Spied: 2017 Ford F-250/350 Caught

Ford SD BW 2 II

We're beginning to hear more about Ford Super Dutys doing more testing in the real world. Some of our spies are beginning to see some interestingly camouflaged vehicles running near Ford's Dearborn headquarters and Romulus proving grounds in Michigan. Here's one of their latest communiqués.

"While the 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbo-diesel was significantly upgraded for 2015, expect a new gas engine to join the lineup — either the development of the 5.0-liter V-8 or a special 3.5-liter V-6 EcoBoost that are the more powerful engines on the F-150 lineup. A 10-speed automatic should be part of the picture too, considering it's debuting on the 2017 Raptor that was shown this year during the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit (it's being mated to a high-output 3.5-liter EcoBoost).

"Styling will mimic the F-150's but in a bolder way, as the Super Duty trucks have always done. Think Ford Atlas Concept truck. Expect at least some of the new F-150's features (such as safety technology and upgraded infotainment) to make their way into the bigger trucks.

"Also expect to see the Super Dutys revealed late this year or early next year and released as 2017 model-year vehicles."

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Robert Ryan - Your quote about the 3.7L Cyclone is correct. However the fist version of the Cyclone was the 3.5L and it was used in a Lincoln first as both Chase and I posted.

"The first version of the Cyclone engine, a 3.5 L V6, appeared in the 2007 Lincoln MKZ. Mazda badges its versions of the Cyclone MZI as it did with its versions of the Duratec V6."

It was somewhat co-op, but the point Al was failing to make was that the base engine for the 3.5L Ecoboost appeared in a FWD Mazda (note he couldn't name the model) is FALSE.

The only link the Scorpion/6.7L Powerstroke has to the Lion is that Ford consulted with UK diesel designers that helped on the Lion when it was designed to troubleshoot their design. There is no other information linking it to the Lion that would indicate it is spin off or enlarged version. Infact the reverse flow design actually resembles GM's baby Duramax 4.5L that was shelved.

So unless you count sharing input from engineers that worked on the Lion as basing it on the Lion, that is also FALSE. That is about the only link to the Lion. It isn't like they popped on 2 cylinders to the Lion design and added urea injection and called it a day.

Al - You just proved what CHase and I had been saying and contradicted yourself.

"@Robert Ryan,
When the engine was ready for manufacture. The Austrian AVL and the UK Lion design/development team went to Detroit to assist in the engineering/trouble shooting aspects of it's production."

Note the use of the word "assist" and also mention of troubleshooting.

The new one is on Left Lane News and now Twitter.

AVL designed the engine. Ford England debugged the working prototypes. Then input had to be given to Detroit to produce the engine Basically three parts of the production process.

Similar to the Duramax. Isuzu has copyright on the engine design and updating it. GM has responsibility for production

all the crying and guess what Ford is the only one that did not go bankrupt or borrow money.... weather you like them or not ford did not screw the taxpayers like dodge and chevy....

Sooo, I see that Ford still hasn't integrated the HD hitch to make it look cleaner on the bumper and it still sticks out like a sore thumb....kudos to Ram and Chevy for their hitch. Ford are you listening!

There's already a picture leaked on jalopnik. The F150 and F250/350 will share the same cab, just different front end and bed.

The new superduty was spotted two days ago without camo.. why is this breaking news? We know what it's gonna look like. They're gonna sell because of the mindless following of Ford lovers. Putting an ecoboost in the SD sounds like a good idea..until you think about what super duties are for.. pulling.. hauling.. that's where the ecoboost is an oxymoron... turbo v6 with v8 power and v10 fuel economy. Put the 5.0coyote in it as the base motor. Let's be real.

I have a Eco boost with 70000 miles would not trade it for anyone's v8 it will out tow any v8 gas. if you want v8 gas mileage just drive it slow like a v8

Listen to all of you is giving me a headache...look I'm not knocking the ecoboost but guys it's nothing but a gimmick and I'm sorry it is...the ford 5.0 v8 has Been the most proven Reliable engine ever made which is why it's been around in some capacity for 30 years...I had a 2014 coyote v8 rated at 360 hp and 375hp using e85 octane i traded it in for a 2015 150 v8 rated at 385hp with 400hp with e85 it blew my old engine away and its faster than the ecoboost I test drove it..the new ford 15 5.0 v8 is the fastest stock truck engine in the half ton ever made it blows the hemi and the 5.3 Chevy away...its 700 pound lighter they put a whole new exhaust in and air intake manifolds in the exhaust and basically put a ram air system in it and it's a 32 valve v8 which gives in unreal mid range power an acceleration...nothing compares to it an you put it in sport mode your going 0-60 in 5.5...screw the Ecoboost but ruler has it in 18 ford is offering a ecoboost v8 5.0 with a 500hp rating now that might turn out to be the most ultimate engine of all time it's gonna be th top engine you can put in the raptor

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