Sprinter Production Will Move to Charleston, S.C.

MB 4x4_6832 II

Mercedes-Benz will invest $500 million in a new production facility in Charleston, S.C., to produce the next-generation Sprinter vans, adding 1,300 new jobs to the area.

Last year Mercedes sold more than 25,000 Sprinters in the U.S. in several cargo and passenger-van configurations. The new plant will allow the German company to minimize the overall cost of the van, which typically has higher production costs and resulting transaction prices than its two direct competitors, the Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster. Added costs come from reassembling the vans in the U.S. once they're shipped across the ocean.

The Sprinter, which has been sold in the U.S. since 2001, will add a four-wheel-drive version next year to expand its appeal among full-size van buyers in northwestern and northeastern states. Sales for Sprinters were up in 2014 by 18 percent and seem to be gaining more acceptance among those looking for efficient, safe transport.

No word if part or all of the new rear-wheel-drive midsize Metris production will be moved to the U.S.; Metris and Sprinter cargo vans will be reassembled from their semi-knocked-down configurations after shipping from the Vitoria, Spain, production plant until the Charleston plant is up and running in two or three years.

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MB 4x4 II



"Sprinter cargo vans will be reassembled from their semi-knocked-down configurations after shipping from the Vitoria, Spain, production plant until the Charleston plant is up and running..."


The chicken tax strikes again!!!

If Mercedes lowers their sticker prices by $10,000 I will consider the Sprinter the next time I buy a truck.

@papa jim,
Sure is the Bird Tax

Now the Company has mentioned it as a reason for building the plant in the first place. I suspect other Vans will be built there as well

We need the 4x4 sprinter here, would make the class b rv market explode for those that like to go off the beaten path.

it sure would, great base for a Class B

This once again proves it make sense to build where you sell. Toyota and Honda figured out out in the 80's. No surprised the factory will be in the south, I'm guessing SC is right to work state. Good on ya SC.

I like it more jobs for us. But I'm not buying one unless a huge price reduction.

"Yep, yet another manufacturer forces to build a factory here to sell in the US market because of the chicken tax. It is also in the very small van market "

Not at all MB wanted to import , but Chicken tax, killed that. It is not a small van market in size, as they would not be spending 500 Miliion to build a factory. Now they can build small and Sprinter sized Vans at I suspect somewhere in the US South
I do think the 4x4 Market is small though, not the general market in the US

I hope they have done something to the body on these vans to keep them from rusting, as most of the first generation Sprinter Vans I see locally have lots of rust at the bottom of the doors, and rockers! I know of two guys who own them, and have taken really good care of them, and spent well over 30K on them back around 8 years or so ago, and every one of them I have seen have the rust I mentioned. I also know you can not get one anymore for under 40K now !!! which is a lot for a stripped work van! I would think rust is a very serious problem as these van are unibody! and the Sprinters I have seen also have what looks like plastic rear leaf springs? or composite? I will admit tough they do take a good load, as I have driven one over 80,000 miles over a 3 year period hauling bottled water, and that is heavy to say the least > I can remember going out with over 4,000 at the start of a run, and the 5 cyl diesel engine did have plenty of power and did get respectable mpg.

Should start calling this website vans.com.

Eric: fact: the ProMaster vans have the most payload capacity of any 1/2t vans, because the weigh the least! The high roof 1500, the heaviest of the 1/2 t vans weigh 4,756 lbs empty, and have a gvwr of 8,550 lbs! that means the least weigh they will haul is 3,794 lbs!! and the low roof weighs 4,628 and has a gvwr of 8,550 meaning that will haul 3,922!! in a 1/2t van! the 2500 ProMasters will haul 4,400!!! Look in up at Ram trucks!

Even though it's called a 1500 why is it's gross vehicle mass over the magical 8 500lb mark.

Sort of like the next Cummins Titan. A 1/2 ton pickup when it ain't a half ton pickup.

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