Ford Offers Amber Flashers for Super Duty

Super Duty Strobe front II

In response to fleet customers looking for a better way to keep their Super Dutys safe and visible at the worksite, Ford is offering a factory-installed strobe warning LED light kit for all 2016 Super Duty models, including chassis-cabs. The new lights are fastened to the front hood with a metal bracket and to the center high-mounted stop light on the cab in a way that requires no drilling (so no risk of corrosion). The lights will offer a selectable number of different eye-catching patterns. The flashers can be easily connected to one of the instrument panel toggle switches.

The front- and rear-mounted amber-lens kit will carry a factory warranty and will cost $700. The strobe lights are designed to warn motorists that workers are in the area and to proceed with caution.

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Super Duty Strobe hood on II

Super Duty Strobe switch II

Super Duty Strobe lights rear II



This is very silly idea. It won't pass safety code in many mining sites. It should be on the roof visible from any direction.

This kit will be on a few around here. The plow guys love their lights.

Handy fact sheet available here:

note: Rear-facing signals are mounted on either side of the center high-
mounted stop lamp and provide up to 180 degrees of illumination

Perfect for a pickup that is not reliable and sits on the berm of the road often. Good idea Ford, you should offer it on all your products.

It's not visible from the side , most important angle and won't pass mine safety code.

$700 is an obscene amount for a couple of flashing lights. It's no wonder new trucks cost so much.

180 degrees of illumination is not enough. It must be 360 degrees and on the roof as well, so 200 ton payload mining truck will see you.

It's not visible from the side , most important angle and won't pass mine safety code.

Posted by: Cikula | Apr 27, 2015 8:59:57 AM

What if the mirror turn signals flash as well? As well as the turn signals front and rear. Most aftermarket flashing led systems utilize existing lights as well. This system may as well.

@ Scott
It must be seen from top and 360 degree around + some other extra safety, like red flag on the post.

Cummins, I'm not even reading his airplane posts. I said what I wanted to say and cleared up some points. I'm done here. Also people don't know who anyone is anymore because we have to keep changing our names bc someone at putc is banning names right and left. Instead of banning why doesn't this website get a real posting system?

What the hell is this argument about anyway? The lights are an OPTION,for those that need them,or just want them,whatever.The fact that that they won't pass this or that is totally immaterial to this article.Read it,then move on,they are only a light pkg,not mandatory for anyone,although I will admit that it isn't well thought out,imho.....

I agree with roof mounted and 360-degree visibility, but you have to give Ford credit for breaking the ice on this! Go price aftermarket strobes (Whelen or something good) and $700 isn't obscene. I had four corners on a Suburban and a traffic advisor and that was $2,500 installed. Again, price, mounting location, install details all might be worked out...just giving Ford props for taking initiative on this.

I wish my Ram 2500 had auxiliary switches like that instead of having to tear into my dash to add switches for my light bars.

@ Ram2500cdc: Those are the optional 'upfitter' switchs that ford offers.It would be nice if the other oems offered a similar pkg.

BTW, is anyone else seeing the Ram add on this page that shows a Ram 1500 and says Ram 1500, but says it has a "Best in class max towing of 17,970 lbs"? Yeah right. Either someone did a type-o or they are purposely putting a picture of a 1500 with the towing numbers of a 2500 to fool people.

"I like where the lights are mounted and not on the top of the roof because a big roof mounted light affects roof clearance"

Doesn't matter if it's useless for mining companies and airport services as long as I can get with this truck to the shopping mall underground garage.
Nice job ford.

Good job Ford!! You got the ball bouncing with this idea. Now all the others will follow and everything will be hunkydory in truck land, that is until Ford comes out with another great idea and here we'll go again.

How about amber turn signals?

I don't think anybody will follow aluminium with rivets and glue and nobody will follow this silly idea.

I'm waiting for Ford's next big news release, if anyone hasn't heard the new F-150 has a new wheelnut! This might help the aluminium's flagging sales.

