capabilities... I owned that Truck for 7 years and always made it out... Manual vs Auto, Chevy vs Ford, its all personal preferece

Nothing beats an American side by side for tight and muddy offroading. You can buy them and not have to modify them to go offroad like these factory pickups. Plus they are street legal in some states. A lot cheaper as well.

How lame! This package is useless. Trail boss? Lol. They need a zr2 so bad! So far there is not any excitement to the mid size twins, just a product they should have had years ago. I'm still waiting for a zr2

If GM makes the ZR2 and sells it for $28,505, I will consider the Colorado the next time I buy a truck.

If Chevy makes the ZR2 and sells it for $28,505., I will consider the Colorado when I buy my next truck.

Still no 5.3 available!
Just give us a 6.2 dang it!

Damn Lou, if they could build an upgraded ZR2 for the same price of a LT, I'm sure that would sell great, unfortunately that Diesel engine, wheels, tires, suspension upgrades are not free. I like the ZR2 also, but also understand the price will be closer to 35k and go up from there. I just hope they build it soon.

Can't wait to pick my new Canyon with the 2.8L diesel late this year.

have to say the package is kind of a joke. blacked out emblems and fancy rims do not make a truck off road better. Also have to agree when i used to be heavy into off roading, I always used a manual and never burned out clutches. I could maybe see an auto for rockcrawling be ok but i did every form of 4x4in and very little rock crawling and always did well with a stick shift.

As much as I dislike all of GM and think the Colorado will fail (again), this is a good looking truck.

JFC quadrasteer cost less than this fcking package and had a real mechanical advantage. I would take maneuverability which I can use every day over a locking diff that I might use once in my lifetime. Holy hell this is a terrible decision.

GM better have an option for rear bumpers without steps in the corners that look awful. It should be available when ordering without any extra charge, maybe cheaper since should be simpler, easier to build without the complication of the steps.
Another think that it's annoying is the low hanging of the spare tire and the shock absorber lower end killing the ground clearance. That's where Toyota is beating them any day, they never learn...
Regarding the upcoming diesel, see the link for the specs of the foreign Holden Colorado with 6 speed manual transmission. It gets 8,1 l/100Km fuel consumption combined that translates to 29mpg. That's great, well over 30mpg on the highway.
I'm waiting for the ZR2 Diesel crew-cab though (no rear bumper corner steps please...)

To be the boss on the trail...

Standard transmission.


Reg. cab ( short wheelbase)

Locking front and rear diff.

Make it more like the Ford Ranger.

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