Pair of Pickups Earn Ward's 2015 Top Interiors

Ford F-150 King Ranch II

Two of this year's top 10 best interiors selected by were pickup trucks, with the 2015 Ford F-150 King Ranch ($60,675) and GMC Canyon SLT ($40,465) earning honors.

This year, editors spent February and March evaluating 42 vehicles that offered all-new or significantly redesigned interiors. Each interior is scored in several categories such as materials, fit and finish, safety and ergonomics, as well as a more subjective design harmony category.

It's not unusual for Wards' top 10 list to include a pickup truck. However, fewer new trucks come out in a given year than do cars, so it's noteworthy to have two pickups on the winner's list. Just some of the other winners include the Jeep Renegade, BMW i3, Nissan Murano, and Mercedes-Benz C400. 

To read more about this year's Wards' 10 Best Interiors, click here.

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GMC Canyon Int II



You didn't finish. Good job Ford for forcing ram to up the quality on their trucks. Maybe your dash wont crack after a few years, a first for ram.

Not a fan of the Ford interior. Way too much going on, same with the Dodge. But that Canyon interior is nice.

To bad Wards didn't consider the goofy location of the power door lock switch, located down by your knees, or thought about how, if the window is left down inadvertantly, and it rains, your power window/mirror switches will get water logged...and yes, I've seen it happen, already.

Wonder why PUTC hasn't posted that the new f150 achieved an overall 5 star safety rating??? It was very important to some posters on this site several months back cause they thought aluminum would crush like a beer can in a crash. Those posters even speculated ford wasn't realeasing the crash rating cause they assumed it was bad and that ford was trying to hide it.

Also you could post how the major insurance carriers across the country and have come out and said that there is no increase in insurance rates in the 2015 f150 cause there not anymore expensive to repair.

Hope the staff here bring these stories to PUTC soon for there readers to debate.

Is that just a bad camera angle or is that Canyon dash rather strange looking? Hopefully it's just the camera angle.

Ford also introduced a new high-strength steel frame in the F-150, contributing to safety improvements.
Let's wait few years to get some real world results from side crush, when that glue in the doors degrade by very cold and very hot weather over the years. I still trust spot welds more than glue for long run.
I smell very large recalls down the road.
I think that GM has better patented technology for welding aluminium panels.

Posted by: Hoviadko | Apr 18, 2015 11:18:08 AM

It's glued and then riveted. Makes for a stronger bond. PS next time you are on an airplane sit near the window of that 30 year old plane that has millions upon millions of miles in turbulence with the wings flopping around like a flag in the wind at that point you realize ford is using the same technology but adding some glue. Then go down to boeing and take a gander at some of there newer planes that are carbon fiber that are held together by glue. Then go visit an airforce air show and look at those planes that pull insane g's and super sonic speeds and be amazed at what the tech ford is using has been used for ages.

People complained about pneumatic tires when they first came out as it would be stupid to have tires filled with air!!!

Also wink, wink! Ford has welds on aluminum in there f150....

will see what all u guys are going to say when gm goes aluminum they do like to copy ford in every thing they do what will you're excuse be,then

"Yes, you are right. Peterbilt trucks have been using the glue and rivet technique for many years, and they have been making aluminum cabs since the 1940s."

Posted by: Big AL from US | Apr 18, 2015 12:31:36 PM

Big rigs have a suspension system on the cab separating the cab from the frame.

Why would i want a truck that is more expensive aluminum, Pay a premium for a V6 that has less horsepower and sounds like $#!^ has no better MPG than a V8, When i can buy a better looking, better interior, better warranty, award winning more powerful proven Hemi V8 with 8 speed and Ram box, For less and have had great personnel experience with?

P.S. Ram was not in the competition.

If you look at the high average price of the vehicles that have done well with their interiors, two salient observations are evident.

1. Bling helps inprove position.

2. More money equates to better interior design.

Maybe a better comparison should be more heavily based on ergonomics and safety and not be as reliant on bling.

@ Big Al, The Jeep Renegade won for best interior also, this is a $20k vehicle... there goes your bling mobile idea...

I can only suspect they are saving the F-150 (5 star) and Colorado (4 star) crash test story for Monday because it is pretty big news.


Also, for the 3rd time, welding aluminum is nothing new. Ford welded the aluminum hoods on the 2004 to 2008 trucks. They went to rivets for a reason. Better bonding! And you have to retool anyway. The weld controllers are different.

Additionally about why Ford didn't weld, I can only repeat what I've heard.

When the parts were steel, they would have a coating of oil on them to help the stamping process. You can't use that oil with aluminum because then the adhesives wouldn't stick. You would have to dip clean the stamped parts before assembly.

We use another substance to lubricate the part. In order to weld, that substance would need to be dip cleaned off the part before assembly. Either way you would be looking at a major process change and cost.

Riviting is STRONGER and has better NVH properties as well. And, just to clarify, there are a few welds in the new truck. The bed floor supports are welded so when you haul things in the bed, the rivit heads don't get damaged.

See more here:

I sat in a new Canyon at the Barrett Jackson car auction in West Palm Beach Florida. I was impressed! There is no mid size pickup that can come close!

Lastly, what are you going to say if Ford decides to buy out the struggling FCA?

Posted by: Big AL from US | Apr 18, 2015 10:00:59 PM

I don't think ford would gain any tech by By bailing out fiat. Ford has already superior tech and would gain nothing from fiat. Now vw on the other hand, would gain by bailing out and taking over fiat as they would instantly have a truck market which they don't have currently.

WOW! All these comments over this interior article. All the bad comments about the F150. Guess if you ain't got one then you are just jealous. Ford makes the best trucks. Have for years. Crash test just back them up even more. Too the ones that put down the F150, well you seem like a bunch of atheist putting down the good Lord. Spend your whole lives fighting a God you don't believe in to start with. Now you guys just fight a truck that you really wish you had.

And not a Chevrolet to be found. Why GM allows Chevrolet to attempt to rival Ford in the truck marketplace is a mystery. GMC is actually a legitimate Ford rival. Chevy continues to fall short with their poor interiors and lack of options. No awd transfer case even available like GMC offers you. Chevy needs to step up their game or bow out altogether.

Chrysler is in much better shape than Ford. Ford has put all their eggs in the aluminum body F-150. I am not a Ram fan boy but I would rather be Chrysler now than Ford. Ram can pick up additional sales without having spent billions of dollars on a new truck.

So back on April 8th there was an article on this site mentioning that the $40k midsize pickup was here to stay. There was a bunch of ranting and raving from some who said anyone spending that kind of cash for a midsize was crazy (paraphrasing). Well after seeing that a loaded full size exceeds $60k, that $40k midsize sounds like a steal to me.

Personally, even if I could get a loaded full size for about the same price as a loaded mid-size, I'd still go for the smaller truck because that's what would best meet my needs. I drive a 2002 F-150 Liarat SuperCrew that I bought new, but I will not replace it with another F-150 or another half ton of any other brand either due to their bloated size alone. I'll drive my truck for 13 more years if that's what it takes to find a midsize to my liking.

Ford and Ram I hope you are reading this.... As long as you're not in the mid-size and/or compact truck game, you are losing market share, plain and simple.

I'm not a fan of any of these interiors, but for 40k ish in a mid size sounds great.

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