Spied: Could This Be a New Ram Midsize Pickup?

Cdauto_FiatRamPickup_32515_1 II

According to sources close to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, a new Ram midsize pickup truck is likely headed our way; however, whether it will be a badged a Ram, a Dodge or something new (a Fiat?) remains to be seen. FCA has been working with several cobbled-together mules in Europe and the U.S., but this is our best look to date of what may be ahead. We were able to see under the rear of the vehicle, so we know there is a fairly light-duty independent suspension.

Some reports suggest the platform for the prototype is actually a modified version of the Dodge Journey, which uses a similar rearend.

The popularity of the midsize pickup segment has grown recently with the spotlight shining brightly on GM's Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. Interestingly, all the players in this segment use a live rear axle setup to produce competent towing and payload ratings. Whether anything similar could be done with an independent rear suspension is doubtful but not impossible.

This strategy suggests Ram is deciding to offer a crossover-type pickup truck similar to the Honda Ridgeline, likely giving Jeep the opportunity to produce a capability-biased midsize pickup.

It also has been suggested that this test truck is likely a disguise intentionally made to look like a more traditional crossover or minivan and camouflaged to look like there's a pickup hiding underneath. We should know more in the next six months.

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Am I the only one that would be more excited if it was body-on-frame instead of being unibody with a sideways engine?

I find it interesting that the automakers test their new trucks with aggressive off-road type tires but sell them with street tires.......

TJ - IIRC car companies are required to test with rated winter tires

It will be a RAM. It would only make sense. Call it the RAM 50 or RAM 500.

Is this a pickup or BOF SUV ?

Fiat pickup truck.

To sell a Jeep pickup and have a different product and not compete with Ram, mid size makes sense. It mikes too much sense but not enough dollars. I'll believe it when I see it. I wouldn't mind a 4 door Comanche though.

Suv.... The reverse lights/taillight assembly appears to be higher the the bottom of the side windows.... The taillight are to high for a pickup bed configuration.... It would make a tailgate large and tall and significantly block the view out the rear view window....

I honestly thought Ford was going to put the Expedition IRS on the new F-150 when it came out

oh no, not another cartruck crossover

That is one seriously flimsy looking rear suspension.

Can anyone see a frame on this truck? Unibody? Maybe they have made the Strada more "western" truck like i.e. boxy.....

or this could be a padded bra wet dream teaser for small truck buyers.

Mitsubishi Triton/L200 will be sold as RAM or FIAT pickup depending on the market. Primary market is Brazil. Will not be sold in the part of North America that is north of Mexico.
Rear suspension on the vehicle in this article is not an L200/Triton.

Geoff - a few other sites have better low angle pictures and look like this is a unibody truck. It is either a modified Strada or a van modified to pickup shape.

Lou, look at the picture second from the top. The photo looking forward into the left rear wheel well.

If you look you can see how the bed is structurally part of the cab.

I wonder if this will be the same as the XJ Jeep Cherokee.

Our Ford Falcons and Commodore utes use a similar method for design. A half chassis.

This design is good for strength, with reduced vehicle weight.

Ram has too much on their plate than to waste time on another mid size truck.
Ram has to clean house at the dealerships first.
The Ram full size truck is too good not to be the leader in sales so it has to be the dealers fault the trucks are not selling.
They have to clamp down and take dealerships away from dealers not producing and give it to a new dealer that can!
Ford is showing its weakness right now and your dealers should be taking advantage of that NOW!
Fat guys that don't smile and say: "I don't know - I don't know" all the time can't sell trucks even if they give them away

If they come out with 25 different Texas Editions and offer the basic white paint black paint options at $5,000 each it should sell like hot cakes. NOT!

I agree about the rear axle looking flimsy. Reminds me of my daughter's old 1998 Grand Am rear end. It's probably just a 7/8 RAM though. At least they have something to compete in the mid size truck segment.

Another thing i noticed what makes this a suv is the rear doors..... They pretty much end right at rear fender well just like a suv.... By the pictures there would be no bed space in front of the rear fenderwells cause that is where the back of the cab would be.

@Big Al - I do think that is unibody. It looks too big to be a Strada. Might be a mutated van platform. It must be a shared platform of some kind since this is the first mention of a FCA midsized truck other than the Strada.

That is one seriously flimsy looking rear suspension.
Posted by: KeithCT | Mar 26, 2015 2:10:54 PM

I agree about the rear axle looking flimsy. Reminds me of my daughter's old 1998 Grand Am rear end. It's probably just a 7/8 RAM though. At least they have something to compete in the mid size truck segment.
Posted by: Steve | Mar 26, 2015 4:27:51 PM

It doesn't look flimsy at all, but pretty solid , smart and sturdy, with better potholes handling than solid axle.


