Ram Truck Round-Up Sets World Record

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Here's what we learned during Ram's world-record attempt on April 18: Never try to strike up a conversation with a Guinness World Record judge while he's counting pickup trucks. All you'll get are well-meaning grunts and silence. Counting Ram pickups pulling into a massive parking lot is serious business. At least that's the way it appeared when we witnessed a world-record number of truck owners lining up their vehicles near AT&T Stadium (home of the Dallas Cowboys) in Arlington, Texas, to attempt the world's longest pickup truck parade — and they all just happened to be Ram or Dodge pickups.

The previous Guinness World Record for longest parade of pickups was 438 vehicles, set last year in Vale, Ore. Ram took advantage of the fact it was the official truck sponsor of the 50th Academy of Country Music Awards this year and invited Ram and Dodge pickup owners to attend some great country music concerts and be part of a world-record attempt. Participants in the Ram Truck Round-Up had their registration fees credited by Ram and attended a two-day outdoor music festival for free.

The record-setting 2015 Ram Truck Round-Up aimed to have 500 Ram pickup trucks ready to stage for a world-record attempt by 10 a.m. April 18. Things got started the night before as hard-core Ram owners began lining up at the gate to be among the first 100 trucks at the gate in order to receive a goody bag full of gear.

This Guinness attempt, along with a nice display of Ram concept trucks, amounted to a single-make truck show where owners were able to walk the lineup and admire old, new, tall, short, stock and customized Dodge and Ram pickups as well as watch a few car-crushing exhibitions by the Raminator monster truck.

We saw dualies, SRT 10s, Longhorns, Limiteds and Power Wagons all lined up along the closed 3.2-mile parade route, each entrant motoring past the Guinness adjudicator who counted every qualifying vehicle with a clicker. Naturally, there were a few country singers and Ram executives involved in the record-breaking. Country artists Kix Brooks, Easton Corbin and Thomas Rhett got the star treatment as they drove in the first few pickups of the long and winding lineup.

In the end, Ram Truck Round-Up participants beat the previous record by 13 trucks, which meant Ram received two separate awards from Michael Empric of Guinness — one for the longest Ram/Dodge brand truck parade and one for the longest pickup truck parade ever. Dave Sowers, head of Ram marketing, accepted both plaques with a huge smile.

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A Ram Pride parade! I am sure all the owners are super duper fabulous!

Like that older dodge with the winch. Sharp truck.

Simply wonderful!

how many tow trucks ..

PUTC late to the game again. This is old news now. It has been reported by other sources already.

Yeah they beat Ford!!!! They beat them with the record number of wreckers and rollbacks present at this event and the number of them used in one spot!!!!!!!!!!

There would have been many more but the highways coming to town were littered with broke down Rams and Dodges.

They also set a record of the amount of speedy dry oil absorbent that needed to be put down for one single event. Guinness certified!

There is a chevy in one of the picks LOL

Concerns on Jeep Safety Remain, Despite Recall

By Bill Vlasic APRIL 26, 2015
New York Times
But even as Chrysler flourishes as part of the newly merged Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, it has been unable to escape lingering concerns about the safety of millions of Jeeps built years ago.

At issue are 2.7 million Jeeps with gas tanks placed at the back where, regulators and safety advocates say, they are more likely to explode in a rear-end crash.

But Fiat Chrysler said in a recent letter to its dealers that only a small number of the recalled vehicles had been repaired. In the letter on April 13, the company said that 27 percent of the recalled Jeep Liberty sport utility vehicles had been fixed, and only 4 percent of the Jeep Grand Cherokees.

The jury in the case, precluded from awarding punitive damages, awarded the family $150 million in compensatory damages. Fiat Chrysler has said it is considering an appeal.

Gee why is Chrysler not getting the same benefit that General Motors got from the courts and that is being protected from law suits from anything before the bankruptcy.

Why is only General Motors getting that protection?

That's ALOT of Fiat!!! or Diamler or Cerebus and a little Chrysler.

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