Ford's 2016 Ford Ranger Will Not Come to U.S.

New Ford Ranger 2_Front 3qtr II

By Tim Esterdahl

Ford recently unveiled a new 2016 Ranger at the 2015 Bangkok International Motor Show. With its more robust front end, friendlier interior, upgraded diesel powertrains and better ride comfort, it seems like it is a big step forward over the previous model. And on a side note, it also seems like it would fit right into the U.S. market. Yet, by all accounts, a U.S. Ford Ranger is unlikely.

According to Ford's press materials, the company has strengthened the truck in three key areas: styling, technology and fuel efficiency.

Styling changes are easy to see with a more robust and dominating front end. Compared to the previous version, the new trapezoidal grille and angled hood give the truck a more muscular front-end look.

The interior has also been redone as well, showcasing the new 8-inch touch-screen. This new touch-screen is lower in the center stack and is now flanked by air vents, giving the dash a more horizontal feel.

Technology improvements are found in the new Sync 2.0 connectivity system. Ford boasts that the new system is smart enough to understand voice commands like "temperature 70 degrees," "play AC/DC" or "I'm hungry."

Also, there are a host of new safety-oriented driver-assist technologies such as lane keeping alert, adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, front and rear park assist, tire pressure monitoring, electronic stability control and a host of other features that are now commonly found in various new Ford products here in the U.S.

Engines and Fuel Efficiency

Updated diesel powertrains are a big part of the improved fuel efficiency for the new Ranger. Fords says that depending on cab and powertrain configuration, the new Ranger could see a 15 percent improved fuel-economy rating. The new Ranger will be offered in three different diesel powertrains, with a 3.2-liter TDCi inline five-cylinder being the largest. This engine is rated to produce 197 horsepower and 347 pounds-feet of torque. When properly equipped, the Ranger can tow up to 7,716 pounds. Without providing any specifics, Ford says it the Ranger will have "exceptional payload capacity." We're guessing it will have a maximum payload capacity of more than 1 metric ton, or 2,200 pounds.

There will also be two all-new 2.2-liter TDCi inline-four-cylinder diesel engines. These variants offer a choice between 128 or 157 hp, depending on customer needs. Ford has replaced both previous four-cylinder engines.

These engines will be mated to either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission. No word on estimated fuel economy ratings for these engines yet. The current Ford Ranger model gets upward of 38 mpg U.K. combined in a regular-cab, two-wheel-drive configuration with the 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine, according to a Ford U.K. brochure. In the double-cab, automatic-transmission, four-wheel-drive setup with the 3.2-liter five-cylinder it tops out at 28 mpg U.K. combined with nearly 33 mpg U.K. highway.

Ford expects the Ranger to be on sale in Europe early in 2016, and then it will be offered in 180 markets around the world, but still not in the U.S.

North America Plans

Officially, Ford says it is still "all in" on investing and expanding the F-Series lineup for North America with a focus on new powertrains and improved fuel efficiency, but a midsize pickup doesn't fit into current plans.

"The compact pickup segment in the U.S. has been declining - from almost 8 percent of total industry sales in 1994 to 1.5 percent of industry sales in 2014," said Mike Levine, Ford truck communication manager. "The F-Series works best for customers in North America. The all-new 2015 Ford F-150 with the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 has better EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings than V-6-powered midsize pickups from Toyota and GM, as well as better payload and towing capability."

While other similarly sized midsize pickups sold in the U.S. and abroad have had different dimensions (the Toyota Hilux and Tacoma, and Nissan Frontier and Navarra come to mind), the new 2016 Ford Ranger seems to be both similar in size to some existing midsize pickups as well as too close in size to an F-150. Looking at the dimensions compared to the current Toyota Tacoma, we see the Ford Ranger is just a bit taller and longer while not quite as wide.

Our guess is that Ford will only green-light a new U.S. Ranger if it could build it economically, make it on a smaller platform, give it much better fuel efficiency than the F-150, and offer it with a much lower price tag. No matter how you look at it, that's an unlikely set of circumstances that needs to come into alignment.

