Vincentric Names Chevrolet Best Value Truck Brand

Chevy HD 1 II

Vincentric announced its 2015 Best Value Awards, and the overall winner for Best Value Truck Brand is Chevrolet, winning three of the six main pickup categories.

Vincentric is an automotive data compilation and analysis firm that measures the cost of ownership during the first five years of a pickup truck's life. 

Vincentric's scoring system measured ownership costs for 2015 models in eight different categories across nine different ownership scenarios. The company then compared the ownership costs for each model against its expected costs, based on the vehicle's segment. Winning vehicles had the lowest expected relative ownership costs versus their segment’s expected costs.

In the midsize segment, the Toyota Tacoma won, mostly because it is the vehicle likely to depreciate the least during five years. In the half-ton segment, the Ram 1500 just nosed ahead of the Tundra and the Ford F-150. We broke down the heavy-duty category by gas and diesel engines in the 2500 and 3500 segments. The Chevrolet Silverado 2500 and 3500 dominated, giving up the one-ton gas segment to its sibling GMC.

Winners By Category

Midsize: Toyota Tacoma

Half-ton: Ram 1500

Three-quarter-ton gas: Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD
Three-quarter-ton diesel: Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

One-ton gas: GMC Sierra 3500 HD
One-ton diesel: Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD

To read the full press release, click here.

Editor’s note: This post was updated on March 27 to clarify Vincentric’s methodology for determining its awards.

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Ford sells the most, why are they not #1 in all catagories?

Amazing what you can buy with billions in government dollars. Only a moron would buy from this company, they make garbage.

chevy may have won but do you really want a truck that spends half it life in the shop for the gazillion recalls they have done :(

Another meaning less pile of data. Ram won best truck for two years in a row, ads all over tv. Did that status make them number one in sales?

devo340 For the same reason McDonald hamburgers are not the best. Just because they sell the most does NOT mean they are the best. As of rith now, the new Ram 1/2t covers all the bases, from the 20K work truck to the 50k diesel luxury truck, the Ram is the one in the half ton segment. Where else can you get a 390hp V-8 powered truck for around 22K? or a diesel half ton anywhere else? Not to mention air ride or coil springs? The only surprise here, is that Ram did not take the HD category also!


That's Winning 4 out of 6 not 3 out of 6.

For GM, GMC and Chevy are the big winners along with RAM.

I agree Sandman

Too bad Gm has hit its subsidized peak, 2016 will be downhill. Less warranty, and overpriced due to all of this tech they throw on vehicles.

Congrats to GM for building a very good truck! This website seems to attract very brand loyal people, who are incapable of admitting that each brand has its strong points, and weak points. Each of them bring something to the market, and without the competition we wouldn't have the trucks we have read the article and understand that they are not that big of a separation between the top finisher and last. To each their own!

Very well said using McDonalds as an analogy
If I may add to that McDonalds burgers may not be the best BUT they are consistent !
What I mean no matter what McDonalds location you go to you ALWAYS get the same quality, the same taste. You know what you're getting!

Same way with pickup trucks is when they make extreme changes every year you have no idea what truck you are getting. We want the same truck we expected we owned in the past, we want to know what truck we are getting!

@supercrew02 - I disagree. One needs to read further. what are the metrics used to make their decisions?

Vincentric also does a similar list for fleet buyers. I like to look at that one too. It is interesting to see the differences.

GM/Chevv HD's score top ratings both for civilian and fleet value.
Ford F150 had the best score for fleets.

The whole MacDonald's metaphor is highly inappropriate....... If I'm spending 50K on a truck I look at multiple variables. Number one in volume means little to me.
The local FCA dealer advertised #1 dealer in Canada but the fine print says "#1 volume dealer". They also fail to mention that they are part of a national chain and internet orders count to their tally.
They also downplayed getting fined for misleading advertising and sales tactics. Just like they stated that their principal parted paths under mutual agreement as opposed to "got fired for lying and cheating".

Are you guys really comparing buying a hamburger to a long term buying decision like buying a truck?

No wonder people buy trucks and are clueless about them. They use hamburger analogies for buying decisions. SMH!

Ford number of what,,,poor quality...

It makes no mater what you are talking about, hamburgers or trucks, just because one sells more than the other, does not mean it is the best!

No surprise here!

the hamburger analogy doesn't work at all. Especially when you consider that the f150 is usually more expensive. At least in the last year I've been watching, the f-150 has been consistently a few thousand more than a comparable ram or chevy after rebates. I wish it was the other way around.

well obviously Vincentric (whoever the hell they are supposed to be) sure don't know much

FCA - Ram 1500 a better value only if you want a personal use truck. It rates poorly for work.

This report combined with the recent JD Power report does show that Ram 1500 quality has improved to the point of being on par with everyone else.

FCA - okay, whatever floats your little boat.