Big deal. We can go to most any after market auto store and buy this stuff for 1/2 the price.

Ford must have something wrong if it releases this kind of information as news.

Like I said, when everyone follows what Ford does then its wonderful. Do it Ford and they will follow. Always have.

Good idea specially if the ford broke beside the road ,,,,

No any other manufacturer will put them on the hood.
It mus be on the roof or integrated in the head lights which is good enough for road construction and municipal crews, not enough fir mining companies and airport services.
This execution looks like cheap china led's from ebay for $20, not like manufacturer option. Sorry ford. Nobody will follow this. Nobody ever does.

It's done properly by any aftermarket shop and not this hood tacky cheap job done by ford.
It should be in headlights, if they want them just on the front and not on the roof.

My neighbor.

Thanks God nobody else.

I need 360 degree visibility for use on highway projects. And I'm not paying $700 for $100 worth of LEDs because they are factory wired. $400 buys me a real nice Whalen roof top beacon.

I'm surprised they didn't throw hide-away strobes in the lights and make it part of the factory wiring harness. That would make the most sense. The majority of the work trucks I see on a daily basis have those and something on the cab. Just my 2 cents

They are 360. 180 + 180.

This seems like a no-brainer "d-oh!" moment. What took them so long to think up this obvious idea?

Offering a factory strobe package on work trucks is way overdue.

Chevy offers a "provision for a roof mounted lamp", but you still have to pull the headliner and drill holes in the roof of your new truck. I did it - but wasn't happy about it. There's no way I was going to trust an "outfitter" who all seem to have the attitude that "it's a truck - you're going to beat the hell out of it anyway so don't bitch when we do it for ya!"

The factory strobes and the aux switches on the Ford are executed well. Sure you could turn on your Hazard lights. Then you don't have turn signals. Duh! Mounting on the hood and beside rear mounted upper brake light gives the lights the height/clearance to be seen over truck mounted equipment ( think snowplow...) and over some other traffic.

"I'm surprised they didn't throw hide-away strobes in the lights"

@ttp, They're auxiliary - meaning additional. The hazards are already in the headlights & tails. These are for primarily construction workers.

So for $700 more I can get the chrome on my Chevy painted or 4 yellow lights on my Ford? Its hard to say which is more or less pointless... Tough call. No seriously... such a tough call. Good job bumping the price of a new truck another 700 though guys...


Front are not 180 and you don't see any of them from above.

That was exactly my point. This job ford did doesn't looks like job done by professional OEM factory, but ford engineer was checking ebay for LED lights for his travel trailer and came up with this idea to make extra $600 .
I am surprised his boss approved this.

I really like these new lighting features on trucks lately. Weather they are in the bed or in the side mirror I think its great. Along with camera's mounted on the cab, grill, and tailgate. Very useful. ;-}

This news is so exciting I nearly wet myself

Yeah I guess it was Ford in 2008 that lost so much of its customer base (GM and Chrysler), that the Federal Gov had to step in to save the corporation from liquidation.

See there are some of us who remember what happen to GM and Chrysler doing the 80's, 90's, 2000's. Ford started making Quality and Durability changes in the mid 90's such as dropping Push-rod motors for SOHC and DOHC engines, they understood why and how the Japanese auto corporations where taking over the American automotive market. But guess who didn't change and adapt??????????????? GM and Chrysler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. There quality was so bad compared to the Asian autos, that most Americans got tired of buying JUNK, and switch to Toyota's, Honda's, and Nissan's.


@Cikula it's like you're having a one sided conversation with yourself. We get it, you don't like the idea. So manufacturers should bail on any idea you don't like when designing a pickup? Great idea.

(there is also more to the world than mining and airports)

I like RAM doesn't get ideas like this, just ford.

WTF is with people. Always so negative, slamming any innovative idea. "It doesn't work in a mine". Fine don't order it. "It's too expensive", don't order it. "I don't like how it looks", then don't order it. "Ford's break down and need it blah blah blah" then why are you even reading this? People need to grow up.

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