Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: March 2015

2015 PUTC sales photo

Pickup truck sales gained some momentum in March as much of the country is thawing out and more buyers are heading to dealer lots. Ford sales continue to be strong even though it just recently brought both F-150 plants to full speed. Super Dutys have been selling well, but the full and complex range of half-tons (now built in Dearborn, Mich., and Kansas City, Mo.) will be going to dealers and fleets, we expect, in larger volumes now.

The GM pickups are an interesting feature in this month's sales report. It's no surprise that Ford is outselling the combined total of Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierras (that's been true on a monthly and yearly basis for quite a while), but add in the strong-selling Colorado and Canyon, and the story is quite different. Add up the 2015 sales totals for all the Chevy and GMC choices, and GM dominates Ford pickup sales. It's also interesting to note that Ram, for the first time in a long time, sold fewer pickups this month than it did during the same month last year. For the year though, Ram has continued its streak of year-over–month sales growth to 60 months.

The popular idea (especially among truck-neutral auto writers) that the Chevy and GMC midsize choices would likely steal sales from their half-ton big brothers does not seem to be panning out. Combined monthly sales of the Colorado and Canyon are averaging just less than 10,000 units, yet Silverado and Sierra sales are both up for the month, and solidly in the green for the year. Much of that growth is happening in the half-ton segment.

As it stands, the new Colorado continues to sell just ahead of the well-established Nissan Frontier, but is still well behind (by half) gaining much ground on the segment-leading Tacoma. But, of course, that could change if the midsize segment gets more attention or tries to be more creative with customer options and features. We'll have to wait and see how they evolve. Look for our latest comparison test on this segment in the next few weeks. For now, this should be an interesting summer season as Ford and GM aggressively fight for supremacy.

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LOL I wonder who that one person was who bought a Canyon last year?

I made comment last month that ram and ford wouldn't be able to hit last years numbers this month.... Ram has a few more months this year that they will be down and prolly wI'll sell less trucks this year then last. Ford should be able to turn on the numbers now that both plants are converted and sell more then they did last year.

Yes congrats to ram. You turned me against your trucks about 3yrs ago. Thank you so much.

I believe you mean "GM and Ford are going down".

I don't think they're going anywhere though.

It's still funny that a DECADE old Tacoma is beating the "Motor Trend Truck of the Year". Haha

when will ram release the 2016 1500& HD trucks what month

when will ford release the 2017 superduty what month

Two Fords hosted the two most popular vehicle sales tracking views on the internet during the month of March 2015.

#10: BMW 3-Series
#9: Chrysler 200
#8: Tesla Model S
#7: Acura TLX
#6: Honda CR-V
#5: Toyota Camry
#4: Honda Accord
#3: Chrysler Town & Country
#2: Ford Mustang
#1: Ford F-Series

So GM has to add up 4 separate truck lines to outsell Ford's 2? lolololololol

doesn't ford add up the f150 250 350 450 550 650 750 to get their totals.

doesn't ford add up the f150 250 350 450 550 650 750 to get their totals.

Posted by: MIKE | Apr 1, 2015 2:58:01 PM

Nope.... 150-450

Looks to me the Chevy Silverado and the Toyota Tacoma is the clear winner here.

Quote PUTC...

"The GM pickups are an interesting feature in this month's sales report. It's no surprise that Ford is outselling the combined total of Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierras (that's been true on a monthly and yearly basis for quite a while)"

Incorrect. Per PUTC numbers last month as one example, there have been others in recent history as well.

Ford F-Series 55,236
Chevy Silverado 45,395
GMC Sierra 15,157

Simple math from last month validates.

@MIKE- so exactly which trucks do you think they are counting?
I don't think the aluminum Fords are really going to make that much of a splash. I'm not saying they won't be a good truck, but there are only so many trucks sold each year and no matter how great a truck might be, the majority of owners are probably not going to switch brands unless they've had issues with their current vehicle.

Ford is offering $14K off sticker on the leftover 2014 F-150 and that's the ONLY thing keeping them on top right now.
Once they run out of 2014's their sales will fall and it looks like Chevy will take the lead.
I thought it would be Ram over Chevy, but I was wrong and surprised by that.
The Silverado with the 4.3 V6 is the best kept secret out there right now, it offers an excellent alternative to Ford's Ecoboost.

I strongly believe the truck buyer was already edgy and unsure about the aluminum F-150 in the first place BUT when Ford INCREASED the price and offered NO discounts that pounded the nail in the coffin and scared everybody away.

I bet even LouBC would even agree with that!

Its starting to seem apparent that my prediction of Ram sales flat lining early last year is real.

Ram need to do something, and not with those ridiculous grilles and tailgate. It needs something substantial.

It will be interesting to see how the 2015 aluminium F-150 is selling. This drop in Ford sales might not be easy to claw back.

Looking at Ford's numbers they aren't moving them as well as one would like. Ford took the gamble and maybe this decision might make them the No. 2 pickup manufacturer in the US.