Vincentric inlcudes depreciation-loss in value of an asset due to wear and tear, but then uses resale prices to come out with a score. resale prices are pretty nebulous-for example we know rightly or wrongly Yota buyers will pay more for their beloved brand. Break it down to just purchase price, cost of insurance, maintenance and fuel over five years and take the resale out of the equation. Vincentric may be statistically able to justify using resale price, but I liken this to asking 100 economists their view on the ecnonmic future and none of them can agree on the same thing and they all use the same math.

yuck chevy ford is the best

FCA - Ram 1500 a better value only if you want a personal use truck. It rates poorly for work.

This report combined with the recent JD Power report does show that Ram 1500 quality has improved to the point of being on par with everyone else.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Mar 26, 2015 12:04:17 PM

Can you show me where Ram rates poorly for work.

Edmunds Rates Ram an A in both 1500 and heavy duty work truck. Ford taking up the rear.

HEMI V8 - we were talking Vincentric. It lists sites such as Edmunds using their data.

HEMI V8 - we were talking Vincentric

Posted by: Lou_BC | Mar 30, 2015 12:03:49 PM

Yes we are. Looks like Ram wins out above Ford and Toyota.


Quite the contrary. That's what makes a great work truck.

HEMI V8 - Ram 1500 gets the nod for civilian use but not work.

Ram doesn't make a 1500 work truck.

Just a reskinned Crown Victoria with a useless balcony.

Regardless Ford gets NADA! Zip, Zero, Nothing. :-(

@Lou BC,

"Ram doesn't make a 1500 work truck."


Ever heard of Tradesmen?


HemiV8 - tradesman double cab 4x2 5.7 has approximately 1750 payload. GM 5.3 crew is 18-2200 lb. Ford 5.0 crew is 22-3000 lb.

The tradesmen comes with 4 ply tires.

Work truck????

Bwhaaaaaaa haaaaa haaaaa.

You must think it is April 1st with your posts.

Poor ford good on paper only,,,

I don't think payload makes any vehicle a better work truck.

It's about what you need to do the work.

Arguing over load is a non issue.

I mean a F-450 is a light weight when you need to move 70 000lbs. Does that mean the F-450 is poorer work truck?

The same goes for pickups. If you only need to move a smaller weight then a Ram will do and do the job as well as the Ford.

If you want to move more weight around, then buy a 2500 Ram. How do they cost in comparison to a lighter F-150?

So, the Ram would be better.

This is like arguing that a Corolla is a better family vehicle than a Nissan Pulsar.

Big Al from Oz - You always bring up the fact that global small trucks carry more than our 1/2 ton trucks.

I've seen 1 count em 1 Ram 1500 used as a work truck and it was a reg cab 1/2 ton 4x2 V6 short box.

Payload matters to those who work.

Companies buy 1/2 tons over 3/4 ton because of insurance costs, mpg, tire costs etc.

I'll take your advice in this area when you move to the USA or Canada and take over managing a large corporate vehicle fleet.

Best value for civilian use is different than best value for fleet.
Ram has yet to get a Vincentric award for best fleet value.

Just the facts.

Money talks, bought and paid for I am sure. That's the only way Chevy can win anything! Having worked in the middle east, and getting a bunch of this crap shipped to us compared to the Land Rovers and Land Cruisers we were using in the oil field was not pleasant. If it wasn't transmissions failing it was radiators, then fuel injectors and electrical issues. The land Rovers and Land Cruisers just ran and ran through the desert sand with minimal problems.

your ALL forgetting that for 10 years gm had a mushy ride , not stability , POOR power , NO interior ( they used the interior from there minivan , then gm took the interior out of the RAM , the side profile of a Toyota tundra , the wheel well look ridiculous as per normal and its still overbaked , there doors used to close like a Mexican jail cell and a beautiful looking fisher price cant be original on there own . they will always copy.....enough said ??

GM bought and paid for by the Obama regime....

You nearly had me thinking your cognitive abilities were marginal today, missed you morning coffee?

Your comment;
"Big Al from Oz - You always bring up the fact that global small trucks carry more than our 1/2 ton trucks."

Hmmm........Lou, where did I state anything regarding our midsizers? I mentioned a Ford F-450 and a prime mover size vehicle.

In all seriousness I would be concerned about people who buy CUVs, Vans and small vehicles the size of a Honda Jazz with overloading issues.

There is a huge difference in the construction, braking and dynamics of a Jazz size vehicle and a 1/2 ton pickup. As you use in your argument place five 240lb men in a Honda Jazz.

I do know what you are stating and I do think people should not overload a vehicle.

But and this is true. Far more people whether they drive any 1/2 ton pickup, BOF SUV, HD, etc don't know how to load and secure a load either on a truck or an out of balance load on a trailer.

Your argument regarding payload is just a put down against Ram.

Ram's are as good as a F-150 for what 75% of the pickup owning public need or better still want.

So what is the problem? You create a non existent situation and harp on it.

Worry about trailer loads, Honda Jazz'es, etc. Most Ram (or Ford or Chev or Nissan and on and on) owners don't use their trucks like you state.

The ones that do use their pickups for work are the ones who tend to overload, whether its a Ford or Ram.

Look at construction, farming, etc.

Ford sells the most because there the cheapest.

Just look at that picture. FUGLY and HIDEOUS. Why anybody buys this PoS from Government Motors is beyond me

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