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New Ford Ranger 1_Front 3qtr II

New Ford Ranger 5_interior driver II

New Ford Ranger 8_TFT cluster II

New Ford Ranger 7_SYNC2 II

New Ford Ranger 3_Rear 3qtr II



Old news. Ford is losing potential buyers by not having a midsized offering

It would be great if Ford pulled the trigger and built a compact pickup and Bronco for North America. Ford's strategy is the opposite of Nissan and Toyota who sell more mid-size trucks than full-size trucks. Currently, Ford is concentrating only on full-size pickups and doesn't have a mid-size truck for NA.

It doesn't seem like Ford is interested in investing into something that's only going to sell 100,000 a year with no platform mates

Nice looking truck. New Colorado and this Ranger would make an awesome 1-2 punch.

Ditch the fake roll bar thingy, and put it on a diet And lose some weight give it a proper ecoboost powerplant like the 2.7 move all its production to the US and it would sell well enough to justify the investment. In its current form it wouldn't do well enough due to its power plants

I guess my 2011 Ranger will be the last Ford Truck I buy.

I can understand Ford's reasoning for not offering the Ranger in North America, but what they are failing to realize, is there are people like me that, simply, don't want or need a full sized behemoth truck. I feel abandoned by Ford. My first pickup was a 1992 Ranger supercab with a bulletproof but anemic 3.0L "Cologne" engine. I loved that truck. Since then I have owned a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee, a '95 S-10 (a POS!), a not quite full sized 2000 Extended Cab Tundra and a 2009 Suzuki Equator crew cab. I just ordered a Crew Cab v6 Colorado. Why? It may not get better fuel mileage or have all the capabilities of a big truck, but it fulfills MY needs!

can someone tell Ford I am trading in my 2013 F-150 for a 2015 Chevy Colorado

clap-clap-clap very good post, I agree!
I am so sick of the eco-boost!
I don't want a car type underpowered engine that's artificial to boost performance dependent on 2 plastic turbos
I wrote a song to the same music of "Baby Come Back" by Player
Ford Come Back
I Never Wanted a Turbo
You Were Wrong But I Can Switch To The 5.0 OOO !
Ford Come Back
Nothing Wrong With The 5.4
You Made It Before
But I Can Live Without You

Sorry, but this thing is ugly! I have no problem with being unable to readily purchase one.

@ray , 28 combined , 33 highway mpg is UK mpg measured in Imperial gallons. Converted to US mpg is 23 combined, 27.5 highway US.

I would take Ford's comment with a grain of salt of not introducing the T6 Ranger into the US market. They have been stating this for some time now.

If they announced the introduction of the Ranger during the ramp up for the aluminium F-150 it would affect sales.

As Scott stated the 2.7 EcoBoost would be a nice engine to have in the Ranger/BT50 here. Our V8 guys would love it as a replacement when the V8 Falcon and Commodore utes go. They will live with the poorer FE.

The FE figures seem close. I'm getting around that.

With the new Taco and Frontier coming I do think the US pickup market will have a little bit of a shakeup.

Taco sales are holding and the Colorado is selling extremely well. The Wentzville plant is flat out. Supply and demand will dictate the Colorado prices will be higher than they should be.

I do think GM has made a wise decision with the Wentzville plant. When the new Taco and Frontier arrive they will take a slice of the pickup market as well.

The additional midsize sales are also taking sales away from a few V6 full size pickups. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out in the end.

I do think Ford will eventually have to bring the Ranger to the US.

Will be a great vehicle for the third world countries it's designed for. All those Americans who fear a full size truck can buy a pos tacoma or gm twinkies, I mean twins.

"197hp 347ft-T getting 33mpg highway 28mpg combined with ability to tow nearly 8k and a 1tone in bed haul? "
Like its contemporary Global rivals, it. Has a load much more that 2,200lb. DualCab 2,500- SingleCab 3000lbs. The Mazda is similar.
As I posted on the Nissan article, they do haul US Sourced 5th wheelers up to roughly 26ft with very little problem

By years end my Fusion will be traded for a new Tacoma.
My wifes Escape will become a RAV.
Good luck Ford pushing the F150

I have posted an link in another article the other day regarding the ISF Cummins that Nissan, Cummins and EPA have been developing.