I do think the numbers should be broken down into Class. Amalgamating 1/2 tons and HDs seems odd.

It's the only segment that counts this way. I suppose they should start counting CUVs and SUVs sales with pickups as well to boost numbers.

GM with their pickup lineup is outselling Ford.

Ford is counting the new leftover 2014's in their 2015 sales numbers and if you notice every Ford Dealer has 10 times more 2014's in their lots than 2015's
So if you would take half of their sales numbers are 2014's then they only sold 90,000 trucks that are 2015's and Ram and Chevy sold MORE!

I think the reason the Colorado's aren't selling as well as expected is because dealers aren't getting them in... My local deal has only ever received one Colorado the entire time this generation has been on the market. I wonder if something is up with the factory or production?

F-series retail sales up 10% 29% was the new 2015 F-150
supply of the new 2015 is running about 56 days now and should be up to 60 days by the end of April.

I was wondering the same thing BMB, as every Chevy dealer I have visited in the last 3 weeks have only one or two on the lot, and try to find a Z-71! as they are sold as soon as they drive off the trailers, at full list price! I can not find one anywhere near me! But I am trying to wait till next year anyway to find the right diesel Z-71 Colorado/Canyon with just a few options I can get! in all black! I know they would be selling more, IF they could get them! one dealer I know of has deposits on Z-71's, but he can not get them fast enough!

Please explain to me how GM's ecotec 4.3L is an excellent alternative to Ford's ecoboost V-6???????????????????

Hell the 2.7L Ecoboost power numbers 325HP / 375Tq and I believe this engine is underrated!!!!!!!!!!
vs The 4.3L Ecotec power numbers 285Hp / 305Tq

Huge!!!! Difference in Horsepower, torque, and durability alone with the fact that the 2.7l uses a compact graphite cast iron block, same material used in the 6.7L Powerstroke diesel engine block. This is truly a super-strong!! little engine.

From a engineering and performance perspective, GM's push-rod engines are ancient compared with Fords Ecoboost technology.

2.7L Ecoboost is more comparable to GM's 5.3L in power and torque.

@Ram, just wish I had known you sooner. Sure would have saved me one very big mistake of buying that POS ram.

One thing that is often overlooked on these sales numbers is exactly what was going on at this time last year.

GM was holding there prices high this month last year and they were taking heat for not offering incentives so there last march was horrible as even Ram outsold chevy for the month. So with there horrible March of 2014 of course they are able to increase there sales numbers since it was an easy target to beat. Both Ford and Ram had stellar months last march so of course they will have a hard time selling that many.

What is real interesting in all of this was chevy sold more trucks in february (shortest month of the year) of this year then they did in March. Mean while Both Ford and Ram sold significantly more trucks this month compared to there sales total last month. I think the colorado sales are taking mostly silverado sales and not attracting the small truck buyers from other small truck manufactures.

Ford will be just fine and probably increase there sales as the year goes since both factories are up and running and later in the year they will be able to finally fill fleet orders again and incentive the new aluminum trucks to get those buyers that are waiting for incentives.... A good sign is that there retail sales are up a large amount as they aren't building fleet f150 yet. but really don't need too

2.7 has better quarter mile times than their own newly upgraded 5.0 also. That is the engine I want.

GM trucks gain from the previous month but Ford and Ram fall short. No surprise here!

With the worst numbers since May 2013, the generic March manufacturing numbers hit with a thud today. On top of that the ADP employment report was the worst in over a year.

Don't expect pickup sales to find new buyers during the next few months.

Now that tax refund season is pretty much over, the automakers will need to offer steep discounts or amazing financing offers to maintain momentum.

This is horrible timing for the GM midsize twins and the all new F150. RAM just needs to hold its own to win.

@ tom##3... "Ford is offering $14K off sticker on the leftover 2014 F-150 and that's the ONLY thing keeping them on top right now.
Once they run out of 2014's their sales will fall and it looks like Chevy will take the lead.

I strongly believe the truck buyer was already edgy and unsure about the aluminum F-150 in the first place BUT when Ford INCREASED the price and offered NO discounts that pounded the nail in the coffin and scared everybody away."

And this silly logic has worked for Ford for last 30 plus years keeping them on top of sales lead. That what ya thinking?? If so, boy I hope they just keep doing it. lol

Ram has appraoched max capacity so they were bound to plateau.

Silverdo is the most interesting. It has taken a year for the new design to start connecting with buyers.

Typically it takes more fuel to move things faster and quicker. Back the 2.7 down to the acceleration rate and speed of the diesel and it would get better fuel mpg..... Or increase the speed of the ecodiesel and have it do tflt test equal to the 2.7 and its fuel economy would go down.

