Jeep Toys With Pickup Concept to Conquer Moab, Utah

Red Rock 3 II

As part of its annual trek to the heart of the four-wheel-drive universe, Jeep is once again taking a group of custom concept vehicles to the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. This year, seven in-house-built vehicles will make the trip to some of the most extreme off-road trails in the country. By far the most interesting of this year's attendees is the Wrangler Red Rock Responder.

Designed to be the ultimate support vehicle for those exploring the treacherous Moab backcountry, the Responder is based off a stretched Wrangler Limited and offers a special open short-bed with a pair of side-mounted cargo boxes to hold all sorts of recovery, safety and medical gear.

Mechanically, the Wrangler pickup is built to take on any boulder-strewn, hill-climb trail with a 4-inch suspension lift, 37-inch-tall BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires, Fox shocks and a pair of heavy-duty Dana 60 axles (with 5.38:1 gearing); however, for motivation this Jeep sports a stock 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 and factory six-speed automatic transmission.

As well-engineered and customized as this concept vehicle is, there's no doubt the pickup project is meant to offer and explore some very real ideas that could be included on a new Jeep pickup truck. By simply modifying the Wrangler frame to accommodate the added wheelbase necessary for a 5.5- or 6.5-foot bed over the rear axle, the project looks quite feasible for real-world use. We're not sure about the high bed sides or steep angle of the rear undercarriage (no doubt for increased departure angles), but those details can be worked out later.

More problematic will be the type of payload and towing capacities Jeep envisions for customers interested in a pickup from their brand (versus some Ram product — 1500 or an all-new product), especially if Jeep expects to keep the coils springs and five-link rear suspension.

We'll have more about how the Red Rock Responder handles the extreme Utah terrain when we get behind the wheel. We'll have more to report on theRed Rock Responder and from Jeep executives in a few weeks.

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Red Rock 4 II

Red Rock 2 II



Well, let me the first to say......what a ugly piece of crap! Looks like a Ridgeline, they should stay away from pickups!


Why should Jeep stay away from pickups?
Because of one Concept Vehicle that will likely never see production?

You obviously have no clue what you are talking about. Jeep has a great history with pickups, and if they ever produce another, it will be a hit. Guaranteed!

Check out the J10 or Comanche, Gladiator Concept or AEV Brute.

Looks good. V6 with 37''s it's a dog. Wants you get enough gear to move those 37's your top end is gone. Jeep can make a great small truck. Key is small. To make it awesome you need a Hemi 5.7 or 6.4. Once you do that now you have an awesome rig that the common man can't afford and your tow haul numbers are small. I would rather have a full size truck for any type of work duty and keep the jeeps for expensive toys and they do get expensive by the time you make them capable.

It's a shame someone spent some big money on a modified 4x4 for a bunch of rookie and inexperienced off-road drivers!

what a waste of money!

@ Mark Williams,
I see you do read the comments that are posted :)

At least Jeep is trying. This one just quite didn't make it.

It's quite an ugly vehicle.

On another site Jeep has presented what would of been the nicest looking Wrangler, the Africa.

Now, they put this thing out. Bad marketing.

These Jeeps are not worth the money. Terrible ride, bad dealer service, under powered, and the list goes on and on. Status symbol for DUMMIES as far as I am concerned.

But.... If you ever get a chance to go to Moab, it is amazing place. For the trail rides, the scenery, as well as the atmosphere... Gets crowded during the jeep jamboree.

Looks like Hummer H3 pickup version. Tires that size gotta big $$$ to replace. Ride quality is gotta be aweful.

This thing wouldn't have looked so bad if only they'd just fix that stupid looking bed!

Remember the jeep scrambler? That's more of a pure jeep combined with pickup utility.

Build a scrambler half ton!

I think Jeep is really on to something here. I have always supported the Gladiator concept dating back to 2005 and this latest iteration displays a modular approach to the bed offering behind the cab. Much like a commercial vehicle lineup the buyer will be able to customize they bed they prefer - conventional or with options such as those shown in this concept vehicle. I like it and think this would again set Jeep apart from the other medium size trucks like the Tacoma, Colorado/Canyon or Frontier - while NOT competing with Ram. Plus I would imagine a small diesel will be in the offing as by the time this rolls off the assembly line in 2018 GM will be well into building its diesel ZR2 - which I think is a lock.

Mark it's a 5 speed auto, not 6.

The J8 would be a much easier choice, since it's already being built in Egypt. Some minor modifications for safety and you'd have a fresh, out of the box pickup truck.

These Jeeps are not worth the money. Terrible ride, bad dealer service, under powered, and the list goes on and on. Status symbol for DUMMIES as far as I am concerned.
--Posted by: greg | Mar 20, 2015 5:09:01 PM

Always gotta have haters.

Jeep ride is NOT terrible. Dealer service is NOT bad. At 300 hp it's certainly NOT underpowered (even the older 200 hp is more than enough for most trail tasks). And so on.

As for talking about payload and towing; it's a non-issue for a Jeep or compact truck. It's not how much the load weighs but simply how large it is that matters. Off-roading you typically don't plan to carry 2000 pounds of gear or tow a 10,000 pound trailer.

*Note on the above*

If your ride is "terrible", you must have an awfully-sensitive posterior.
If your dealer service is bad, you can always go to another dealership.
If you don't think it has enough power, you can always drop in a bigger engine. Owners have been doing it for decades and AEV's "Double Cab Brute" offers the Hemi 360 as just one of the alternate engine choices.

Jeep Aztek. UGLY thing. Real truck please?

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