Ram Announces Two New 2015 Ram 1500 Sport Models

Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab Buzz Model II


By Tim Esterdahl

Continuing to build on its truck offerings, Ram is adding two new limited edition trims to its lineup: the Ram 1500 Ignition Orange Sport and the Ram 1500 Black Sport.

With a vibrant orange paint color, the Ignition Orange Sport model is the more striking of the two. The color is carried into the cabin with orange highlights found on the seatback accent stitching, seat inserts and the Ram's heads on the head restraints.

The less striking Ram 1500 Black Sport closely follows the Black Express setup, borrowing the blacked-out styling with an all-black leather interior and light-black chrome accents. It features 20-inch wheels and a vented sport hood.

The new trims, which are only available on the crew-cab configuration, will be powered by the 395-horsepower, 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 and mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. These trucks will also feature a 3.92:1 ring-and-pinion gear set and a dual exhaust. Both sport interiors will include an 8.4-inch Uconnect screen system and a standard backup camera.

Production begins in April and is limited to 1,000 units for each trim. A Ram 1500 Sport crew cab 4x2 starts at $42,215, and both the Ignition Orange Sport and Black Sport trims have a $1,595 price tag. Customers can place orders through dealerships.

Manufacturer images

Ram 1500_Sport-ALLblack II



The ignition sport would have looked so much better if only it weren't that ugly shade of orange! The Black sport looks very nice, but it doesn't look very "special"...

$42,000 for a starting price? Wow... Wonder what the profit margin is for these pricy modern pickups?

The Ram 1500 Ignition Orange Sport will be HEMI V8's next daily driver truck if all goes well this year.

looking good. Just seeing the regular grill after all the Laramie action makes it look right. I guess I'm ok with having the ugly grill and the too big RAM on the tailgate on the Laramie only. What does that thing cost anyways? $60K? But don't ditch the normal grill boys!

I have the Big Horn crew/6.5 bed. I splurged for the Sport alloy rims because I couldn't handle the plastic covers on a $40,000 truck. The truck is superb. Now, Sergio, time to put the Truck division on a quest for weight savings, and I'm not talking about full aluminum frames and what not. I'm talking about putting the engineers to work on saving weight with what they've got. If you can shave 300-400 pounds off my truck, the power and fuel economy benefit will be significant. Hey, this is just because I care man.

The colour orange is notoriously bad to reproduce, especially as these are "artists impressions" rather than pictures of the real truck. Await their arrival at dealerships, or pictures proper to hit the 'Net.

They say it's a crew cab (I guess the REAL crew cab) thing, but I see the black one in a Quad Cab configuration. Hmmm...

I do hope it is accessorised heavily. $42k for a two wheel drive?

FCA need to do more than play around the edges of the Ram. The rate of sales for the Ram is declining.

I do think there is a better way to spend your money. But it is a better deal than a Tremor.

It's sad to see where prices have gone on trucks, the cheapest vehicles to make. They won't get my money. I can't blame them though, lots

of other people will.

Try AllPar.com for a slightly lengthier, more detailed story .....

no 6.4 Hemi? why am I reading this Ram go back to the drawing board 1 more time please


Its Harley Davidson Orange.
There are a lot of HD fans out there that are more passionate about their bikes than their trucks so if these guys are going to spend big money for a HD they can afford this truck.

I know HD Guys, they LOVE to spend money!
They spend on what they want cause they think they are going to die tomorrow and not going to get a chance to enjoy it. So when they are on that death bed they die with a smile on their face cause they enjoyed life to the fullest.

Ram was smart to go after that money.

@gom--Trucks were the cheapest vehicles to make back when rear wheel drive V-8 powered cars ruled. Trucks and cars use to share frames, power trains, components, etc and now cars are mostly front wheel drive with 4 cylinder engines. Much cheaper to make front wheel drive vehicles and the platforms are shared. Trucks today are much more specialized and it is hard to buy a truck without most of the extras. Trucks have become the big profit makers where in the past they were not as profitable. I do see where trucks have reached the point where they have become so expensive that they are more of a luxury vehicle. Truck sales are not as great as they were 10 years ago and will take less share of the new vehicle market but then they are so profitable that they do not need to sell as many. Crossovers are the hot vehicles replacing sedans, minivans, and trucks for many. Many are buying new vehicles with 60 to 96 month loans which lowers the monthly payments and allows them to afford more expensive vehicles than they normally could afford.

So they painted a Ram truck and added some stripes whats the big deal? The other one they added black colored wheels. Same wheels different color. Again big deal! See trucks like this all the time to the point of sickness.

Um... dont think so!

Jeff S

You're correct!
Like you and me we own a truck cause we need one, we haul and tow with it.
Too many people buying trucks without needing one, I know truck owners that are afraid to haul a bag of dog food in their bed cause it might scratch the paint, I see so many tow hitches on trucks when they have nothing to tow.
That's the reason why trucks have transformed into luxury vehicles and got expensive cause everybody is buying one and the demand is there.

