Ford's 2016 Ford Ranger Will Not Come to U.S.

New Ford Ranger 2_Front 3qtr II

By Tim Esterdahl

Ford recently unveiled a new 2016 Ranger at the 2015 Bangkok International Motor Show. With its more robust front end, friendlier interior, upgraded diesel powertrains and better ride comfort, it seems like it is a big step forward over the previous model. And on a side note, it also seems like it would fit right into the U.S. market. Yet, by all accounts, a U.S. Ford Ranger is unlikely.

According to Ford's press materials, the company has strengthened the truck in three key areas: styling, technology and fuel efficiency.

Styling changes are easy to see with a more robust and dominating front end. Compared to the previous version, the new trapezoidal grille and angled hood give the truck a more muscular front-end look.

The interior has also been redone as well, showcasing the new 8-inch touch-screen. This new touch-screen is lower in the center stack and is now flanked by air vents, giving the dash a more horizontal feel.

Technology improvements are found in the new Sync 2.0 connectivity system. Ford boasts that the new system is smart enough to understand voice commands like "temperature 70 degrees," "play AC/DC" or "I'm hungry."

Also, there are a host of new safety-oriented driver-assist technologies such as lane keeping alert, adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, front and rear park assist, tire pressure monitoring, electronic stability control and a host of other features that are now commonly found in various new Ford products here in the U.S.

Engines and Fuel Efficiency

Updated diesel powertrains are a big part of the improved fuel efficiency for the new Ranger. Fords says that depending on cab and powertrain configuration, the new Ranger could see a 15 percent improved fuel-economy rating. The new Ranger will be offered in three different diesel powertrains, with a 3.2-liter TDCi inline five-cylinder being the largest. This engine is rated to produce 197 horsepower and 347 pounds-feet of torque. When properly equipped, the Ranger can tow up to 7,716 pounds. Without providing any specifics, Ford says it the Ranger will have "exceptional payload capacity." We're guessing it will have a maximum payload capacity of more than 1 metric ton, or 2,200 pounds.

There will also be two all-new 2.2-liter TDCi inline-four-cylinder diesel engines. These variants offer a choice between 128 or 157 hp, depending on customer needs. Ford has replaced both previous four-cylinder engines.

These engines will be mated to either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission. No word on estimated fuel economy ratings for these engines yet. The current Ford Ranger model gets upward of 38 mpg U.K. combined in a regular-cab, two-wheel-drive configuration with the 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine, according to a Ford U.K. brochure. In the double-cab, automatic-transmission, four-wheel-drive setup with the 3.2-liter five-cylinder it tops out at 28 mpg U.K. combined with nearly 33 mpg U.K. highway.

Ford expects the Ranger to be on sale in Europe early in 2016, and then it will be offered in 180 markets around the world, but still not in the U.S.

North America Plans

Officially, Ford says it is still "all in" on investing and expanding the F-Series lineup for North America with a focus on new powertrains and improved fuel efficiency, but a midsize pickup doesn't fit into current plans.

"The compact pickup segment in the U.S. has been declining - from almost 8 percent of total industry sales in 1994 to 1.5 percent of industry sales in 2014," said Mike Levine, Ford truck communication manager. "The F-Series works best for customers in North America. The all-new 2015 Ford F-150 with the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 has better EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings than V-6-powered midsize pickups from Toyota and GM, as well as better payload and towing capability."

While other similarly sized midsize pickups sold in the U.S. and abroad have had different dimensions (the Toyota Hilux and Tacoma, and Nissan Frontier and Navarra come to mind), the new 2016 Ford Ranger seems to be both similar in size to some existing midsize pickups as well as too close in size to an F-150. Looking at the dimensions compared to the current Toyota Tacoma, we see the Ford Ranger is just a bit taller and longer while not quite as wide.

