Mercedes-Benz Reveals Midsize Van at Work Truck Show

MB Metris rear II

Mercedes-Benz is adding to its work-van lineup by introducing a new midsize variant called the Metris. Making its world debut at the 2015 National Truck Equipment Association's Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, the 2016 Metris will be offered in one wheelbase length (126 inches) but will come in either cargo and passenger van configurations.

The cargo versions will start at $29,945, including destination, while the passenger van will start at $33,495. Standard features include six airbags in the cargo vans and eight airbags in the passenger van along with crosswind assist. Optional features include Eco stop-start capability, parking assist, collision prevention assist and other safety technology.

Metris vans will be offered with one turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder gas engine and a seven-speed transmission that will produce 208 horsepower and 258 pounds-feet of torque. Additionally, service intervals for the Metris are reported to be every 15,000 miles. Maximum payload capacity for the cargo version is 2,500 pounds, while passenger vans can carry just less than 1,900 pounds. Max towing for the Metis is just less than 5,000 pounds.

There's no doubt the fully loaded seven-passenger Metris people-hauling van will appeal to large families but to date there is no "minivan" premium trim package; we're guessing it's only a matter of time.

The Mercedes-Benz strategy, it seems, is to fill the Class 1 and 2 commercial segments first, then roll out more diverse variations as time goes on. 

To see the most up-to-date specification chart, click here.

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MB Metris1 II

MB Metris2 II

MB Metris int II

MB Metris pair II

MB Metris rear2 II

MB Metris doors1 II

MB Metris int2 II






The Prices for this Van whether it be the Cargo or Passenger type is not bad to start off with, the overall design holds up well also.

Where's the Diesel???

With not have an extra cab type set up, basically a fixed cabin space, doesn't look to comfortable for any tall drivers.

Here's a link the 3 litre diesel Viano Grand (Metris) we get. It's a uber luxury van and expensive in Australia, $77k.

I think it's around 420ftlb of torque.

I figure in US dollars that's around $60k.

But it's nice.

It is called the Vito in European. Had one take me to Dolomites in Italy. Had a 3 litre Diesel, was pretty quick and silent

To put it in perspective. a Chrysler gran voyager limited is also $77,000 there.

@toyta lol,
It seems people movers here in Australia are an expensive vehicle. Probably because not many are sold, but a constant market is there for them.

The Voyager starts around $45k USD. But we don't seem to get the base models.

It also has poor reviews; Have a read.

"Priced around the top end of the Toyota Tarago range, the Grand Voyager attempts to offer American flair in a sea of European, Korean and Japanese people movers. Its shortcomings don’t really make up for the high asking price and poor safety rating. There are better options out there for people wanting to haul the family each day of the week."

Read more at"

I wonder how close that is in size to the discontinued Chevrolet Astro and GMC Safari

@Joe- its similar, but The interior is much more usable. The closes thing to this on our shores was the last VW Multivan (T4). The MB is the only RWD van in this segment, however. I'm really surprised that MB decided to hold back the diesel- that would make for an awesome expediter/delivery truck.

For Comparison, the Astro had 170ft3 capacity, the Aerostar 140ft3, theis holds 186ft3. The MB is also about a 1ft longer, with a longer WB, but the Astro's curb-curb is 40.5, while this is 41 wall-wall. Sounds very promising.

Daimler just announced that they'll be setting up a new plant in Charleston SC to build Sprinters- If this is to be more than a KDK re-assembly site, they could build the Mertris (awful name) there as well.

@Mr Knowitall
Great move by Daimler, it will allow much greater supply for the increasing demand in Euro Vans I.e.Transit, Transit Connect, Ducato (Promaster) and beat the Chicken Tax, something Hyundai has said it will be able to do in 2021 under the conditions of the FTA with US. A proper Pickup can be built after that date destined for the US

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