Chevrolet Puts Colorado Video Ads in Magazines

Colorado video mag II

Ever wonder how long it will be until we're watching movies or television programs inside our favorite magazines? Wonder no more; that day is here.

According to Automotive News, as part of a new advertising strategy, Chevrolet is placing video ads inside magazines that subscribers can watch from the comfort of their home, workplace, airport or wherever they happen to be. Using technology that embeds a small video player within a thick piece of paper inside a publication, Chevy is placing the ad in select Esquire and Popular Mechanics May issues designed to go to potential Colorado buyers. Ad agencies are able to determine which subscribers are more likely than others to be interested in the new midsize pickup with the help of data research and marketing information.

Video-in-print ads have been around for a while but, but they are expensive and the technology is not that good — the screens are small and don't have great resolution. This particular Chevy promotion does not use new or unique content; it's the same commercial that's been running for months about the new Colorado.

Only 10,000 subscribers of each magazine were sent the special issues, so you won't be able to purchase the magazines to see the feature. Other magazines that are running the advertisement without the video include Surfer, Dirt Rider, Men's Health, Backpacker and Sports Illustrated.

Here's the full Chevy Colorado commercial:



It's fantastic where technologly is heading.

I do foresee the day when a cell phone is like a dollar note.

I love technology, when it's used for the benefit of the consumer.

When the consumer benefits, everyone else benefits.

I agree with you Big Al, Dave who used to live in OZ....

WOW....Just WOW.Whoda thunk it possible.

So the Colorado's competitor is a corolla? Is it not good enough against other midsize trucks.

So much for the internet. I guess we'll all switch back to magazines. LOL

Its almost the end of April and where are the Colorado's?
I only see ONE on stock at every dealer.
Why are they spending money on advertising them when they don't even have them at the dealers?

Tell me if I'm wrong but don't 70% of all new vehicles sell between the months of March to June ?

come on! you guys that post in here are such experts and you know everything, tell me whats going on
funny how those experts are quiet on some subjects but experts on others, how they pick and choose what they want to talk about, I thought an expert knows everything!

Where are the Colorado's and Canyons?
that's all I want to know

I live on the west coast so here is what's available in my area.
2 Colorado's,both cc LT 3.6.
1 Canyon,slt,cc,3.6

That's it.I have yet to see either on the road.Not vaporware but certainly not many around.

@Uh-huh, sad showing for the Chevrolet Colorado in recent tests. Poor interior showing in nearly every review. The GMC Canyon on the other hand actually rivals Ford.

@Andy, odd isn't it. I don't even know why GM bothers letting Chevrolet advertise their Colorado. They should just push their GMC version since it actually has the goods to compete. The Chevy looks better than the GMC to me but in every other area it falls short. Not sure it will fare very well when the new Nissan and Toyota shows up. Chevy just isn't going all out anymore. Falling short to GMC all the time isn't going to help Chevy once the newness novelty of the Colorado wears off. Then reality of a second rate product will set in throughout the marketplace.

I think one huge mistake gm did for the new twins was using the 3.6 car engine instead of the purpose built all new 4.3l that was made for a truck.Lottsa folks still wondering what they were thinking on that move.

Are they getting desperate to have this type of expensive advertising scheme??? Maybe they aren't see the sales numbers they had hoped for or orders for them. I think they are artificially keeping the supply low as not to discount them to give the appearance that they are actually a hot item.

@toxicsludge - agreed, the 4.3 would have made more sense to me as well, but we have to keep in mind that gm is using these trucks to compete against cars and crossovers not just other trucks, so the more “car like" motor makes sense in a way.

They should have offered a 4x4 manual transmission option.

Why is the 4.3 any better than the 3.6?

I do think GM would of considered the engine choice for the Colorado Canyon extensively.

They chose the 3.6 for a reason. I would think FE would of been the primary concern.

Remember this engine has been used in Commodore utes and previous generation global Colorado's.

So, I would of thought the choice of the 3.6 is a rather good decision.

When the diesel comes out it will do what the 4.3 could do, and probably even more.

It's fantastic where technologly is heading.

I do foresee the day when a cell phone is like a dollar note.

I love technology, when it's used for the benefit of the consumer.

When the consumer benefits, everyone else benefits.
Posted by: Big Al from Oz

You're correct,we are just playing catch up to something the Land of the rising sun had a decade ago!

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