If you would look at my late model truck its covered with mud and dents and I already cracked the windshield twice, my bed is full of garbage where I leave the tailgate down hoping if I go fast enough that junk will blow out on the road.

I can always point out a working truck compared to a non-working truck, the non-working truck is always clean and shinny with all the stupid accessories nobody needs on them.
In my opinion chrome doesn't belong on any pickup cause its too hard to keep clean.

I am offended that people own trucks when they don't need them cause I have to pay the price for it and so and so's truck is better than my truck cause he has eco-boost and leather seats.

I always owned a truck before trucks became popular and it also amazes me how difficult they try to park their full size truck in a parking spot at the shopping center.
I got into a fight with a guy while waiting for him to get his truck into a tight parking spot so I started clapping after he got it after 3 tries so he got out of his truck and asked me if I have a problem, I told him: "yea nice truck, too bad you can't Fu**ing drive it"

@Tom#3--I preferred driving a truck when it was not cool or hip. I still own trucks and use them but I preferred when they were less popular. Also the more popular something gets the more demand and the more expensive. I don't blame the manufacturers for cashing in on the truck trend but I miss the times when there were fewer trucks and you would wave or signal a fellow truck drive on the road. I probably would have not been as interested in trucks except I spend my summers on my grandparents farm and learned to drive on a my granddad's 63 IH step side 3 on the tree. For years I didn't have a truck but once I got one I rediscovered the utility and uniqueness of them.

"$42,000 for a starting price? Wow... Wonder what the profit margin is for these pricy modern pickups?"

Probably about 75%

No 392 option?

I sure miss the days when a sport truck was a RCSB.

Why make these Sport models only available as crew cabs? I'm sure there are buyers out there who also want a Sport as a regular or quad cab.
Another thing - why not make these Sport models more than just fancy paint and wheel colors? Make the 6.4 motor an option. For $42K base price, I'd want more that just some fancy paint and graphics.

Sweet looking trucks, and it is a good starting price, when the rebates hit it will much cheaper than the Gm twins and you will have a much better pick up

For those who aren't familiar and as the article states, starting price for a Crew Cab 2WD Sport is currently 42K. This is nothing new and unfortunately the going rate for higher end 1/2 ton trucks. These appearance packages each increase the price by $1595.

@Jeff S - I've always owned trucks and for those who live in certain areas of the world they are accepted everyday vehicles i.e. rural and more industrial based regions.
To read Tom#3's comments especially "I always owned a truck before trucks became popular and it also amazes me how difficult they try to park their full size truck in a parking spot at the shopping center."
He is full of it because if he was telling the truth about where he lives and works he'd be living in a region that fits my comment.

@Tom#3 continues on. You have never answered any of my questions.........

What kind of rear diff is in your 2013?
How does it behave in mud and snow?
How does traction/stability control work in mud/snow?
What tires are on your truck?
How many miles on your truck?

Big Al from Oz - I'm calling him out. He is full of crap. He alleges to have an extended cab which is shorter than mine but approach and departure angles would be the same. Break over angle would be the only difference.

I can explain exactly how mine behaves in extremes.

He can't.

Maybe you are right Lou BC. I have lived both on a farm and in the suburbs and I find a pickup useful in both. I don't begrudge anyone the choice of a nicer more premium truck if they can afford it but the trend is away from more affordable work trucks. This is a topic for another discussion and I cannot blame any manufacturer for cashing in on the market for more expensive trucks. I am glad to see the new Colorado/Canyon because that is another choice for those of us that prefer midsize. As for the new F-150s most of the body shops around where I live have been advertising that they are certified in aluminum body work. Most of the business of body shops around me are insurance claims and they need to be prepared to work on all late model vehicles. Ford will probably do reasonably well with the new F-150s but there will be some stiff competition with heavy discounting from their competitors who want to gain market share More choice is good for all of us.

This is boring. RAM needs to offer a better Sport package like the 2015 F150. I hate that you can only get Black rams that have no shinny material. I want all colors available with black grills and blacked out labeling. These black only models are dumb. At least you can get an express black looking sport now.... Finally. Ford has proven that all painted models with black accents sells. The market should follow. Same with GM. GM needs to offer all painted models as well. It's no different than all brands offering trucks with chrome.

What about the Ceremic Blue edition. I did not see it mentioned anywhere, but it is also available.

@Jeff S and the like:
Ooohhh, okay, we bow to you truck purists! Nobody should be able to drive a truck unless they are a farmer or logger. And shame on anyone who keeps their truck spotless. Blessed are those who have tufts of muddied grass sticking out of every body crevice including their own. My God, I thought we live in America, home of the FREE. Life, liberty, and happiness. Oh yeah, FREE to live in order to squelch other's happiness by questioning their liberties. GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE!

Yeah well if anybody wants one I agree with all comments dodge is awesome I have owned 4 of them now I don't have a car at all so unfit them while you have them you only live ones

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