It's 385ftlb of torque and in a current Titan is getting over 35mpg highway and around 25mpg city cycle.

In a Frontier the city cycle should improve and the highway a little more.

The ISF Cummins looks like a gem of an engine.

The Nissan/Cummins team have devised a way to build diesels so no DEF is required and it meets emissions standards, with reduced NOx.

This is great considering the lower cetane value of US diesel fuel compared to other countries.

This also means the US now has a small diesel engine to sell to the world. I would love to see the US become more competitive in pickups and diesels.

The midsize pickup market is limited there is not that many sales to go around.

You guys also can't have it both ways, the GM plants are running full steam then turn around and try to claim that there are no Colorado's and Canyons on dealer lots.

If GM is running full steam at the factory and adding shifts as they have claimed then were are all these trucks if they are not on dealer lots.

We already know that the Colorado is a 6,000 a month truck, I don't see Ford or Ram wanting to invest in that small of a market again. Both were there and both left because the sales just are not there.

@Johnny, a small mistake in your listing.

There were two Ford 3.0 V6 engines, the old DOHC DuraTec and the 3.0 Vulcan.

The Dura Tech was never available in Rangers, so your 3.0 must have been a Vulcan. Unless you had a 2.9, which is unrelated.

The 3.0 Vulcans were all iron and had pushrods. Great engines. Taurus and Rangers had the Vulcan.

The Cologne 2.9 V6 engines were not that great.

@Sad Sack,
Post a link showing that the Colorado is a 6 000 unit a month vehicle. This will make for some interesting reading.

I do expect midsizers to gain significantly over the number that have been selling in the US in the past decade or so.

The new midsizers are far more refined and can do what many full size 1/2 tons are doing. That is carry 1 600lbs and tow 7 500lbs. Remember that is what 75% of US pickups are used for. The are large enough for the dad, mum (US mom) and the 1.8 kids to take shopping, camping, fishing, go to Lowes, etc.

These are a great alternative to a full size for many customers. As is illustrated by the numbers of Colorado's selling and not really impacting the Taco.

The full size manufacturers in their wisdom have actually created a market of pickups that are SUV, CUV and car alternatives. Like cars does everyone drive around in the same size vehicle? Or is the car segment regulated to protect large cars, or midsize cars? No.

People want choice, in size, price, quality, etc. This is how the pickup market is heading. Why buy a Chev SS when you want a smaller car like a WRX? Choice my friend is what freedom is all about.

Midsize numbers could easily double and hopefully even triple.

That would still leave a large enough full size segment. It's just the full size manufacturers will have to take a bit of a hit, or produce midsizers.

GM had to bring out the Colorado Canyon in the US because the quality and refinement that the next Frontier and Taco will have would have left the Big 3 with less or a stagnated full size segment.

Couple this with the XD Nissan and you could of even witnessed a slight downturn in Big 3 overall pickup numbers.

I do hope Toyota does bring out a XD style Tundra to take on the lighter end of the HD segment.

Midsize pickup market has spoken...

Just go to the monthly sales and you as well can see that the Colorado is selling just over 6,000 a month. Sorry to break your midsize heart but there is just not that big of a market in the US for midsize trucks.

I'm an American and own last's years Ranger model in Fiji when I travel overseas. Great truck. Would never consider a F-150 or the new Chevy mid size but if Ford offered the 5 cylinder diesel Ranger in the States they would have my money.
Its a very nice truck with lots of room and amazing power and torque with decent mpg. And this new model is even better. So sad that every market gets it except the home market.

Ford will not bring this glorified Subaru Brat to the US because it would fail against the competition hands down.

Seriously dude? A glorified brad? It pulls 7500 lbs with ease and can drive into almost a meter of water. The torque on it's 3.2 liter diesel is monstrous. I know, I own one. If your in North America you would not KNOW.

I just looked at the latest month's (March for those with problems, maybe they can tell me April's numbers???) pickup numbers, not February which is last month's figures.