Is this the best Ram can do to compete against the new GM mid size twins? You lost to the starting gate and you are definitely losing the race with this JOKE!

It looks like a bastardised Grand Cherokee, stretched, with a modified assend to support a pickup bed.

I do believe that it doesn't matter what the rear axle layout is to tow.

Isn't the Grand Cherokee using a IRS? Look at its tow rating.

Is this the best Ram can do to compete against the new GM mid size twins? You lost to the starting gate and you are definitely losing the race with this JOKE!
Posted by: greg | Mar 26, 2015 10:18:41 PM

Your arguments are bulletproof, because you used caps. LOL.

Here is a new Tacoma.


I welcome another contender to the mid-size market. The Tacoma needs some motivation to improve. And the Colorado will fail like previous generation. I applaud Fiat Chrysler's boldness.

Big Al brings up a good point. If this is based on the Grand Cherokee/Durango platform then they might be on to something here. I think that would be a good platform to base a mid-size truck on which would be easy to include an 8-speed auto behind the Pentastar 3.6 or the 3.0 Ecodiesel.

Mercedes planning a pickup.


@Big Al - looks like you hit the nail on the head. It lends credence to all of those rumours of a Jeep truck. in actual fact it will be a Ram badged truck on a Jeep platform.

Big Al and Lou BC, I disagree about it being based on the Grand Cherokee , it looks to be front wheel drive . Unless you meant to say the front wheel drive Jeep Cherokee. Just my two cents.

Louis o - this may be a Strada on steroids

Ford is starting to panic cause they are now giving $14K off the 2014's and they have no space for the 2015's and that serious customer they blew off a few weeks ago never came back.
Can't wait to see the sales numbers for this month !

Tom#3 - waiting for your answers

Chrysler is keeping their options open by testing midsize versions. Chrysler is still waiting to see how the new Colorado/Canyon will sell and how the new Tacoma will do as well. Part of leaking this information is to gauge interest in a midsize truck from Chrysler.

Lou BC
2013 F-150 4x4 Supercab
145" WB
5.0 V8
Group 400A
FX4 Series
3.73 Electronic Rear Axle
7350 # GVWR Package
36 Gal gas tank
Trailer Brake Controller
18" All terrain tires

Its a basic supercab stripped down FX4 with cloth interior with sport bucket seats and floor shift.

@Louis o,
The vehicle has been heavily altered.

The rear suspension isn't from the Grand Cherokee, but the main part of the body sure looks like it.

The front end has had some additional sheet metal to lengthen it.

Looking at the size of the exhaust it appears to be a smallish engine.

If you look at where the front fender meets the A pillar it identical to the Grand Cherokee.

I do think the changes to make a pickup out of a Grand Cherokee chassis would require significant modifications.

The pickup bed also pushes out in width by a considerable margin.

The rear axle look similar to a Fiat Doblo Work Up. This is a Fiat pickup that I've placed links on PUTC over the years as a contender for the US market. The Doblo is similar to the Ram Pro Master City.

To convert a SUV into a pickup is the opposite to what normally occurs, especially if there is no separate chassis.

I have read that the Doblo or Ram Promaster City is being used.

Here is the rear end out of a Doblo pickup. Look at the similarity between it and this pickup. Especially the springs and dampers.

The only difference is this is a 4x4.


Tom#3 - how many miles on it?

What brand of tire?


How does rear diff behave on snow/ice and mud?


I say its a 4 door version of a Ram 700 (ie Fiat Strada.) Wether it makes it to the US is a different story. I believe they may consider it, and then try and make a Jeep based pickup that would be a "premium" price point over normal compact trucks. This would alleviate the 9/10s cost for 9/10s size argument Ford and Dodge have had with making a new Ranger or Dakota work. It would also allow a real compact sized truck (used usely as its a ute) to slot in below it.

The WK2 group is too expensive for a pick-up. It was designed to meet the needs of ML and GL customers, along with Chrysler SUV.
the rear suspension is 100% Fiat Doblo.
A vehicle like this would have plenty of strength if it was built along the lines of the European midsize vans. The Transporter and Vito are independent rear- just not much camber change through the travel.

@Mr Knowitall,
You could be correct.

I do think the rearend is a Doblo and the front end might be a Cherokee. The Cherokee is based on a Dart (?).

The engine judging by the size of the exhaust is a 2.4.

The vehicle is made of two vehicles. Judging by the width I wonder if the Doblo's track is very similar tot he Cherokee?

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