Chevrolet Debuts New Silverado 2500/3500 Custom Sport Edition

2015-Silverado-Custom-Sport-HD-001 II

Chevrolet announced it will offer a new monochromatic trim package called Custom Sport for the 2500 and 3500 heavy-duty Silverados.

The package includes front and rear body-colored bumpers, a body-colored grille, chrome trailer mirrors and 18-inch aluminum wheels (17-inch on 3500 dualies). The Custom Sport will be offered in two- and four-wheel drive on LT or LTZ models, and in all three cab configurations. Depending on the trim and cab setup, the Custom Sport Edition could cost between $700 and $1,695, which is likely to be much less expensive than ordering the same options separately.

GM always has been good at watching how its customers order their pickups and then packaging popular ordering options as a new trim (like Black Out, Rally or Midnight editions) for less money with a clever name.

The monochromatic look is popular these days with many new pickup buyers (and new-truck designers); we're guessing we'll see more special editions taking advantage of the custom options offered in the new GearOn catalog. Expect to see more special-order packages like this for half-ton and midsize pickups.

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2015-Silverado-Custom-Sport-HD-003 II

2015-Silverado-Custom-Sport-HD-005 II

2015-Silverado-Custom-Sport-HD-006 II

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Dude, it's a good looking truck... get real. This is coming from a guy who has liked Ford's for most of his life.

Get rid of the square wheel wells and we have a winner. They finally threw on the Ford tow mirrors, now just need to make the wells round

Benn, GMC is making little boy trucks with car like front ends now, check the Colorado or whatever it's called. Leave the big boy trucks and there big front ends alone.

Because nothing says sporty like, giant, empty, square wheel wells.

Hopefully it has the 6.2 motor, otherwise its a BIG YAWN!!

Hopefully it has the 6.2 motor,or otherwise a BIG YAWN!!

Can they paint the low hanging DEF tank to make it monochromatic as well? GM probably has the best diesel engine, haven't heard any glaring mpg killing def dpf issues like in the ram or ford. anybody know of diesel engine issues with the GM? i heard the low hanging def tank is a PIA to fill from under the hood is biggest complaint i hear and that def fluid is very corrosive when it spills on your garage floor, burns through an epoxy painted garage floor like pool acid !

@ Cmon

If you can't fill the DEF you probably shouldn't own a diesel in the first place.

As easy as filling your washer fluid and you have to do it less often.

GM uses by far the least amount of DEF and that is because their design has the tank very close to the DEF injector.

I have the ford diesel with no issues with DEF/DPF, so not sure where you get that from, I have not had the spill issue either, that would be the user filling the def not the def itself

I don't need a diesel BUT with the Govt trashing our gasoline with all the dumb ethanol methanol junk it brings down the mpgs of the fuel and has no shelf life. i run av gas in all my off road machines for this and other reasons. the Govt hasn't completely ruined diesel fuel yet but they have gone after the engines with all the costly emissions garbage to drive down mpg and drive up user cost maintenance. you cant win or try to beat the system anymore. may buy the tesla suv when it comes out and haul a trailer or a via motors (the chevy volt pickup) F the govt ruining fuel and vehicles imho.

The pickup actually looks good.

There will market for large SUV/car style pickups like this.

It's one of the better looking HDs I've seen.

Rather than make these a special, why don't they just make it a standard model.

Again, if there is room in a vehicle market to continually have special edition vehicles, there is scope for new comers to enter and increase competition.

What is stopping more competition in the pickup market?

Nothing says sport edition quite like a big goitered DEF tank hanging down on the passenger side.

For all talking about the def tank being too low the gas tank is just as low as the def tank and do a search to see how many people have had problems with it being low...very few if any

Ram Trucks sold with wrong information on window stickers

Looking at 2015 2500hd vs f250 ground clearance ford 8.2/8.5 4wd
gm 9.53 4wd 9.57 2wd looks like fords the one hanging low

ram even lower 7.4

I prefer the monochromatic look to the big fake chrome look. Good looking truck. The grill on the Silverado is much nicer than the Sierra.

The front end looks cartoonish, I hate how the manufactuers think all pickup drivers need to pretnd their driving a big rig. When the hood is 3 inches higher then the bottom of the windshield it looks a little rediculous.