It seems GM is taking up the slack lost by Ford and Ram.

I would like to see the number of V6 full size numbers. This would give a great indication of the impact the Colorado is having on the V6 full size.

I do see the merit in someone wanting a the V6 Colorado over a V6 full size. It still can do what a V6 full size can do, easier to park when taking the kids to soccer or buying 50 nails at Home Depot.

It also will give better FE in a city environment due to it's smaller mass and be able to tow the 20' fishing boat down to the ramp.

It rides as well as a full size, is as refined as a full size.

Why would someone not consider a Colorado over a V6 full size? It's a win win, it can even carry 3 kids for the Catholics amongst us.

This is the problem Ford will face with the Ranger. It will take many sales away from the aluminium F-150. Ford has expended billions upon billions to bring the aluminium F-150 to fruition. As nice as the new F-150 is, there are those who will buy a Ranger that has what the aluminium F-150 has, plus it's a far more capable off roader than the F-150. I wonder how long it will take for the bent F-150 chassis to bite Ford? They are a lot thinner now and logs and rocks love to dent a chassis.

Ford will lose out with this aluminium F-150. All the other manufacturers will have midsizers. SuperDuty's will be challenged by the new Titan XD.

I wonder how well Ford shares will be in a couple of years? Should I sell them now, one should ask themselves.

I'm also an American but living in Tahiti & very satisfied with my 1 year old Ranger (Wildtrak/upscale version w/full options). I was skeptical at first (being built in Asia) until a closer look showed great fit & finish which was years ahead of the last model & other similar brands.
But in fact, my original plans was to purchase a '14 Raptor which was my dream truck at the time but sadly discovered it wouldn't fit in my garage :-(so it was either build a new garage or take something else that would fit). Fyi - I also own a black virgin stock F150 '04 Lightning that was my reference & will keep forever but lately, I'm finding myself taking the Ranger more often - it simply has the complete package & everything anyone would need; the seating height/comfort for 4 adults, ease of driving, sufficient towing/payload capacity for my needs. The cabin is so quite at highway speeds that everyone that I've taken in it always notice/comment about it. Add on all the modern amenities (great sound system/hands free cell connection/Bluetooth/voice command/ IPOD. The 4WD is alright for light off-road with the ease of flipping a nob but I wouldn't use it for serious stuff (we'll I also own / cherish a '92 Jeep Wrangler for that too).
My only complaint is the slight turbo-lag which was to be expected but once it kicks in - watch out, the power from this little 3.2 liter matched perfectly with a 6-speed is flawless. Even my wife who has a '12 Porches Cayenne S enjoys driving it too - she likes the comfort & ease of driving & still manageable to park in the city. I have close friends with recent similar trucks from other popular brands - Mazda, Nissan, Chevy Colorado (Thai version), Mitsubishi & Toyota) and we've done cross testing each others trucks & we've pretty much anomalously agree the Ranger was hard to beat/all around complete package. The Mazda BT50 was a close 2nd but understand these trucks share same underpinnings. But we also agreed the new BT50 is one ugly truck if you can't get use to it's odd front end & butt ugly wimpy rear end/tail lights.
I can only imagine this new '16 update will be an improvement from already a great product.
I really believe within the next 5 yrs - the US taste for this size truck will only grow when people realize they are capable to handle almost everything full size trucks can do & able to fit them in your garage plus city parking. But I can also understand Ford's decision to hold of for now as this truck could definitely cannibalize F150 sales which is too bad - you guys are missing out on one great truck.

@Lionel Philipp,
Judging by your socio-economic situation maybe you should look at these;

1. ARB's Old Man Emu suspension kit, that come with Nitrochargers.

2. A bull bar and driving lights.

3. A Safari snorkel.

4. CSA's Jackal rims. These are fantastic looking on a Ranger/BT50. I bought 17" x 8" and fitted 265/75 BF Goodrich T/A's. These are 10 ply with a 6 ply side wall. They are light truck as well.