Our guess is that Ford will only green-light a new U.S. Ranger if it could build it economically, make it on a smaller platform, give it much better fuel efficiency than the F-150, and offer it with a much lower price tag. No matter how you look at it, that's an unlikely set of circumstances that needs to come into alignment.

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New Ford Ranger 1_Front 3qtr II

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As I've said elsewhere, this is probably the best-looking Ford truck in the last decade and longer. It would ALMOST tempt me to buy a Ford if it were available, and most of you know my opinion of Ford as a brand.

Sorry to hear the bad news of no new Rangers for USA. I was so looking forward to my 5th Ford in my garage. I guess my second Ranger I bought will be my last Ford ever. My husband has been nudging me toward foreign for a long time. I guess he wins.

FkU Ford FKU, I want to bay one

I have a 04 Ford Ranger 3.0 L V 6 edge and have 198,700 miles on it, I will not trend it in for anything! I love that truck! it's been reliable, all it has is a small antifreeze leak at the bottom of the timing chain cover. But I'm going to have a 3 opinion about the leak. I'm also looking into a remanfactured motor as well by the dealer. This is because of 3 year warranty and unlimited mileage.

The Ford Ranger 3.2-litre five- cylinder is a monster.
It became the top selling vehicle in South Africa.
The Ranger beats the Toyota Hilux that was the top selling pick- up in South Africa for years.

@Morne Badenhorst ,
Has been selling well in Australia, in the next two weeks, the brand spanking new Hilux makes an appearance, then the new Nissan NP300,Mitsubishi Triton,upgraded Ranger and Mazda BT 50
Should be a good year.

I would buy a ford ranger in a heart beat but I will not buy a Ford 150 its too big. So I will keep my 2010 Tacoma, because I want a smaller truck. Ford is missing the boat they think we all want a full sized truck nope. A diesel Ranger like they have in NZ would be awesome.

I own a ranger now and I've been waiting for Ford to make a 4 door Ranger. They could sell them in the US . Ford lovers don't want to drive Chevys or Toyotas. Come on Ford give us what we want.

I sent an email to the Ford Motor Co back in March of this year urging that they bring the Ranger back to the US and was told that wasn't going to happen. I have a 2003 Ranger and was in a wreck. last year and I attempted to buy a 2011 Ranger but they were selling for 19k with 100k miles on them. I decided to have the damage repaired for $3500 dollars and am happy to have my truck back. I am looking at purchasing a Chevy Colorado. I have never bought anything from GM and it makes me alittle sick to my stomach to consider it because of all the trouble that my dad had with his chevy work trucks through the years, they just cant take it. Here is Fords response.

Tier 1 Email - CRCFMC

Mar 18

to me

Hello Brent,

My name is Caren, I am from Ford`s Customer Relationship Center (CRC). I have reviewed your email and we sincerely thank you for taking the time to write to us with your suggestion that we should bring back the Ford Ranger.

Vehicle models are sometimes discontinued due to factors such as market trends, customer demands, engineering advances, and dealership input. Ford Motor Company appreciates hearing from our customers, especially when customers provide us with valuable ideas, insight and feedback on our products and services. Information of this nature is collected and used in decision making processes by all departments of Ford.

We appreciate your dedication and loyalty to Ford. We have forwarded your suggestions to our Engineering and Design Team for future consideration. You will only be contacted if a specific department requires additional information from you.

Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company.



Customer Relationship Center

Ford Motor Company

I used to drive Fords, until one day I had to deal with their customer service. Wrote a letter to main headquarters in Detroit, they never responded. Typical Ford Motor Company, they proved they don't care about their customer. I've been driving Toyota's ever since. Toyota has excellent customer service and a full line of vehicles, unlike Ford. Face it Ford, you can't keep up with the competition and your customer service doesn't exist.

This is UGLY and that is coming from someone who used to be an owner of a brand new 1992 and 1998 Supercab Ranger. Why are they making it look like a Toyota?? Even if they were offered in NA, I would not buy one. Change that front end, sloping hood and FUGLY door that look too tall for the body.

