Ram Concept Salutes Texas Rangers

1 Ram Ranger Concept II

Making a big splash at the 2015 Dallas Auto Show, Ram President and CEO Bob Hegbloom introduced a new concept truck that pays homage to those famous lawmen, the Texas Rangers. The pickup truck was born out of a partnership that began last year between Ram and the Texas Rangers to help with the renovation and expansion of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco.

Ram donated $100,000 to the project during the 2014 State Fair of Texas and seems to be suggesting there's a possibility that a new trim package may be on the way to go along with the upscale Laramie Longhorn edition. No announcement has been made about a new special-edition Ram, but Ram is reported to be the fastest-growing truck brand in Texas and this could be one way to reinforce that position.

The Texas Ranger concept includes unique Ranger badging all over the truck and even on the center caps of the 20-inch polished-aluminum wheels. The exterior is covered in two-tone Bright White and Silver to echo the traditional good-guy white hats and silver badges of the Rangers. Inside, the truck is loaded with Canyon Brown and Tan leather seats with a unique instrument cluster and center stack. Ranger badges can be found on the seats, console and the floormats.

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2 Ram Ranger Concept II

3 Ram Ranger Concept II

4 Ram Ranger Concept II

5 Ram Ranger Concept II

6 Ram Ranger Concept II

7 Ram Ranger Concept II

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10 Ram Ranger Concept II


I am sure this appeals to someone, maybe a Texas Ranger?

What, no light bar? This is lame beyond words. i had to make sure it wasn't April 1st.

Oh, If you push the reset button on your pick-up brand name in 2010 of course your going to be the fastest growing brand.

Where is the big ugly front grill and the hideous plastic RAM!!!!!!! across the tailgate? Id like to see the confirmed 2016 makeover of the 1500. All glimpses and drawings on PUTC and Allpar have made me think not very hard about switching trucks brands. I hope they don't screw this up, I've been pretty diehard Dodge.

Founded 1823, Texas USA...umm what?

Cool truck... now if only Ford would sell a Ranger here...

Ironic as the Ram trucks don't even come with turn signals on them.

Great truck, great interior...
I just wish it didn't have Chrysler's stupid "knob" for its gear selector.
I'll wait to buy one until a proper shift lever come back to RAM.

The Ram is beautiful.
Interior made of cowboy leather that salutes true American Hero's The Texas Rangers.
I mean how MORE true American can you get with the Texas Rangers?

Thank You Ram for bringing back my faith and pride in America

When you open the door the Walker Texas Ranger Theme starts to play. Should have put a picture of Chuck Norris on the Display instead of the star.

Wonder if the head lights flash too.

They need to include an extra star for use as a belt buckle...

I expected Chuck Norris's bust to replace the Ram head. LOL

I do wonder what kind of yahoo would like this?

looks like Tom#3 answered that question for me.

How about a Ronny Raygun Ram edition with Bonzo stitching.

Well you asked BLang.... New Ranger!! just not here, yet...

Who would buy one?

I really mean that.


Over the past few months Ram has really thrown out some quite distasteful pickups.

If Ram want to remain on the up they had better start looking at what is appealing to most who buy pickups, or they will go downhill again.

If a company can throw a vehicle into the mix like this, it does really highlight how uncompetitive the market is.

GM has been doing the same with their special edition pickups.

Lou BC

You don't understand!
My meaning is I have great respect for the people at Ram Trucks for picking and choosing such great and respected group such as The Texas Rangers in the design of their trucks.

The Texas Rangers make me proud to be an American, they represent freedom, justice and that tough guy meaning we Americans share.

Ram didn't have to make this truck but I feel they did it to cure us Americans cause we have lost that true tough guy American meaning and what better group of people to lift us up and restore our American pride than The Texas Rangers !

They did it because they think they can sell a few of them. FCA looking for a possible merger with another euro company is not a healthy sign. They need cash for product updates, outside Ram trucks sales are probably gloomy, and Ram sales may have reached their zenith.

Exterior looks good, but IMO the interior looks tacky.

Too big for my needs anyhow. I'm with BLang, and would rather have the FORD Ranger. Or I'd also be in the market for a mid-size Ram. They could have one in the works??? Check this out... http://www.autoblog.com/2015/03/25/ram-fiat-midsize-pickup-spy-shots/

@supercrew02 - I saw the updated global Ranger online yesterday. I'm certainly not a 'fan boy' but that looks sharp! I think it would sell if they brought it here (I5 diesel and maybe Ecoboost). Maybe they still will. Chevy teased us with the Global Colorado for a couple years before bringing a new version here.
@Brian in NC - A new Ram midsize (Dakota?) would be pretty cool. For what it's worth... those spy shots seem to show a truck that has no solid rear axle. Maybe, like the Ridgeline, that is cool for some people. I know people that really like their Ridgelines so who knows. We'll see what happens I guess.

@Tom#3 - Here is my reply to your question "Question: On a new F-150 how can you tell if the engine is a eco-boost or not just by looking at the tailgate?"

Ford does not put an Ecoboost badge on the tailgate. It is on the door side. I have noticed that this badge has gotten smaller on the 2015 trucks.

Ford has a "Flexfuel" badge on the tailgate of all of their F150's with normally aspirated engines. The "flexfuel" badge does NOT appear on Ecoboost trucks.

This badge is also smaller on the 2015 trucks.

You said you'd answer my questions if I answered this one.

@Tom#3 - the whole Texas Ranger Wild West mystique appeals to a very limited market. I do agree somewhat that many in the USA want a positive hero to focus upon. That will not occur as long as the left and right political wings keep fighting over ideology as opposed to agreeing to properly manage the country.

How about a "US Taxpayer" edition? Something we can all identify with.

doc - taxpayer edition? Plain vinyl bench seat crank windows, no A/C,and bias ply tires for the low price of 100,000 dollars ;)

The Rangers want a 2500 not a NYC boy truck....

I can confirm the number of these trucks increasing in TX.
It is a fine looking truck.

My "House Husband" client is looking to get rid of his 6 yr. old 3500 crew after he was handed a $3,300 bill for scheduled maintenance.


Don't know why Ram does not offer a Cowboy theme interior on the Power Wagon.

Translation: Ram paid $100k to get the marketing rights to the Ranger logo on their trucks.

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