I have the AT's. These are a true AT. Don't buy Mud Terrain unless you are really going to use them. AT's should suffice, even in some muddy situations. They are great on sand, and rock as well. Highway performance in the wet is not up to speed with a highway terrain tyre. It's easy for me to spin in 3rd gear in the wet. Once the turbo kicks in and diesel torque comes on line you have all 350ftlb at once.

I put these on prior to my suspension change and you do feel the difference in the side wall flex, or lack of. The standard Grand Treks that are fitted only have a 2 play side wall.

In Australia these cost around $320 a throw or USD $240. I priced them at Sears in the US and they wanted $269 each. In Tahiti and being a French Colony I don't know the tax implications. I bought my suspension kit for $1 350USD, the snorkel for $300 USD. The rims cost $160 USD each.

I put them on my BT50 with the 3.2 and it done wonders to it's off road capability and only for a few grand.

When/if you buy the suspension kit be honest in how you will use your pickup, as it will impact the suspensions performance. They come in 3 ratings. The dampers have a triple valve setup, the metering of the dampers can give you a harsh ride if you don't use you pickup off road loaded.

Even the lightest suspension will carry the weight of a fully loaded Ranger/BT50.

Here's some links,

Ranger with Jackal rims,$_20.JPG

You can see the tread pattern is aggressive enough for off road and not a noisy on road tyre.

I hope this info helps you out and gives you more fun off road.

All for a few grand. No manufacturer could do that.

An Old Man Emu write up. Take it as you will;

Here is the BR Goodrich T/A's I have. Don't buy mud terrain unless you need them. They are a sh!t on road.

This will make a very good off roader into an excellent off roader for a few grand.

It only makes since for Ford to give people an option for those who want to buy a truck from Ford but really don't have the need to get a Full-Sized F-150, they can't say the "Chicken Tax" is the reason as to why that truck can't make it here, GM was certainly able to work out that issue. I guess it will take a new CEO to allow the potential Mid-Sized popular truck to make it's way back into the "American" Ford Portfolio!!!

Ford has a free trade agreement with Sth Africa and they manufacture global Rangers.

The 3.2 Duratorques that are going into the HD Transits are from Sth Africa as well.

Ford has taken a gamble on the aluminium F-150, they will continue to state that there is no need for the Ranger as it will compete against the aluminium F-150.

Well, that leaves more for the other few, whilst they steal some full size sales from Ford who can ill afford it.

The Colorado Canyon hasn't impacted the Taco. This leads me to believe that Ford and Ram are losing some V6 full size sales and they are heading to the GM mid size twins.

Pickups have lost ground this month and GM hasn't, it's gained more than the others. The sales must come from somewhere.


you mean "sense" or you make "sense" !
You're right I agree with you.
I say the aluminum F-150 will be a sales flop so Ford will be forced to bring back the Ranger.

Anybody remember around 5 years ago Ford was talking about the F-100? sort of a mid sized scaled down F-150.

Ford took the "Tough" out of the F-150 when they went with the eco-boost and made it worse into a "sissy" now with aluminum

I don't know who the board of directors are listening too at Ford I say whoever it is they are over-thinking it. I always said there is a very fine line between trying hard and trying too hard, cross that line you fail and its too tough to come back!
Ford should listen to what the people want, not what THEY want!
Everybody that works for Ford just doesn't care and they think the big corporate boys have more brains than everybody else. The people from Ford don't care just so they get their 6 figure paychecks.
The people here at PUTC that make the comments make a lot of sense and they are doing MORE to help Ford than the people Ford employs making big money.
Ford? We want you to be successful !
We are helping you but you're too stuck up to see that!

My opinion? Go back! make a steel F-150, bring back the 5.4 engine and offer engine deactivation and add a supercharger instead of a turbo, make a model of the F-150 with the Mustang looks and performance. Offer a cheaper untibody V6 F-150 for the customer that wants a smaller duty truck w/o heavy hauling and towing. Make a F-150 with a modified bed that folds like a transformer. Make a F-150 with a manual transmission and/or a CVT. Change the headlights on the 2015, that horizontal plastic that covers the headlights looks hideous!
Bring back the Ranger cause old men can't park a full size pickup in tight parking spaces.