Love my 2004 Ranger Edge but I guess I be keeping it. If I wanted a F-150 I would have bought one in 2004. Ford management=stupid

Well, thanks a lot Ford!! I can't believe you are selling the new Rangers in Europe and not on good old USA soil. We have owned Rangers for decades. We don't want or need a gigantic pick up truck. I told my husband we should hang on to our ranger for as long as we can, save money for a nice down payment and in a couple of years if the ranger does not come back to the USA, we will have to go look at the Toyota Tacomas. Sorry Ford but you are going to lose LOTS OF MONEY.

I hope they bring it back, otherwise I will go get the Nissan Frontier. I just want a small truck.

I used to complain loudly about Ford not bringing the Ranger to the US and now frankly I could care less. I went out and purchased a Nissan Frontier which has been a great truck and soon it will be traded in for a GMC Canyon. I will not now or in the near future buy an overpriced soda can F-150 with a base v6 or any v6 for that matter. truck is too damn big, to pricey and good luck trying to do any real off roading with that land barge. After the demise of the Ranger, Ford has zero vehicles now that are good off road. I applaud GM for having the guts and foresight too bring a mid sized offering to the US. I look forward to test driving a Canyon soon. So Ford, please keep your F-150, nice looking truck but not for me.

Ford can easily supply the 2016 Ranger to the US from its factories in Thailand competitively and with a turbo diesel engine.

It's complete bullshit that sales had gone down, there's no way. Look at how much you have to pay to get a decent used Ranger these days, 20 grand? That tells me there's still a ton of demand for that truck. I wanted one but wasn't going to pay that price, and I couldn't afford the gas for a full size so I ended up with a Mustang which is great except when you want to haul something.

I will bet that Ford has this thing researched and group tested to the hilt. Ford F-150 hasnt been #1 for almost 4 decades because of bad decisions. Look into the future. It is a GREEN Future,. Ford is building its Future REP on being THE Leader in Green Trucks. Some Americans are wanting Ford to fight with GM like they did for decades. Ford has likely seen the future and the competition is Toyota, Nissan, etc. Ford didnt got to an overhead cam motor years ago based on DEMAND in the US, it did it to get working toward a International Leader in sales, competing against T&N. Ford is realizing that the market in the US is changing. There werent full sized trucks from Toyota & Nissan until just recently. Ford has identified that THEY are the competition for the long term future. If it wasnt for a bad decision in 2008, there wouldnt even be a Govt Motors. Govt motors didnt really change up their business model folks. They are not that much changed from what they were back in 2008. IOW, they could be right back in the same boat soon and possibly gone this time. The American People are still furious GM got all that cash given to them. Ford, may well be doing the exactly perfect thing for the long term when they are competing against only Toyota & Nissan. Also, as thime marches on, that brand loyalty thing is going to shift. You have to be able to offer past customers of T&N a product they will like. Ford isnt going to get GM owner sales. They could get GM->T&N->Ford sales tho.

It's making it hard to justify Ford, with the Aluminium F150 not being road compatable in a winter enviroment (Salt and Aluminum don't mix, no salt on an airport), and the loss of Ranger and Sport Trac, it seems the only real gains in technology is Ford Sync.

If they don't want to bring the Ranger to US, then make a less expensive 150 so everyone can afford one. 30K to 40K is a lot to spend..


Loved my 1994 mazda B4000 ext cab 2 wheel drive with heavy duty payload performance package. It was .3 quicker in 60' foot, .1 second quicker in 1/8 but 1 second slower than my 2012 5.3L V8 Canyon ext cab Z71 2 wd. Had 2002 SuperCrew Hated it leg length 4" shorter than mazda (ranger) bed 8" shorter which is sub compact. Love my 2010 F150 XLT 163" WHEELBASE WHICH REQUIRED 5.4 8200GVW package. When will ford start making a real truck again with upscale cloth seats and crewcab with standardsize 8' bed . Like my fullsize trucks to be fullsize instead of paying more and only getting subcompact and compact beds. Longer wheelbase smoother ride; more you can pickup and haul, and more stable for towing HEAVY TRAILERS.