Ecodiesel was a 2wd as well so it has less drivetrain losses and weight to contend with vs a 4x4 drive train cause it doesn't have to send power through another gear set of the transfer case. Ram original had a 4x4 for the TFLT guys but took it back and gave them a 4x2 to do there ike gauntlet test

Number Guys!
Nobody here owns a F-150 with a 2.7 Ecoboost but they are quick to quote the performance and mpg numbers.
The same way back in 2011 when the 3.5 ecoboost first came out.
OH! They were soooo wonderful with 420 lbs torque and 22 mpg and when everybody started to own one they were disappointed when they struggled pulling a 3000 lb trailer and only got 16 mpg.

I guess Ford has you guys fooled again with the 2.7 ecoboost

In REAL WORLD the 2.7 ecoboost improved by 1 MPG to 17 MPG and the towing rate and payload rate has decreased, now it struggles towing a 1000 lb trailer and the BEST payload is 1400 lbs!

The GM 5.3 V8 is go to engine in the 1/2 ton market. It out sells the Eco boost and Eco diesel by a huge margin.

One thing that might be holding people back on buying a Canyon/Colorado is because they're waiting on the diesel like I am.

Looks like the Colorado did not effect Toyota sales at all. if any thing maybe sales from Honda. time will tell if they are received well. I know I've been bit by Low quality of the S-10. these trucks will have to be out for a couple of years, with a good track record, before I would even consider one.

How often does the average 1500 owner tow? Reduced fuel economy comes with the territory when you tow heavy. Fact is, the 3.0L Eco performs terribly in all areas except fuel efficiencty. never disappoints, they still own the most juvenile posters on the internet.

The 2.7 isn't the engine Ford made for towing heavy. the 3.5L is. Just because the 2.7L is rated to do it, doesn't make it the best tool for the job if towing heavy is what you plan on doing.


The 2.7 EcoBoost is indeed more comparable to the 5.3. Even more interesting is the fact that GM rates their engine higher than Ford, but see what happens when you put them on a dyno:

Anyone using TFL as their example is just plain dumb. Hell I don't even trust anything done by this site as they also have bogus testing methods.

It is time that you Government Motors truck lovers had a reality check,

GM has not recovered from bankruptcy, Their poor attempt a few years ago
at redesigning the Silverado and the Sierra is a good example.

Once upon a time, the GM trucks were nearly comparable to Fords,

But, I see no future for them,
Dodge is also doing well, since they have copied past Fords.

But now Ford is far ahead of the others and their only problem was not being able to build enough 2015's , but that is now over as the 2nd plant is now building more 2015's

With the Ram getting numbers soon to exceed the Silverado, Who really cares what GM is offering

There is no shortage of 2015 Ford F150 trucks. Our local Ford dealers have just as many F150's now as they have in the past.

Ram is at full capacity in their production now they can't build them faster.

Both Ford and Chevy have more dealers than Ram has to sell from plus Ford sells a lot of trucks to fleets as does Chevy/GMC while Rams fleet sales is small compared to Ford and Chevy/GMC.

One local Ford dealer has 54 2015 F150's on his lot and 40 2014 F150's. Does not sound like he is hurting for trucks to me.

The reason why the Colorado is not selling any more is because inventory. My local dealer doesn't have anything right at this moment. the dealers from 50 miles away they may only have 2 or 3 on their lots. Waiting for the diesel truck.

Just as soon as production picks up, Colorado will increase in sales substancially. The truck just went on sale!

I love to see all the (found on road dead) people come out of the wood work to slam Chevy. They are so insecure about thier truck they have to do that. It's kinda like they are ashamed of what they drive. I've had em all, GMC and Chevy are as good if not better than most. If you want to be seen in a FORD, go for it, I won't dog you for it. My Grandparents always drove fords. Ford makes a few nice vehicle too, I just dont care for thier styling. Interesting note for you all to research for yourself...Ford holds the record for largest recall in history and the largest bailout which they never paid back!
Seriously so don't go there. And the bottom line is, GM is bigger richer sand stronger than Ford. If they wanted they could just buy Ford, so don't think for a minute that they can't build a nice truck. You need to be able to understand the numbers and how the profit margin works for you to understand who makes the best. Stop trash talking and drive your damn Ford if you want, but don't be jealeous of your neighbor because he has a bigger nicer home and better looking wife than you and drives a GM truck. Nerds.... Lol!

I used to believe Ford would someday find a way to correct the placement of the door mirrors and could stop the chopping of part of the door away so it could be seen and raise the mirror up to a more normal place. Now I realize the mirror is placed properly, the problem lies in the target group for their sales. The buyers must be the runts that can't see over the door sides and therefore the door must be cut away to allow the use of the mirror by the vertically challenged, runt sort of people that buy their trucks to look bigger than they really are.

Interesting to see how the Colorado and Canyon combine to over 50% of what the Tacoma has sold in just 1 year on the market, excellent performance and clearly Toyota better wake up as their current Tacoma refresh is not going to cut it. Add in the Ford F100 rumour and Toyota will be taking another sales assault, as per the Tundra dwindling sales and comparatively poor full size pick up volume and breadth of offer.

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