Size is everything! Mr. Ford, build a small Ranger. I love my 2000 Ranger as it fits my needs and do not need a monster truck! Even the new mid-size trucks are too large.

Would a new ford midsize really attract new buyers to that market when there is a new colorado, soon to be ridgeline, soon to be tacoma, and soon to be frontier? I think the colorado will do relatively well for a midsize but if ram and ford built one too the sales would just dilute and nobody would do real well. With all the new midsize offerings on the way it doesn't make sense for ford or ram to join in for a small piece of the midsize pie. I almost wonder if gm has a deal with ram and ford that they won't sell a midsize for so many years so that the colorado can remain profitable. If ford and ram built a midsize it would be bad for all of them. If ford planned to bring the ranger here, gm probably never would have made the effort to get the new colorado here.

@Beebe, I think Ford actually abandoned the mid size strategy for the US market around 2005, when they chose not to do a major upgrade to the Ranger.

At the time, they were having a hard time selling the crew cab more upscale Sport-trac pickup and Ford experts concluded there was no market for a new and bigger US Ranger.

Toyota, Nissan, Ram, Honda and GM must have agreed (ca 2005) because product development for these trucks went to sleep not awakening till 2013 or so when GM started talking about the new Colorado/Canyon in earnest.

Trapezoid grille must be the new trend.

I'm still driving the 1996 standard cab 4cyl ranger. Other than a pop up camper, I don't tow much and don't have a need haul tons of weight. Why can we not get a 4cyl diesel that will have the power and fuel economy for the everyday user. Bring back the true compact truck.

@papa jim,
Ford abandoned the mid size market when it decided to push with the aluminium F Series.

Ford realised that it needed to sell every aluminium pickup to make ends meet.

Poor choice by Ford.

@Richard Passwater --Ford had the aluminum F-150 developed before the Ranger was discontinued after 2011. Auto manufacturers do not just come up with a new product or model instantly, there is usually a new model developed 5 years before it is released so yes For did abandon the small truck market and let the Ranger die after 2011 because they had a new aluminum body F-150 in the wings. Ford was producing the Ranger with few changes for almost 20 years and it sold remarkable well considering it was a dated product. Was Ford's decision the right decision? It remains to be seen and it was Ford's decision and Ford did not ask anyone for input (including fan boys). Most corporations don't ask for fan boys inputs but look at the cost to develop and produce a product along with market studies and decisions as to the potential success or failure of a product. Ford has made many mistakes just like their competitors. Have you ever heard of the Edsel? Corporations are not to be worshiped even if you like and buy their products.

As for real men driving full size trucks that sounds like you have an issue with your manhood and should seek professional help. If you like and prefer to drive a full size truck that is your prerogative but to equate manhood with the size of a truck or body parts is warped. A real man is to be judged on what type of person he is and not on a material possession. I pity you If you need to own something to prove you are a man.

@Jeff S,
Ford was actually awaiting the FTA with Thailand to source the global Ranger for US consumption.

There was an overthrow of the democratically elected Thai government back in 2008/9 (?) and the US stopped the FTA with the Thai's.

This along with the decision by the ex Boeing Ford boss to make the aluminium F-150 was made.

These two factors have a direct bearing on the direction Ford took with not having the Ranger in the US.

In the end the demand for the global Ranger far exceeded Ford's expectations as it is only just able to provide the region with Rangers and BT50s.

@Big Al--I didn't know that about the global Ranger, but wouldn't Ford have developed the 2015 model around 2010?

@Jeff S,
I sort of see it this way.

Ford explored the only two potential possibilities for the manufacture of pickups.

One was high tensile steel and the other aluminium.

I do think high tensile steel would of been the preferred option.

The development of the Ranger started prior to 2007. The 2016 Ranger is an extension of the Everest SUV we will be getting here in Australia.

I don't know if you recall but I did post articles and pictures regarding the Everest here on PUTC a couple of years ago.

The concept of the Everest using the current Ranger was there when the initial Ranger design was conceived.