Looks like Mike is a know it all. When something hangs that low its gonna scub something. Common sense budrow. GM said they were gonna change it but have yet to do so. Besides no one has said anything about ground clearance, just that stupid def tank hanging so low.

As an owner of a 2011 2500HD, I've taken it hunting through the back roads of Colorado and denver once had an issue with hitting the DEF tank. If you want to hide it, then put running boards on it and you won't see it. As for issues with DEF/DPF I've not had any. The Duramax engine and Allison tranny are very good. I like my truck, but can't honestly say anything bad about any of the diesels on the market. Sure I have some issues with them, but they each have their strong points and not so strong points.

For the sports package, I actually like it. You used to have to buy the top of the line models to get the color match, but now you can get it without buying the Denali or High Country. Only problem is paint chips in the front. Good place to use the clear coverup.

Boy I hate autocorrect

How General Motors Is Stealing Big Sales From Ford's New F-150
By John Rosevear
April 15, 2015,

"Here are the numbers that tell the tale: For the first quarter, overall sales of the F-Series, which includes the F-150 and its Super Duty siblings, were up just 2.3%. Meanwhile, Chevy Silverado sales rose 17.6% during the same period."

Truck looks good. High strength STEEL with a V8 in Gas or Diesel. Fully boxed high strength STEEL frame.

Looking at 2015 2500hd vs f250 ground clearance ford 8.2/8.5 4wd
gm 9.53 4wd 9.57 2wd looks like fords the one hanging low

Posted by: MIKE | Apr 15, 2015 4:26:06 PM

Ford measures bottom of differentials. Chevy measures the lowest point of the frame. Only way to increase the rear diff on a solid front axle is to increase tire size. From the factory the rear diff on the Chevy is around 8.25". If ford measured the bottom of the frame rails it would have a measure probably a little more then the Chevy. If the Chevy measured the ground clearance at the diff like ford it would have a rear number close to the ford.... Chevy being independent front suspension doesn't have the big solid front axle diff to hang down so it would have a higher number then the ford for front clearance.

That is why the ford has 2 numbers 8.2/8.5" clearance for a 4x4 and the GM has just a 9.53" for a 4x4 and not 2 numbers..... Ford measures the diffs and Chevy measure the bottom of the frame rail.

In conclusion they got pretty much the same ground clearance even the ram has dang probably the same..... The biggest tires will have the largest ground clearance. Only way to get more ground clearance on the diff is bigger tires or independent suspension

Man that Silverado rules. Way better looking then any Ford or Dodge.

for all you guys that complain about where the def fill is you never had to pay the damage done on a ford or dodge that had def fluid put in the fuel tank.

G.M. Deems Steering Issue Unworthy of Recall

NY Times

“It surprised me and caused me panic somewhat. The lane was very narrow and started to turn, but my steering wheel did not respond the way it should. It took a lot of effort to turn the wheels. The car got too close to the cement guardrails and collided with them.”

General Motors has concluded that there is no need for a recall, Alan Adler, a spokesman for the automaker, wrote in an email.
“Based on a very low rate of occurrence — ranging from less than one half to less than two incidents per thousand vehicles — and the fact that the condition is remedied when the wheel is turned, G.M. determined this was not a safety issue,” he wrote

Um those are 20" rims, not 18". Same ones I have on my 2012.

Painted front ends look good until a couple of years later when its full of rock chips and look like crap

What's with all the hate about square wheel holes?! I don't care if they're square, round or heart-shaped...that is a good looking truck!

From my experience with the 2015 ford f350 with the diesel it uses a ton of DEF fluid. I've put about 8-10 gallon in ours and it was full when we bought the truck. It only has 5,000 miles on it. Now it does tow 13k 100% of the time. With the nerf bars you don't even pay attention to the tank.

Big Al:

"What is stopping more competition in the pickup market?"

Inability to compete. Non-competitive in fuel economy, powertrains, interiors, options, variety of configurations, etc etc etc.

GM/Ford/Ram outsell Toyota/Nissan by a factor of 15; meanwhile Nissan and Toyota have under-utilized truck plants flushing money down the drain...

It looks really good in the front with out all that chrome. I like it.

Lipstick on (a VERY FUGLY) pig

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