I guess I have to tell my husband the bad news. Ford needs to realize that hello we have needs and what we need is a mid-size truck not a full over-sized ecoboosted engine that even I detest hello if you want to be fuel efficient go buy a civic. (I love my honda and my husband got me to love ford again even though my 13' escape blew up after a fuel up). Ford what we want doesn't fit your perfect plan what if omg the f-150 sales dropped what an idea make something for a conservative truck owner or in my case a woman. I shredded paperwork for a silverado and a tundra because it didn't suit my needs and I'm a shorter woman so it was harder for me to get in the darn truck, instead I am looking at brand new chevy colorado or traX to park in my driveway for the simple fact i wanted something smaller but could still tow. Catch up ford we want something that you could sell us. Is making money that big of an issue??

Offer the Ranger as a SVT performance truck....use alumininum as the F150, standard cab and composite bed and mate that with a performance tuned Ecoboost twin turbo 3.5 v6 and 6 spd manual , a low wide stance with sporty suspension wide tires and fast. Maybe leave enough engine bay room for the 5.0 coyote motor for those of us who would love (or have) to transplant a v8 to a Ranger. Would translate well to tuner street entusiasts , especially if SVT offered upgraded parts. If its well made and factory fast and tough , people would pay for it.

Corporate greed is going to ruin Ford.

I have been a Ford man my whole life and a Ranger driver for 30 years. Why? I need the fuel economy for my lengthy commute and need to haul things.

Since Ford can make obscenely gross profits on their F-150's vs. more modest profits on the Ranger, they decided to turn their backs on us to try to force us into buying the F-150's.

Well, no sirree. I will NEVER buy another Ford (car or truck) until they decide to meet my needs. Toyota makes a superior car and a truck on par with the Ranger. Yes, it doesn't get the mileage of the old Rangers, but this has now become a matter of principle.

Ford can kiss my working class arse.

I love the looks of this new Ranger !! Wake up Ford, not all of us need a full size truck that we cant park anywhere. This truck Is exactly what I would be looking for. You are going to force me to look at Toyota for the 2016 Tacoma because I do not and will not buy a GM truck. Thanks for leaving me out Ford.

Okay, fine. When my 2006 Ranger (90k miles and counting) finally craps out, I guess I'll buy a Toyota. I don't need an F-150. So much for brand loyalty.

I bought 4 Rangers all new. 1984,1988,1991,1998. Planned on buying 2012. To my surprise there are no 2012 Rangers in U.S.Bummer. I have waited several years. Now I bought a 2015 Toyota Tacoma. Pretty nice truck.

I have a 2003 Ranger, 110,000 miles, solid dependable. Thinking of buying a new truck, but they're all too big. When I saw the 2016 Ranger, I thought, finally! I would buy one immediately. Too bad Ford is not following thru. I'll be changing from a Ford to another vehicle.

BTW, why is Ford continually sending me letters offering to buy my Ranger if they're not in demand?

I wish Ford would launch the Ranger in the US. I believe it is underestimating the marked and the need for this product! I would buy one tomorrow! It's the perfect truck for those that want a smaller size! Looks like the GMC Canyon May be my only choice! I would prefer the Ford

Its a shame that ford has lost so many things for the USA over the years . First the Bronco and now the Ranger .Bet Henry is rolling over mad!

Been buying Rangers since 1990. Driving a 2011 right now. Can't see driving one of those giant F150's. Will have to buy a GM or Toyota next time. Ford - you just lost another customer.

We are disappointed that Ford will not be making a new Ford Ranger for the U.S. We have been buying new Ford products since 1956. I guess we will have to buy another brand. Wake up FORD - you are losing customers!

I guess ford just don't want to make any money with the diesel ranger.
So much for that beer can f 150 deal.
No more fords for me.