The Everest has never been sold in Australia, but has been sold in the region for many years using the Mazda based BOF pickup chassis.

We used to get the Ford Explorer, but that was a flop due to poor build and reliability.

Ford in Australia has not had a decent SUV for some years now. It has been reliant on the Ford Territory, CUV which is based on the Ford Falcon.

@Richard Passwater--My ancestors were Patriots in the American Revolutionary War so I am an American. What an idiot Ford stealing a name that they already own. It is not stealing if Ford owns the name. I could care less what Ford does, I don't own a Ford.

@Big Al--The global Ranger looks to be a very competent truck, I would be interested in it but since it in not going to be available in the US then the Colorado/Canyon would be my choice. I can see why the Global Ranger sells so well in the global market. The aluminum F-150 will sell but it might not sell as well as Ford anticipates. I can see GM and Ram continuing to discount and use heavy promotions to gain market share which will cause Ford to discount the new F-150 as well. If the new Colorado/Canyon sells well enough it will renew interest in the midsize truck market. The full size half tons will still outsell the midsize but I can see the midsize truck market's share growing.

@Jeff S,
That is my sentiment, exactly.

I do like the look of the US Colorado.

I have heard the body on the global Colorado will adopt the US version, which is great.

I have heard Mazda with the BT50 is going to change it's looks as well. It will be interesting to see how the Mazda is going to change.

Even though the Ranger and BT50 are almost the same, Ford had done it's interior and Mazda theirs.

The current Mazda BT50 has the nicest interior among our mainstream pickups. The new Ranger in this article seems to have a nicer interior than the previous Ranger.

The global Colorado has a relatively poor interior. It would of been easy to improve it by the use of better quality materials and a better standard of fit.

@Big Al--This Ranger is a nice truck. If it were available in the US I would be very interested in it. The Colorado/Canyon are nice trucks and the interior is not that bad. My 99 S-10 has been a relatively good truck over the past 16 years of ownership. Most annoying things I have had are the poor body hardware--breaking tailgate cables, failing seat reclining mechanisms, failing glove box latch, rusting break cables, rust on the bottom of the extended cab corners, and a stretched hood cable latch. I have done regular maintenance and replaced alternator, starter, clutch, brakes, shocks, air conditioning compressor, rear brake cables, catalytic converter, batteries, and radio. Overall the S-10 has served me well and the engine and 5 speed transmission has been solid. My Isuzu has been good except the transmission was replaced under warranty. My main complaint about the Isuzu is the 4 speed automatic is inadequate for the motor. This is where the new Colorado/Canyon is better than the prior generation along with the interior and fit and finish. My neighbor has a 2002 Tacoma 4 x 4 extended cab and his interior is not very good and he has bad rust on the rear bumper but it runs well. His Tacoma only has 73k miles and spends most of its time in his garage.

Sharp looking truck. It Boss looking with the upside down Aston- Martin style grill. They should call it a F100.

I have an Isuzu that was made by GM in a UAW plant in Shreveport LA, a Chevy S-10 made in Linden NJ UAW plant, and a Honda CRV made is East Liberty OH. Last time i looked at a map of the US all those places were within the US.

I'm glad Ford has improved their styling, fuel efficiency and technology. But it's too damn big! Even the midsize trucks are too damn big! Mr. Ford, build a small truck like the old Ranger. In the mean time I'm keeping my 2000 Ranger.

@Big Al OZ from OZ

A belated response after returning from a long Easter weekend - I appreciate your tips to upgrade my current '14 Ranger & very familiar with brands/products you recommended. I also respect OZ land being some of the most off-road fanatics in the world who apply their knowledge/experience directly into their after-market products with proven reliability.

However I will probably leave it as is - it is one of the most balanced well engineered vehicles I've ever owned & I've had a few. For me, unless you wish to do more extreme off-road, this Ranger's capabilities & comfort fit perfectly my needs & lifestyle with my family (we'll for now anyway:-) Also my wife can no longer accuse me of trying to act like a teenager each time I take my Lightning for a weekend spin.

