2015 Ford F-150 Regular Cab and SuperCab Get Top Ratings From NHTSA

Ford SuperCab II

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released safety ratings for the 2015 Ford F-150 regular-cab and SuperCab models, and they are identical to the SuperCrew results.

Both the regular-cab and SuperCab (commonly called extended cab) models got five-star safety ratings (the highest possible) in three crash categories: frontal, side and overall. Both cab configurations received four-star ratings for rollover safety, just like the SuperCrew. These 2015 federal safety ratings are better in frontal-crash tests and overall when compared to comparable 2014 cab configurations.

NHTSA also gives the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado regular-cab and extended-cab models five stars in frontal, side impact and overall testing. That same pair of 2015 Ram 1500 cabs get four stars for frontal and overall, and five for side impact. The 2015 Toyota Tundra regular and extended cabs scored four stars in frontal testing, five in side impact and four stars overall. No test results are shown for the 2015 Nissan Titan.

Although NHTSA test results are often quoted in marketing material, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also does vehicle safety testing that includes roof-crush ratings as well as offset crash results. Those results have not been completed or reported yet for the 2015 Ford F-150. That will likely come later this summer.

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If I want another full size extended cab with suicide doors, this is the only one left.


Again, Tom#3 continues posting off topic and even insulting people which is clearly a no no in your rules of...

"Try to be civil to your fellow blog readers.
Stay on topic. We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please only comment about the specified topic in the blog post."

Why is his posts never deleted while others are? Are you playing favorites? Are you discriminating against some people here and not others?

TOM#3 for president.

He tells it like it is.

How many different stories is pickuptrucks.com going to run on this? Talk about in the sack with Ford. This is like the third different story they have now posted.

How much does Ford pay Pickuptrucks.com to keep posting the same garbage?

Suddenly Ford offers big discounts on new F series pickups. Seems the new aluminum F series has not took off in sales like Ford and the fan boys on this sight thought it would.


@Sad Sack ,Ford only had one plant building the new F150 until March 13 when the Kanas plant was ready,in March the new f 150 was the fastest selling half ton 18 days on lots.Last week Ford said so far in April 45% was the new truck and they won't be caught up with demand until sometime in june.
People want the new truck,Ford just can't build them fast enough just yet

Go FORD!! Seems like the only people on here that put down the F150 are just plain jealous of this truck. tom#3 or is that #2?? He says he has a F150. I don't think he can find his way off the school bus, let a lone drive a truck.

Whats amazing is how the Ecobust engines (TINY 3.5L AND 2.7L V-6'S)are spanking the asses of much larger V-8 engines that deliver less horsepower and less torque.

Well hell I guess your theory is its better to have Less power, Less technology, Less capability and spend more money?????????????????

I have said this before, IT WELL BE A COLD DAY IN HELL BEFORE I SPEND $35,000-45,000 ON A PICK-UP TRUCK WITH A PUSH-ROD MOTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want Ford to bring back the 5.4 V8
It took Ford a long time to make the 5.4 perfect to get rid of all its problems such as spark plugs flying out, exhaust manifold bolts breaking off and injectors blowing a hole thru the piston.
Then they stop offering that engine in the F-150!
I miss my old 5.4!
I contend the 2009-2010 F-150 with the 5.4 matched with the new 6 speed transmission was the BEST F-150 Ford made!
........and it got BETTER gas mileage than the eco-boost!

you had me at hello

Very impressive. Ford did an amazing job with the 2015's. I test drove a 2.7L and 3.5L ecoboost during Ford's drive event and came away very impress. Not only it has great fuel economy, amazing power and now this.

Actually, the steep discounts the article refers to aren't steep. The XLT, depending on equipment, may have up to $2,000 in factory package discounts, and with a 2.7l eco-boost has up to about $2,495 in rebates. There are no steep discounts. Find out how much they are taking off a new Ram.

Its funny how people think the vehicle's body plays a big role in crashworthiness. That philosophy died with the advent of fully boxed hydroformed frames, crumple zones, and safety cages. The body is merely a shell to keep the weather out, mount things like lights onto, cut through the air and bring marketing appeal to help sales of the model. Todays "plastic", aluminum, and much thinner steel bodied cars and trucks are much safer and more crashworthy than (read this in the head to voice of a gravely idiot) "my daddy's" old _____ (fill in the blank with whatever floats your boat). They have done crash tests between modern cars and cars of the 60s and todays occupants fare MUCH better than those of old. Todays cars are better built, more efficient, longer lasting and MUCH safer than the cars of old... are they prettier? are they cooler? are they cheaper? are they easier to work on... for the most part no. But they are BETTER cars and trucks.

So, I guess all the endless arguments on the Internet about how the new extended cabs had to have forward opening rear doors with a B-pillar was for increased cab strength and safety ratings was all a big lie then?

The Tundra gets a free pass somewhat because at least they tried to conceal the outside rear door handles on the extended cab/quad cab models to make them look a little less obtrusive. And, the rear door window shape has a smaller couple like styling appearance to make it look a little more sporty that the regular crew cab/crewmax model. The other makes just follow the regular crew cab window line with a shorter rear door which makes them look like shortened crew cabs.

I sure hope the next gen Titan keeps the conventional king cab model with the suicide opening rear doors.

Ford has proven that you can still retain the versatility and sporty looking nature of the suicide opening rear doors while also meeting the more stringent cab roof strength and safety standards of the current era.

They did it with cars and now they are doing it with trucks. If I want to look like I'm driving a soccer dad 4-door crew cab, I will get a crew cab. Otherwise, leave my extended cab body style with suicide rear opening doors alone.

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