Ford owned the small truck market for years, but refused to update the Ranger for over a decade which drove their small truck customers away. They then declared the market dead for small trucks which was of their own doing. Ford's marketing plan was based on the flawed theory that people really want the F150 rather than a smaller truck which creating a justification for not offering the Ranger in the US market.

The bottom line is everyone does not need or want a full size truck no matter how much they improve the big Ford's mpg. The F150 outsells everything in the segment and is Ford's cashcow, so they do not want to dilute that sales with a smaller less profitable Ranger.

The Ranger-Mazda B series twin were very reliable, great small trucks, I still own one and will end up replacing it with a Toyota because Ford left me no choice.

Crazy that Ford is not adding this to a US lineup...! I am in the market for a smaller Diesel truck and the Colorado is the only one looking like it will fit the bill right now..I just bought a Expedition EL EcoBoost and we love it as a family..I have been burned out on Chevy for a long time...and this is coming from a guy who was born in Flint and has retired GM employees in his family from Flint MI...Too many are loyal to a brand name, they need to look past that. Corporate pukes start to rely on perspective buyers like that..."well, no matter what we do people will buy it because its a Chevy".....WRONG.....If Ford offers a Diesel Ranger soon I will seriously take a look at it..till then I don't see any others coming close to a respectable MPG...

Not a fan of the way it looks I'm a little disappointed.. What I would like to see come to the U.S. is the Focus with a diesel. That would be something I'd like to buy. Along with putting a diesel in the F150 which I've heard rumors of. Hopefully the get to it!!!

Come on Ford! Getting some Marketing sense for a change. Why do you think all of the other serious competitors are building a new mid-sized truck????!!!! You already have something that would beat the rest - just bring it here. Not everyone wants something the size of firetruck sitting in their drive (because it won't fit in their garage).


For the love of god bring back the ford ranger. Something we can actually afford, park and maintain. Cost of ownership on a Ford F-150 is ridiculous....I have 1997 2.3L xlt and it runs like a top. wake the F up ford!

I own a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. I love it. I'd buy a new one today if they still made them. I'd love to see a New Frontier here but, I might have to go Chevrolet Colorado if Ford doesn't do something. I'm getting new midsize truck fever.

what the hell are people at ford thinking we need the ranger truck back here everyone dont need a tank f-150 ive drove fords all my life but i want buy th 150 to damn big for me

@tony h tuch
It is as big as a 2003 F150. Gives you an idea of size

Ford needs to quit worrying about the F series numbers and concentrate more on turning out quality products that people want at a reasonable price. Its getting harder and harder to consider Ford when they are so blind and set against one sector of the market. Its time the Ford engineers got off the fat @@@ and just called it a F-100 Ranger then they could introduce it to America and not have to worry about it affecting there precious F-series numbers.

Yes, yes, yes to all who want a true Ranger back. I also feel abandoned by Ford. Not only did they discontinue the Ranger but they made the Escape into a shadow of it's former self. When I needed to replace my 2001 Escape in 2015, I looked at a new one. It was ugly and sounds like a sewing machine. I ended up with a low mileage 2010 that is just great. Unfortunately, due their popularity, finding a used Ranger in good condition and at a reasonable price has been impossible.

With so many Baby Boomers hitting retirement age, looking to downsize their budget, the Ranger would be a great product for Ford to sell the in the US.

With people buying the F series trucks and paying a price. The ranger is the better deal and if it were sold in the US it would take sales away from the F series that is the main reason why Ford will not sell it in the US.

Sales of mid size trucks need higher gas prices and lower MSRPs to work.

The Frontier sells as well as it does because people see it as a good value, not because it's a Nissan. It gets lousy gas mileage for that particular segment and practically every one you see on the street has a 4.0 V6

The new Honda pickup tells you all you need to know. They aren't good. Without a lot of low interest financing and special promotions, the Ridgeline will be toast within five years.

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