Another reason is I've personally had bad experience in this field - when I modified (or should I say 'butchered') my perfectly running 92' Jeep Wrangler YJ (Renegade version) when it was a young 5 yrs old. It all started with a close buddy who had a upgraded Toyota FJ & we did some insane off-road stunts together on weekends & survived to tell it. I wanted to outdo his FJ & got hooked on the many US off-road magazines/publications who of course all do a great job of marketing/promoting/advertising Jeep after market products with promises of big improvements over factory. I became probably one of the biggest customers of Jeep Mopar/4Wheel Drive Parts outlets from Tahiti/spent zillions on typical so called upgrades - to name a few; full-time lockers, 4.11 gearing w/several ring-pinion changes, numerous shock absorber upgrades/models, several lifts (2" & then 3" & now with 4"), changed to 10" then 12" wheels with BF Goodrich A/T's from 31", 32" "33 (36" wouldn't fit due to Renegades' wheel fenders ), mufflers for deeper sound/simulate V-8 etc, etc. My last big planned upgrade (on hold now) - an engine swap with either a small block V-8 Chevy or better dream was Hemi 5.7.

All in all, I did enjoy for several years keeping up with my buddies FJ with great stories of extreme rugged mountain/river crossings. But when the numerous breakages began - I switched my hobby to street trucks. To name a few;
uncountable universal joints, wheel bearings, the indestructible Detroit locker eventually broke & probably did more damage to the rear axle that anything else).

I do recall my mechanic's advise back then & was probably spot on; all these manufactures went through a lot of expense in testing/engineering/designing their vehicles for whatever purpose it was intended for - so when you alter anything in the setup, the next weakest link will surely give out or break - worst still, it can have a domino effect on the rest of the linkage & body structure.

So I followed his advise for my '04 F150 Lightning (other than after-market air-filter). My dream was to add another 100+ HP with super-charger upgrades, pulleys etc (to compete with other buddies RAM SRT-10/Chevy SS) - but you know what, it's still a head-turner today that I can still comfortably take my wife out for dinner in, capacity to tow my boat/carry max about 1000 lbs in the rear but can also outrun most cars/SUV's/trucks today with many costing 3-4 time the price - so in the end, what more do you need or want from your dream vehicle?

Cheers & beers to all...

If they don't want to offer the Ranger in the states than offer a diesel in the F-150!

Honestly I think Ford would be better off just making F series trucks in the US and selling little else except the Fusion, Explorer, Expedition, Escape, Focus, Fiesta, Transit and the Mustang. The Taurus is a flop. Lincoln needs to be shut down. The global Ranger will not be sold in the US and maybe Ford is right. It is more likely that Hyundai/Kia or the Chinese produce a small affordable truck in the US than Chrysler or Ford. Ford has too much invested in the new F series trucks to change.

Ford will be watching the Colorado sales closely I dare say. I guess otherwise we will be waiting until the chicken tax comes off in 2021 for Ford to import them from overseas plants. I am not a fan of the eco boost turbo gas engine direction that ford is taking, but have no problem with aluminum trucks. I have an 01 powerstroke 250 SD, which is a powerhouse mover, but not suitable as an everyday driver. I would NOT consider an F150 purchase, but will be looking at the Colorado diesel when it comes out, or the Frontier diesel if it comes out. the ranger bt50 in a 2.2 or 3.2 diesel would be great to see. Is Ford that determined to keep the F150 as best selling truck. Though I did read that Ford has just announced a major expansion of engine manufacturing in Mexico, including diesels. Can they import the engine to the US without tariffs? The new cummins design is well regarded. At least there will be some choice next year in a midsize diesel truck. Diesels are 70% of vehicle sales in Europe, but remain mostly avoided in the US, which I've yet to see explained, though perhaps that will gradually change now that diesel fuel costs less than gas. My other half wants a bmw x1 diesel to replace a jetta TDI, but bmw is not offering it the USA, though the same engine is in the 325d and x3d. The bmw salesman suggested buying an x1d in mexico! I never thought I would be envious of the choice they have in Mexico that we dont (ranger diesel/mazda bt50/x1d.......)

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